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Secrets to Calm Parenting - FREE Intro to Meditation & Breathwork

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Meditation and Breathwork for a Peaceful Home ... Even During a Pandemic

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Parenting is a challenge, but parenting under lockdown can be especially overwhelming as we try to adapt to virtual homeschooling, and keep the kids busy enough that we can get our own work done.

Are you wondering how to better manage stress and keep you and your children grounded, connected, and more relaxed during these challenging times?

Join us for a free introductory workshop on the Secrets of Calm Parenting:

discover the power of breath to quickly reduce stress

experience an effortless guided meditation for deep rest

get an introduction to the SKY Schools Online Courses for Parents and Youth, with powerful research-backed techniques for total mind-body wellness.

Parenting doesn't need to be burdensome, exhausting, and full of conflict even in these difficult times. With a fresh perspective on how our choices and behaviors can reflect more positively on children, parenting can be nurturing, energizing, and a continual growth opportunity for you and your child. Being with children can be a gift, that with attention and awareness, continues to give under all circumstances!

Sound like a dream or fairy tale?

Well, what if you could cut your stress levels in half in just a few minutes using nothing but your own breath?

Over the last 10 years, we've taught over 100,000 people to do just that.

The key is that your breath is directly linked to your emotions. Usually, this is how it works - something stresses us out, and without even realizing it, we start breathing shallow. As soon as you realize and start taking deeper, longer breaths, you calm down a bit.

We teach a series of breathing techniques that have been shown to reduce stress hormones by half in the first session and another half with regular practice.

We call it SKY Breathing Meditation because these techniques are so relaxing, they take you into a state of effortless meditation, with no meditation training required.

Over 100 independent studies* published in peer review journals have shown that SKY Breathing Meditation and related practices significantly:

Reduce levels of stress

Benefit the immune system

Relieve anxiety and depression

Enhance brain function

Enhance health, well-being, and peace of mind

Relieves Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Symptoms

Affects the mind-body system at a molecular level.

* See research details at

You’ll get a taste of how the SKY Online Course enables you to:

Relieve your own stress, anxiety, and negative emotions while modeling healthy behaviors for your family

Develop a “mental stress-shield” that prevents new stresses from accumulating

Break old patterns and start to thrive in the midst of chaos

Identify, pause and respond (not react) in the moments your buttons are being pushed

Nurture your best qualities and watch them naturally unfold in those who look up to you

Expand your comfort zone while motivating your child or students to maximize their potential

** Register now and discover the skills for calm parenting **

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