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Shanghai International Convenience Store & Community Chain Store Expo 2017

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shanghai, songjiang 201600


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Shanghai International Convenience Store & Community Chain Store Expo 2017

2017 Shanghai Convenience Store Development Summit

Time: 25-27 September 2017

Venue: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center


Shanghai has become the barometer of the convenience store retailing market in the country. Shanghai holds a strategic position in the landscape of convenience stores as it hosts a good number of brands including Alldays and Kedi of NGS Group, Quik, Buddies, C-store, Family Mart and Lawson. There are 4,807 convenience stores in Shanghai currently. Public data shows that the sales revenue of convenience stores grew 15.2% year-on-year in 2016, far higher than 4.1%, the growth rate of supermarkets and the 0.8% decrease of department stores. Insiders are optimistic about the prospects of convenience stores, believing that there is tremendous potential and space for the development of convenience stores.

As one business segment of the retailing industry, chain stores and franchised stores landed China in the end of 1990s. Why are convenience stores and community franchised stores so popular? One of the best reasons is that they are the favorite of young consumers. Nowadays, people born in the 1980s and 1990s have become backbone consumers and highly different from people born in the 1960s and 1970s. Even though young consumers highlight cost performance, they prefer convenient, rapid, random and fragmented way of spending, which perfectly matches the positioning of convenience stores and community chain stores, i.e., offering instant demand, instant buying, instant enjoyment and instant service. Instance and convenience are considerate experience that online platforms cannot offer.

Shanghai International Convenience Store and Community Chain Store Expo (ICSE), the first of its kind in China, will be held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in September 2017. Brand equipment and product suppliers of convenience stores, latest brands of community chain stores, products and technology will be featured at the expo. It will be the best opportunity to learn about brands and equipment of convenience stores and community chain stores and explore the market in a fast and all-around way.


Domestic Supporters:

China Chain Store and Franchise Association

China Commerce Association for General Merchandise

Shanghai Chain Enterprise Association


International Community Industry Association

Hemao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Overseas Supporters

Japanese Association of Franchised Stores

National Association of Convenience Stores

British Association of Convenience Stores

South Korean Association of Convenience Stores

Singaporean Association of Commerce

European International Business Association

Media Supporters


Franchise and Purchase Latest Technology and Services

Participants will demonstrate the latest innovation, technology and services, including convenience stores, community chain stores, latest products, technology, quality control and delivery solutions, etc.

A Leading International Gala of Convenience Stores and Community Chain Stores

Visitors and summit delegators from around the country will gather here. The exhibition will generate recognition and support from the region and the industry. At the summit, all participants will share opinions, creative ideas, innovation, new products and new services from global perspectives.

The Expo will provide you a unique opportunity to meet investors, franchisers and decision makers and get to know unprecedent upgraded products and technology solutions.


Convenience Stores, Community Chain Stores and Products:

Convenience Stores, Community Chain Stores (shoes repairing, laundry, bakery, vegetables and fruits), Daily Necessities, Detergents and Daily Chemicals, Household Commodities, Clothes, Shoes & Hats, Drinks & Beverage, Office and Education Utilities, Local Specialties, Agricultural Products, Fresh Deliveries, etc.


Commercial facilities and equipment:

Shelves, counters, clothes display racks, automatic parcel box, shopping cart/baskets, cashier desk, commercial logistics equipment, storage and delivery equipment for chilled and frozen food, refrigerators, ice machine, display equipment, preservation equipment, food processing machines, preservative film, packing machines, valuation scale, electronic scale, bar code scale, supermarket anti-theft mirror, holography products, entry & exit gates, etc.

Commercial information technology:

Electronic Article Surveillance, TV monitor system, bar code technology and equipment, code reader, labeler, radio frequency identification, POS, ERP, printers and consumables, self service equipment, commercial kitchen, transshipment equipment, storage equipment, commercial design, latest retailing solution, VR wearing experience, intelligent robot reaction, etc.

EXHIBITION FEE(Note: 10% extra charge for two-way openings)


Size Requirements

Chinese Participants

Participants from Overseas

Standard Booth

3m × 3m=9m²

RMB15,800 each

US$4,000 each

Indoor Space

36m² minimum



Standard booth is equipped with walls on three sides, two spot lights, one table, two chairs, carpets, one 220V electrical socket, lintel with Chinese and English texts.

Indoor space has no equipment and has a minimum area of 36 square meters for renting.


1. Applicants need to contact the organizers, get the application form and send the completed form with company stamp back to the organizer via fax.

2. Applicants need to transfer the organizers 50% or the full amount of exhibition fee within one week. The balance of the payment has to be made before 31 August 2017.

3. Exhibition booths and space will be allocated with the principle of “early to apply, early to pay and early to get arranged”.

4. Organizers will send “Exhibition Manual” to participants one month before the opening of the Expo.

CONTACTHemao Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Mobile Phone17321027536

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shanghai, songjiang 201600


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