Shaler Area STEAM Camp 2019

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Shaler Area Elementary School

700 Scott Avenue

Glenshaw, PA 15116

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Shaler Area School District is proud to offer STEAM Camp this summer June 11- June 14. STEAM Camp will take place at the Shaler Area High School on Tuesday, June 11 from 9:00-11:30 and Shaler Area Elementary School on Scott Avenue Wednesday-Friday from 9:00-11:30.

** Please note, THERE IS ONE SESSION THAT WILL TAKE PLACE AT SHALER AREA HIGH SCHOOL (Future HGTV Stars will use the technology education rooms at the high school).

Once the registration fee is paid you will receive an email with a link to schedule your individual sessions. These sessions have a limited number of seats so be sure to log in early to reserve your spot!



Pittsburgh is known as the “City of Bridges.” There are 446 bridges throughout the city. Without the bridges, traveling to different locations in and around the city would be impossible. However, many of bridges are aging and in need of repair or replacement. This is where you come in; you and your group will need to use your STEAM skills to create new bridges for the city of Pittsburgh.

MAKESHOP MANIA: Children’s Museum

Screenprinting: Using techniques similar to those of Andy Warhol’s, participants create abstract or detailed designs from recycled newspaper. Participants then transfer their designs to cardstock paper using screen printing beds and tools.

Mosaics:Participants will learn terminology, history, and process of making mosaics. Participants will adhere various small objects (buttons, recycled materials, tiles, etc.) to mortar on a large slabs.

Drawing Machines:During our drawing machine program, participants will experiment with circuitry and art. We begin the workshop with a brief introduction to circuitry and electricity. Each participant will then construct a simple circuit using a battery pack, wires, and a motor. Using the circuit, recycled materials, and markers, participants will construct drawing machines that bounce and glide across paper to create spiral-y designs.

TO INFINITY AND BEYOND, Mrs. Oros and Mr. Penn

Excitingandchallengingmissionsawaityou asyour team membersserveascrewmembersontheIKSTitan, ourSpaceshipSimulator at Shaler Area Elementary School.In this session, students will be crew members aboard "The Titan" (our famous full immersion simulator, while they go on exciting and challenging missions filled with 21st Century skills and Next Generation Science Standards.

FUTURE HGTV STARS!, Mr. Wells and Mrs. Wells and Mr. Fisher

(Scheduled by grade levels)

This was a fan favorite last year’s STEAM Camp. This workshop will take place at Shaler Area High School. The students will use CNC machines and other tools to customize and build wood creations, learn the science behind cooking and take your own take home pizza, and make their very own t-shirt. Experience all that our award winning Shaler Area Tech Ed department has to offer.

Learn about the principles of buoyancy and design while having a blast with friends. You will have to design two boats and use a variety of materials to construct them. You will test and improve your boats’ designs so that you are ready to compete in two challenges:Which boat will hold the most cargo?and Which boat will move fastest through the water?


This session will meet for 3 sessions. Each student will make a foursquare quilt pillow. They will learn to use templates, cut fabric, arrange their fabric, and sew the fabric squares together. Students will learn about quilt batting. Fabric, with quilt batting, there will be back side of pillow. In addition to working on pillow, students will learn about history of quilting, and listen to several classic quilting stories. Students will also have option of completing paper craft projects during part of class. This will include: a quilt design colored bookmarker, and quilt design notecards.


TEST your detective skills in our new ESCAPE ROOM challenge this year at STEAM Camp.Students will have the opportunity to try to solve 2 escape rooms using science, technology, and math skills. Students will work in teams to solve the puzzles and open all the locks before time is up. Depending on time, students may also get the chance to try a digital escape room.

LAB RATZ—Mystery of the Missing Shark!

MUST attend as a 2-daysession Tues.-Wed.

This year, we are focusing on forensic Science and using fingerprints,
blood smears, and DNA extraction to solve "The mystery of the missing
Shark". Join us this summer for a fun filled adventure, as we look for
clues using scientific principles to find out what happened to our missing
shark. Students will explore chemicals; perform optional dissections, and
so much more!

SWEET ADVENTURES, Jodi Brooks Sweet Treats

Learn to create delectable and tasty sweets in this hands on session. We will create popular "non bake" recipes while using essential measuring and following directions skills. We will learn how to decorate with frosting and create a beautiful finished product to take home. We will also conduct experiments that demonstrate the chemical reactions that take place when sweets are baking inside an oven!

HOLE IN ONE!, Mrs. Joseph

Do you like to mini-golf?Have you ever asked yourself how the mini golf courses are created? Create a Miniature Mini Golf hole that can be successfully completed in one stroke. The course will have four obstacles in the design and a putter will be constructed as well. This is sure to be a new favorite for our STEAM Camp!

LEGO RACERS, Ms. Bradley

Ready, set race! Students in this session will have the opportunity to use Legos and beginner level physics concepts to create/build their own cars/vehicles to optimize speed and distance using ramps and other items. Students will demonstrate their creation and compete against the other students' vehicles to create the most optimal racers.

Do you like to build? Can you build a 'contraption' that will keep an egg from breaking? In this session you will work with a team to create a egg protection device to be dropped from different heights. It will be a messy good time!

Just Clowning Around, BALLOON ART, Mrs. Young
Are you up for some 'clowning around'? In this session you will explore and create figures using the basic twists of balloon art. All supplies will be included.

Maker Mash-Up, Mrs. Young

What can you create with a potato, balloon, and empty water bottle? The students will use their skills to complete 3 STEAM building challenges with these items.

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Date and Time


Shaler Area Elementary School

700 Scott Avenue

Glenshaw, PA 15116

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