Selling Your Art Workshop (Inner & Outer Game)

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Richmond Art Center

2540 Barrett Av

Richmond, CA 94110

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Is it hard for you to sell your art?

Do you think that being a good sales person requires you

to be pushy or manipulative?

Are you confused about what to do or say

when someone walks into your studio to look at your work?

Do you frequently wonder how the art sales process works

and how to do it right?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then

this workshop is for you!

Many artists find the selling difficult and daunting and most do not take the time to learn how to sell. It’s easier to stick to the belief that the art will sell itself or resign to the idea that that you simply do not have the personality to be a good sales person.

If more artists took the time to learn about selling, they would sell more art, be more successful with their art businesses and actually enjoy selling and getting to know buyers and collectors.

In this 2-hour workshop you will learn:

  • The top 5 limiting beliefs that most artists have about the sales process that keep them from making more sales or selling their art all together.

  • A new paradigm for looking at selling that feels more authentic, engaging, and fun

  • The 8 stages of selling art (from meeting buyers to closing the sale) giving you a clear framework on how to handle the sales process

  • How to speak about your art in a way that is more interesting and engaging so that people are more likely to buy

  • Tips and ideas on how to cultivate collectors

... What people are saying about this workshop...

“Martha - your workshop was the best $25 I ever spent.
It has enhanced my professional life over and over again. This past weekend I did the stARTup Art Fair in LA and made more sales than ever before in my career which more than covered what I paid to do the fair and I even made a small profit. Thank you!”

Victoria Heilweil, Photographer, San Francisco, CA

“Wow, what a great speaker you are! You absolutely covered a lot of ground with your solid queries. I found it very helpful. A huge gratitude”

Magué Calanche, Painter, San Francisco, CA

I loved that your workshop was so pleasant and full of good ideas. It made me feel more lighthearted about selling! Your advice about being "welcoming" and introducing yourself really spoke to me! I tried it at open studios and it worked, I was always wondering if people would think I was kind of vulture-like and "attacking" them if I said hello. But no, about 95% of the people who I welcomed seemed very pleased to be noticed, and it was easy to have a conversation, connect and say something more to them or turn quiet if they seemed to want to look on their own. I felt very comfortable with this. Thank you!

Marc Ellen Hamel, Painter, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you Martha Zlatar! You're presentation and material were very informative and helpful to me. I also enjoyed your teaching style. You have a great command of the class and moved through the material in a manner where each student felt that their concerns or questions were addressed. That's hard to do with 31 different artists (kind of like herding cats). I immediately went home and cleaned up my studio (for better presentation to my buyers) and contacted several of my previous collectors to share some of my new work. Low and behold I closed a deal on Sunday. Even if you "think" you know how to sell art, these reminders will help you be more present in the selling dance”.

Sue Warhaftig, Painter, Mill Valley, CA

Date and Time


Richmond Art Center

2540 Barrett Av

Richmond, CA 94110

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