Self Defense for Sex Workers

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Sex workers are a significantly higher risk for violence than other workers, and may not be taken seriously by law enforcement for protection or prosecution. With many performers, dancers and other sex workers being assaulted in Ubers and hotels, as well as on their way home, Hart saw the potential for educate performers about ways they can keep themselves safe.

The four-hour class will focus on strategy and theory of self-protection, rather than hands-on self-defense techniques. CDR instructors John Johnston and Melody Lauer will examine predatory cues (or bells) that people give off before they get aggressive, and other techniques.

“I see the outrage about sex worker assaults happening almost every day on Twitter. It makes me feel all kinds of things, too,” says Lance Hart. “Some of my close friends have been hurt in terrible ways. It’s time we start doing something about it. We can’t make other people stop being evil, but we can make ourselves more dangerous to attack. One class won’t turn any sex workers into ninjas in four hours, but it’s a start. If this class is well attended and helps people feel safer, I plan to put a lot more on. I’ve already spoken with Baer Solutions about the next one. I travel around the country to train with some of the best. Not everyone can do that, so I’m bringing two of the best, John and Melody to Vegas. They were strongly suggested by some of the people I train with, and I think they are a great fit for this cause. I gave them two problems to deal with, Ubers and hotels. They gave me a clear strategy for both, and I’m excited to learn from them. I’m very grateful to the FSC for helping with half my cost of the first class.”

"Citizens Defense Research is honored to be part of this ground-breaking event,” says John Johnston CDR owner and instructor. “We strongly believe that everyone everywhere has the right to get home safe after work no matter their occupation. We couldn't be happier to be included in highlighting not only the issues and discrimination that sex workers face worldwide, but also help better prepare people to return to their friends, families, and loved ones free from harm."


Citizens Defense Research: Citizens Defense Research (CDR) is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life better prepare themselves to avoid, and when avoidance is impossible, win violent encounters. Through a heavy emphasis on data-driven training methodologies and research into the realities of interpersonal violence, CDR offers peer-reviewed training that allows people to live free of fear and be better prepared to take an active role in their personal protection. CDR has training open to both the private and public sector and offers coursework that is relevant to everyone from the stay at home parent to elite military operators.

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