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Discover in 8 prompts sent over 4 weeks what it's like to find, finally and with clarity, 'the concept of you.'

This is a 1:DK course with you and host Dipika Kohli, who wrote the book SELF as part of a commissioned project. A university program in California asked DK to make a set of easy-to-follow guided exploratory prompts. To invite reflection. Space. Self-discovery. This was a 9-week experiential leraning program and DK was there, in person, to see it through. Through that experience, and through several online offerings of SELF as an eWorkshop, DK are able to now offer this new, exploratory, and updated short course. It's for those who are in transition, looking for new ways to approach the same old problems and generally ready to try a new angle on the 'how' of trying to make changes in personal life, and even at work. Some of the people DK has coached have gone on to found new companies, break from old and limiting belief patterns, and even change their love relationships entirely. It's been a lot of learning as we go, but rather than come from the world of pscyhology, we are approaching SELF from our old and comfortable wheelhouse. Design.

DESIGN IS MAKING MEANING. Design the life you want by focusing on the outcome that you desire. Once you get stated on the prompts to get going in that line of thinking, it sort of just works itself out. The guidance of someone on the other end of the line, returning emails and responding to your responses to the prompts is the kind of extra touch that makes SELF the course it is, instead of the usual stuff you find here and there, these days, online. Trusting, moving, and learning.

As if a dance.

Shall we try it?

Let's begin.

Application required. Apply here.

'Wherever you go, there you are.'

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