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Secrets From Behind the Veil - Bellydance Spring Series

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Reebel Brain Fitness

160 Hopper Ave

Waldwick, NJ 07463

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Secrets from Behind the Veil - Bellydance Spring Series
Embodied movement experience of self with integrative health principles that emphasise and support your personal expression of femininity.

This class is a combination of all of my favorite things to bring to women. This class is a totally new format, over 12 years in the making, and is a passion project of mine.

Bellydance with Your Soul -

It's all of my favorite things to bring to women all wrapped together and intgrated in an organic experiential program. It will include breath work, embodiment practices, herbal wisdom, womens wisdom and of course, Bellydance! In addition, we are going to go Behind the Veils to go deeper into the wisdom of our own bodies and hearts and selves.

Using a combination of Bellydance, Functional Movement, Breath work, Tai Chi, and Women’s Feminine Arts, Myla will lead you in a journey of self discovery.

Bellydance has many healing properies for the physical body, the emotional body and the spiritual body.
Some of the Benefits of Bellydance:

Be more flexible

Be more agile in mind, body and spirit

Be more accepting of self and others

Be more present in and with your own body

Be more in your heart

Be more in control of your mind

Be more relaxed

Be healthier

Simply BE yourself

Some of the things we will learn are body isolations, hip shimmies, shoulder shimmies.

$20.00 Class
$75.00 5 Class Series
$25.00 Drop in Fee Per Class

Secret #1 from Behind the Bellydance Veil.

Bellydance is more than just dancing in skimpy clothing for the attention of the opposite sex. Sure it can be that too, and we can have fun with that. But let's go Behind the Veil~
Belly dance is supportive to the core of our health and wellness, including the internal organs that reside in the torso or belly. This is where the term Belly dance came from. You can look up the her-story of Little Egypt for more. Today, I most want to share with you about the truer meaning of Belly dance.

Belly dance is a movement form that stems from and is supportive to the inner core of the body. The abs and even deeper. The intentional combination of breathe and movement combinations support the flow of the body systems including the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Enhancing the functionality and flow of these systems supports the health and wellbeing of the core organs of the digestive system and reproductive system. In addition to a healthy lifestyle these practices support the long term functioning and vitality of the body systems.

The physical body is the core of our creativity and productivity.

Although, It's common for women to feel like they have to expose their bellies to dance. True, wearing a closer fitting t-shirt or yoga top allows the individual to move unhindered by too much cloth and also allows the instructor better to see movements. Dancing with bare skin is not a requirement and even in some cultures is deamed inappropriate.

This class is for people of all levels of experience.
No previous experience is needed.
Wear clothing that you feel comfortable moving in.
It is encouraged that each person dresses to their individual comfort level.

For More Information Contact Myla at 201-881-6338 mobile/text or email at omyla.love@gmail.com

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Date and Time


Reebel Brain Fitness

160 Hopper Ave

Waldwick, NJ 07463

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