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SES2017 Sports And Entertainment Industry Symposium

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Friday, April 28, 2017 - 8:00 am - 4:00 pm



SES2017 Sports and Entertainment Industry Symposium will take place at Samford University Brock Forum 800 Lakeshore Drive, Birmingham, Alabama, 35229

"It's All About Sports!!" - During Day One of SES2017, Sports Industry professionals will describe various aspects of Sports Mangagement and Sports Marketing. Attendees will learn about how major networks work with colleges and universities to present the various sporting events to a large audience of viewers. The tremendous impact that sports has on our lives, and the many opportunities that it affords to build valuable skills for a variety of careers, cannot be overemphasized. Attendees will also learn about other members of the "Supporting Cast" in the sports industry, e.g., Sports Photographers, Graphics and Print Professionals, and how the world of corporate sponsorship meets that challenges that help them elevate their brands through valuable association with sporting events.

Featured speakers will include Dr. Darin White, Chair of Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and Director of the Sports Marketing Program at Samford University, and others who will cover all aspects of sports, both on and off the playing field.

April 28, 2017 - 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

SES2017 Sports and Entertainment Industry Symposium For Youth - Young people between the ages of 12-18 years of age, will take place at AWTC (AIDT) 3500 6th Ave South, Birmingham, Alabama 35222

The limit for attendees at AWTC (AIDT) is 60 Students


Welcome to "NerdsVillage" - Let our gifted and talented students show you what they can do! At Alabama Workforce Training Center, our youth will get to show off some of their skills in Robotics, Graphic Design, Coding, filmmaking and more. They will gain exposure to the behind the scenes secrets that will reveal how robotics and mechanical engineering are used in the film and entertainment industry. Rod Jones, AIDT Project Manager, will be our guide, and will provide an overview of the operations of AWTC (AIDT), and how their facility helps companies in the Birmingham region in the area of workforce development.

April 29, 2017: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

SES2017 Sports and Entertainment Industry Symposium will be at The Sheraton Birmingham at THE FORUM THEATER #1 950 22nd Street Birmingham, Alabama 35203

Welcome To The Entertainment District! During this portion of the event, there will be Speakers and Panelists covering topics that run the gamut of Filmmaking and Stage Production, Stage and Set Design, Spoken Word, as well as Radio, Magazines, Books, Fashion, Traditional Media and Digital Media. SES2017 will also highlight Photojournalists, Industry Professionals and Athletes from the Sports Industry, and much more!

Throughout the day on Saturday, speakers will share their expertise in the areas of Graphic Design and Advertising. Other topics will include Television and Film Production, including unique business aspects of Feature Film Production vs. Documentary Film Production. What are the new methods getting compensated for content that you place online? Should I wait for that big music deal or film deal, or remain an independent music or film producer? How do I choose between entrepreneurship and working for a major company? Creators will discuss the pros and cons of the choices and decisions that must be made, and provide guidance and wisdom that can lead to a lucrative career in many areas of sports and entertainment. Several speakers who presented a Samford University on Friday, as well as students who were present at Friday's session at AWTC, will particpate in a "recap" session that ties content from the entire weekend together for all present, during that final workshop session.

This year, we will present the SES2017 International Spotlight. During this session, we will highlight the many contributions of the international community in sports, media and entertainment.

SES2017 Sports ans Entertainment Industry Symposium for Youth will meet in Forum Theater #2 at The Sheraton Birmingham 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sponsorship Packages: For information about Sponsorship Packages for Students contact Tahiera Monique Brown at 205-218-7678 or tahiera@darknesstolightfilms.com

Website: www.sessymposium.com


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You can contact Tahiera Monique Brown at tahiera@darknesstolightfilms.com or 205-218-7678 tele

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