Sexual Empowerment as a Pathway to Self-Expression

Sexual Empowerment as a Pathway to Self-Expression

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ONLINE EVENT!! Uncover the layers of stigmas, shame, insecurities, and societal conditioning we have carried around sex and our expression

About this event

“Sexual Empowerment is the freedom to choose for yourself.” — Elan Zelenka

There is nothing more natural and powerful than someone who has chosen to fully EMBRACE their body, desires, boundaries, and needs.

This workshop will gently guide you through uncovering the layers of stigmas, shame, insecurities, and societal conditioning we have carried around sex and our own expression.

When we allow ourselves to relax and open to new possibilities, we often find surprising and delightful new paths in life that always lead to a deeper understanding of love ✨ personal healing.

Exploring and healing your Sexuality is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself and the world.

In this workshop, we will begin by dropping into our bodies with presence and exploring our blocks to our own Sexual Expression.

Become more in tune with our personal desires, with secret techniques that you can use for your next rendezvous.

The key to a pleasurable sex life is communication, so you will learn simple ways to express what you REALLY want.

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In this workshop, you will...

+ Gain a heightened sense of awareness around specific blocks that have been contributing to suppressed expression.

+ Improve communication skills on how to effectively convey to others your sexual desires, needs, boundaries, and curiosities.

+ Learn techniques to activate your sexual energy in a way that feels pleasurable, explorational, and exciting.

+ Improve intimacy with yourself and your own body and begin to feel more confident + alive

Our Guide 🥰

Elan Zelenka is a Self-Expression and Sexual Empowerment Coach who specializes in helping individuals embody their most confident selves in life, relationships, and business.

While she works with clients to cultivate a deeper sense of safety from within, she also focuses on helping them EXPLORE their edges to uncover and discover their true personal power.

Her transformational work will take you through a journey of releasing shame and insecurities to living a life full of pleasure, genuine connection, and empowerment.

👀 Here’s what people are saying about working with Elan

“Elan has helped to deepen the intimacy in all my relationships and most importantly, deepen the intimacy I have with myself. I have learned to look within and listen to my body, and my intuition. I now trust myself more than ever.” - Anita B.
“I was finally able to find my voice again, which I felt like I didn’t have for so long and it’s as if I’ve been reintroduced to myself again, which is so incredible. I’ve been able to feel comfortable to really express myself and speak up without questioning every single thing, which has been HUGE for me.” - Coaching Client
“After experiencing trauma that led to me diminishing my femininity and my worth, this is exactly what I needed. I was reintroduced to myself in the best way. I now feel confident and powerful in who I am as a woman and love the bonds made with the other women in the program as well! Thank you Elan!” - Liz B

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