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Seattle Brisket Experience 8

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Machine House Brewery (Georgetown, in old brick building across from main drag) 5840 Airport Way S Seattle, WA 98108

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Hey SBX (Seattle Brisket Experience) Fans,

I've been smoking a few beef short ribs for friends and VIP guests at SBX brisket fests. These are huge steak-on-bone cuts with incredible smoke rings. Most Texas BBQ joints don't like selling them because they're so expensive. More about that here: (Don't read this if you're hungry!)

Well, word is out and now everyone wants a taste. So I'm going to go a little crazy and smoke everything I can fit in my smoker. Here's what you get:

Beef ribs, Texas Trinity (brisket, pork ribs, sausage), pulled pork and rib tips.

The beef is choice-grade, all-natural from the Yakima valley smoked over imported post oak, mesquite or hickory woods.

Side dishes include Texas Caviar, Remoulade Coleslaw and something sweet. Central Texas classic fixings = white bread, pickles, jalapenoes, sliced white onions.

Live music by the Pornadoes. Great beer from Machine House Brewery.

Cost is $35. Drinks sold seperately. Bar opens at 5 pm. Q served at 6:00 pm.

See you there!


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