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Garstligweg 6

8634 Hombrechtikon


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Sensual Happiness Retreat

Reconnect to your sensuality & live the happiest version of yourself

The best present you can give to yourself for this Christmas & live the new year 2018 according to your own terms!

Are you ready to invest in your own HAPPINESS and to unleash the vibrant, radiant and irresistible GODDESS you truly are and blossom from the inside out?

This retreat will be a true sacred temple half day immersion with candles, silence, beauty, and sacredness. This is a space for women to come together to go deep within themselves in a sacred container that supports deep transformation, initiation and healing. We will do feminine embodiment practices together and support each other in fully coming into our truest soul expression and magnificence. If you are ready to grow beyond the confines of who you are, into a fuller and more expanded expression of the fullness of who you are—this retreat is for you.

We will remember, embody and activate the Goddess within fully connected to our power, wisdom, creativity, love, passion, inspiration and purpose. The day is centered in love, warmth, gentleness, softness, holding and sisterhood. It’s time to nourish your inner Goddess and feminine nature. A time to let go into deep feminine freedom, awakened joy and heart opening-where you experience the nectar of love, light and beauty that you are, deeply.

In our exciting Women’s retreat you will receive exlusive informations and healing rituals that create an immediate positive impact in your body, mind, heart and life:

  • practical tools you can easily implement in your daily schedule.
  • how to let go of everything that doesn't serve you anymore
  • how to love yourself, take self-care and be self-confident
  • The Power of Forgiveness (Energy Clearing with EFT)
  • The power of Gratitude & Journaling
  • Creative Visualisation, the Power of Goals setting and Vision Board
  • Orgasmic Breathing for bliss, arousal and relaxation
  • Yoga exercises to feel confident, love and strengthen your body and enjoy more pleasure
  • Chakra balancing meditation
  • Kundalini Activation
  • Exercises to ignite your feminine sexual energy
  • How to process negative emotions
  • Heart opening meditation for vulnerability and resilience
  • Treating anxiety with mindfulness holistic approach
  • How to balance hormones
  • Increase energy
  • Authentic communication to express desires
  • Yoni Yoga technique to help you connect with your own desires and get your sexual energy into flow

The Yoni Egg Ritual:

The Goddess Yoni Egg Ritual - A powerful tool for Awakening and Nourishing Feminine Sexual Energy

The Yoni egg made from Jade was used by mystical courtesans in the royal palace of China thousands of years ago when the power and preciousness of sexual energy was recognized and cultivated. The Jade egg is as relevant to us today as it was then.

The benefits of having a jade egg practice are both physical and emotional.

It tones up our pelvic floor muscles creating strong yoni shakti (vulva power!) for better posture and more vitality in daily life, and a responsive, articulate yoni!

The vibration of the jade gives a crystal healing from the inside and the internal massage from the practices increase sensitivity inside the vaginal canal.

The Yoni egg has the power to open up pleasure spots in areas inside your vaginal canal that may have become de-sensitized.

It is an amazing healing tool; so many of us store unprocessed pain and trauma in this area of our bodies, this limits our ability to experience pleasure and be truly present and open to life in its fullness.

The Yoni Egg empowers us to heal ourselves with awareness, love and consciousness, allowing us to create an affirming and nourishing relationship to our own sexuality and to attract sexual experiences which are deeply loving and fulfilling.

Yoni eggs are not always made of Jade. It is possible to use a whole variety of different crystals each with their own particular healing vibration. I like to use a Yoni egg made out of Rose quartz, a crystal vibrating with a very pure LOVE vibration. The black crystal Obsidian has powerful purifying qualities.

I guide Yoni egg Initiation Rituals. This is especially powerful when done in a group of women. I offer these Yoni egg Initation rituals in my retreats but also one on one in my sessions in person or via Skype. The initations are done in a safe, relaxed and loving space where you truly can receive this healing energy into your most sensitive and receptive part of your body, your beautiful yoni.

In this healing yoni ritual we form a living mandala to embody our strong intention for our own healing and the healing for women everywhere. We start with using our breath and movement to open up our presences in our bodies and then we create a safe container through meditating on our hearts and yoni, allowing an intention to rise up within our selves. We share that with our sisters in the circle, being seen and heard. We then use simple but powerful Tao Tantric techniques to access and release negative imprinting in our sexual organs and create a nourishing and empowering relationship to our sexual energy.

This initiation ritual is appropriate for beginners and those already familiar with the jade egg. I hold this as a sacred ritual and shared meditation in a safe and supportive atmosphere with the intention for playful exploration and deep healing. This is a potent practice to share as a sacred feminine ritual and you will go away with a Yoni egg practice that you can continue with at home. Yoni egg practice is a sacred meditation, a kind of sexual yoga that offers you a way to cultivate your sexual vitality and merge your sexual and spiritual life. This healing ritual is appropriate for any woman (if you have your moon blood you can still participate and learn the techniques without placing the Yoni egg inside).

Just imagine how incredible it would feel if you could:

  • feel confident, sexy and irresistible because you are connected and in touch with your sensual

  • feminine essence

  • have orgasms (even multiple orgasms dream big, it’s totally possible!) regularly or deepen your orgasmic experience

  • attract the right partner for you (and keep him) because you are able to establish a deep level of intimacy

  • heal all your sexual traumas from the past so that you can be free and keep your heart open to give and receive love

  • have more control over your body and your sexual organs so that you are in charge of you and your partner’s pleasure

  • feel worthy and like you are enough so that you have the confidence you need to set healthy boundaries and ask for what you want

  • have more energy, feeling vibrant and alive, expressing your creative femininity without shame, guilt or fear of judgment


We'll be doing deep work on releasing blocks, designing our dream lifestyles, and creating healthy new habits and daily rituals that will guarantee you a new balance!

You will make new best friends who are also in a transformational phase of their lives, who are open to share their experiences with others and will open their hearts for you.

Selected By Angela & Katerina



CHF 297.-

Space is limited to 20 women

Please bring:

  • Wear something that makes you feel beautiful and comfortable

  • Blanket

  • Warm socks

  • Sarong or Skirt

  • Big towel

  • one small and one middle size container for water and coconut oil

We are looking forward to guide you on your Goddess Journey!


Angela & Katerina

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Date and Time



Garstligweg 6

8634 Hombrechtikon


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