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Sensual Awakening Experience: Exploring the Pleasure of BEing Alive

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Los Angeles, CA 90036

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In this immersive social alchemy experience, We will be guided on an adventure moving from Our busy, productive, highly reactive mind, & into Our intuitive, infinitely Loving Truth.

Awaken to the power of Our innate sensual energy & tap into Our limitless capacity to experience Pleasure & Love, while connecting deeply with anyone & everyone in the never-ending moment.

We will Allow Ourselves to be enraptured by the bliss of inward & outward reflection where "time" no longer exists.

Be witnessed, held, Loved & supported by commUNITY as you give yourself permission to express in whatever way comes through. Together, We will BE unleashed from the chains (the lies) that bind us & limit Our fullest potential.

We will practice Surrender & Loving the perfection of all that WE are.

With this new Awareness, the way We experience Life is forever Transformed.

The Sensual Awakening Experience is offered in various ways & "time" intervals.

From a quick 1hr experience to an all-day deep dive. :)

We currently offer the experience to the public via RSVP & donation basis.

Please check back here often to see when We are hosting the experience near you.

If you would like to Host an experience in your area please visit:

~ For corporations interested in bringing this transformational experience to the work place please visit & fill out the simple contact form. ~ :)

***Each experience is intentionally created within the space. Every experience will BE completely unique based on the space, place, & the BEings that are Present.***

DISCOVER ~ An experience for BEings who are ready to open themselves up to discover the power of Presence through eye contact, breath, hugging, expression & moving energy in the body.

EXPLORE ~ A JOYurney exploring the difference between Sexual & Sensual Energy. Learning to feel & channel orgasmic energy by tapping into our infinite capacity to experience Pleasure, while beginning to unlock our voices, moving through fears, blocks & releasing them together as One.

DEEPEN ~ An intimate "tantric-like" experience deepening into all things Pleasure... Orgasmic Presence, Orgasmic non-sexual touch, Orgasmic Eating, Orgasmic vocal expression, Orgasmic MOVEment, Orgasmic Expression. Simply, Orgasmic. <3

All Day Deep Dives ~ An 8-hour adventure of expansion through Orgasmic Presence, Pleasure & all the experiences covered in DEEPEN, plus individual/couple live coaching. Q&A on anything & everything Sensual, Sexual, relationships (there are no-limits), & an open forum discussion breaking through old beLIEfs (LIES). Simply a massive Deprogramming session to REMEMBER the TRUTH of WHO WE ARE.

We do provide water, & snacks from sponsorships, but please bring whatever nutrition you require.

Singles and couples welcome, no partner is required to join this adventure.

This is a perfect opportunity to bring a partner, lover, friend, or family member you're desiring to go deeper with.

After your donation is made to join us on this Sensual Awakening Experience, you will receive an email with details on what to bring, parking, address, etc. :)

You are welcome to share this event with anyone you feel is craving commUNITY, reflection, expression & connection.

Infinite Love & Blessings,

Damiana & Love

~ FAQs ~

*What is orgasmic non-sexual touch?

Every person, right now, at this very moment… is orgasmic. We ALL (yes… even you…) have the capacity to choose to live from an orgasmic state.

The word orgasmic has been greatly misunderstood, as we have been defining orgasm as ejaculation or a massive explosion of pleasure from our genitals. The Truth is, orgasm is the body’s ability to receive and respond to pleasure. Pure and simple.

In Sensual Awakening, We will Be guided to experience orgasmic states of bliss through activating and awakening the senses. We will tap into our ability to FEEL with our whole body and all of our senses (not our genitals in this specific experience). We will remember and practice how to give and receive pleasure in a non sexual way.

*Is this an orgy?

Yes, a “sensual orgy.” A non-sexual, pleasure filled, sensually activating, unleashing experience where We are given permission to Be wild and free.

*What do We actually “do” at this Sensual Awakening experience?

We will deprogram the lies We’ve been told around pleasure and sensuality. We will Be supported, seen, held and allowed to fully express our wild nature. We will experience the power of BEing in the Present now moment where time no longer exists and mental chatter is silenced. The way We do this is through a series of intentionally guided practices from; eye contact, breath, touch, movement, taste, smell ~ tapping into our ability to feel and sense the miracle and magik that is everything.

*Why should I come to this? What am I gonna get out of it?

This experience serves as a reminder that Life can Be experienced from a state without opposites. In this, We remember the Truth of who We are, and from this new awareness (Presence), the way We experience Life is forever changed. Our True state of BEing alive. This state is from Love, Bliss, Pleasure and Peace, which activates and reveals our Purpose for BEing here.

So if you’d like to experience the magik and awe of Life in every moment… join us.

*Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

No ID necesary, ages 18 and up welcome. Children version coming soon, inquire within.

*How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

*Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Not required.

*Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?


*Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?


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Los Angeles, CA 90036

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