Securing and Hacking Internet of Things (Classroom + Virtual)
$399 – $1,499
Securing and Hacking Internet of Things (Classroom + Virtual)

Securing and Hacking Internet of Things (Classroom + Virtual)

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Pentester Academy

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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What is this Class about?

IoT is one of the hottest trends in technology right now! There seems to be an arms race between both consumer and industrial vendors to connect almost everything to the Internet – your fridge, thermostat, coffee machine, watch, shoes, dog’s collar and toaster are all included! This new frenzy to connect “everything” to the Internet is here to stay and we are already seeing millions of these “smart” devices in homes, offices and public areas.

During the previous “Mobile Application” age, security took a backseat and almost every other app was insecure to the most basic and embarrassing of vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, to our horror, this golden age of “IoT – smart devices” is no different!

The key challenge in learning how to pentest and secure IoT devices is understanding the complex interaction between hardware and firmware. This includes being able to find debug ports to connect to or even having the ability to read/write directly to a chip! This course will take you through this complex yet extremely interesting and exciting journey.

This course is beginner friendly and starts from the very basics of IoT devices and their security – how to get started? Hardware? Software? Tools? Techniques? Will all be answered. This training is ideal for penetration testers, security engineers, managers, bug bounty hunters and anyone interested in uncovering how “smart” these devices really are :)

What will you learn?

The detailed syllabus can be downloaded here.

In this class you will learn:

  • IoT device attack surface mapping
  • Extracting, Analyzing, Reversing and Hacking Firmware
  • Attacking IoT devices using JTAG, SPI, I2C etc. hardware interfaces
  • Getting started with Exploit development on ARM and MIPS based IoT devices
  • Using SDRs to Capture, Analyze, Decode and Replay signals
  • Sniffing and Replaying Zigbee data
  • ... a ton of other interesting topics!

We would encourage you to download and view the full course syllabus above.

Teaching Methodology:

Over 80% of class time will be spent on practical hands-on exercises and labs. We teach how to secure by first showing you how to break the same technology :) We guarantee that you will enjoy this unique break-it-n-secure-it learning experience!

Who should attend this class?

This class will be useful to developers & testers, penetration testers, security researchers and to anyone with an interest in learning how hackers break technology and how you can safeguard against it.

Who are we?

Pentester Academy has trained thousands of professionals from over 90+ countries online. We are one of the only training companies in the Bay Area with core focus in IT Security and expertise in penetration testing, network, web, mobile & wi-fi security, Internet of Things security, Windows & Linux Forensics, Incident Response etc. You can reach us at for any questions.

Our Trainers:

All our trainers are well respected experts in their fields and have been speakers/trainers at top security and hacker conferences such as BlackHat USA and DEFCON. Many of them are also successful Book Authors and product/open source Security Tool Creators! All our course content is the original creation of our trainers and the Pentester Academy team.

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Date and Time


Pentester Academy

Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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