Sea2Sea2017 cross-USA bicycle ride in support of under-served Children
$50 – $500
Sea2Sea2017 cross-USA bicycle ride in support of under-served Children

Sea2Sea2017 cross-USA bicycle ride in support of under-served Children

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San Francisco, CA

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***Registration Deadline - March 01, 2017***

(for guaranteed participation)

Beginning May 18 and ending July 20, 2017, Beloved Ministries will host a fully supported Sea 2 Sea 2017 bicycle ride from San Francisco, California to Yorktown, Virginia. Our passion for under-served children in Mongolia, China, & Pakistan will be the focus of the ride letting people across the US know about the children and the organizations serving them, specifically Alpha Communities and Shining Light-International.

We are looking for people who want to pray, cycle, perhaps raise funds, or roadie for the 62 days. The cost is $5,000 USD for cyclists and $2,500 USD for Roadies. Non-refundable Registration fees are $500 USD and $250 USD, respectively, with fund-raising available for the remainder of the ride costs. Additional personal costs may include Food/Dietary extras, desired excursion-entry fees, bicycle chains, tubes &tires, Route Maps($150pp), Cell Phones/Plans, US Medical Insurance (required), and miscellaneous Personal Items. You can ask questions, and get additional information at:

Check out the published route at San Francisco, CA to Pueblo, CO is the "Western Express" route. Pueblo, CO to Yorktown, VA is the eastern portion of the "TransAmerica" route (segments 7-12). The specific 8-segment itinerary with details on daily mileages, terrain and Rest Days can be obtained via the email above, or directly via a hotlink on our Crowdrise Story.


Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

There are no age restrictions, however riders under the age of 18 must have permission from their parent or guardian. All participants must sign a Waiver and Relese of Liability, and a Photo Release and have current USA health/medical insurance coverage. Otherwise the only restriction is participants must be in reasonably good physical condition and able to cycle extended distances daily.

Will I be able to physically keep up?

Each day we ride significant distances over varying terrain, ranging from 37-112 miles daily, with Rest Days approximately once a week. To accomplish this you definitely need to prepare and train beforehand, and we can help with guidelines if needed. Overall though, we welcome riders of all levels and abilities, and have found in similar type rides that all levels of rider can do this sort of ride and accomplish far more than even they thought possible. On the road we handle the differences by having riders of different abilities ride in different loosely-defined groups, with support from more experienced riders. Generally we will have three departure times each morning depending on the average speed of each rider. First out will be the "Turtles" who can ride at a pace of 8-12 mph (10 mph average) over varying terrain. Second out will be the "Middles" riders who average 12-16 mph, and finally the Fastest riders who can average 16-20 mph. These departures help keep all the riders closer together, plus provide more experienced riders to help out on the road if difficulties like flats arise. In addition there will be available insights and instruction from a rider's perspective prior to the ride by a veteran long distance rider (ask and we will provide her Contact info) as well as the ride's Road Captain during the event. Each day we will be monitoring riders on the road, and should difficulties arise a pick-up by a Roadie and rest in a vehicle is always a possibility.

Do I have to ride in a Group, and how would Groups work?

Groups are designed to assist all riders, but are not a requirement. If you prefer to ride alone or with just one or two others that is just fine. In fact at certain times riding too closely within a group can be a detriment and above all Safety is our first and foremost concern on the road. Within a group of mixed riders, our expectation (and our Guideline) should always be to keep a MINIMUM of 1 complete wheel width (~1 yard) distance between cyclists. This will provide some benefit re: breaking the wind, talking and encouraging each other, but moreso ensure safe conditions for all levels of riders at all times. The Road Captain will have the responsibility for Riders on the Road and make adjustments as he sees fit and as conditions allow.

What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?

Each participant is responsible for getting from their Home to their Starting Point and back Home from their Finishing Point. Since this is not a round trip Event, parking is not an option. However, as a possibility, if a vehicle with both Rider(s) and at least one Roadie drove to their Starting Point, the Roadie could drive their vehicle which would then be available to drive Home once they have completed their ride.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

Every Cyclist is responsible for their own bicycle, tubes, tires, lights front and rear, a helmet, appropriate footwear and clothing and other cycling tools. A complete packing list will be provided to guide participants on what to bring. The ride is supported so individual luggage and food will be hauled in a truck during each day's ride. Alcohol and non-prescription drugs are not permitted.

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

The ride's email address is:

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

The Registration/ticket could be transferrable to a new participant that committed to all the requirements pertaining to that Registration/ticket. As a side note, once given, all Registration fees and Donations are fully non-refundable.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes. Contact the Event Organizer should you have any problems.

Do I have to do the complete ride, as a Rider, or can I participate in other ways, or only do a Segment?

You can sign up and do the complete Sea2Sea2017 ride from California to Virginia, or you can sign up for one or several Segments. The Segments range from 5-9 days in duration and details can be found via the organizer email. In addition, if you do not wish to ride, you can assist as a Roadie, driving vehicles, preparing meals and assisting the Riders on the road.

Is there a Miminum Fundraising Goal that I need to meet?

There are substantial Fixed and Variable Costs to host the Sea2Sea2017 ride. Registration fees only account for ~10% of the costs/participant, so it is expected that all participants will fundraise as a part of a Team for the remainder of the Ride costs prior to beginning their participation. That would be an additional $4500/Rider and $2250/Roadie for the Total Ride, or an additional $900/Rider and $450/Roadie for EACH Segment that you participate in for those not completing the Total Ride. Once the Ride is completed, any outstanding balance from funds not spent or from successful Fundraisng above your Goals will be distributed by Beloved Ministries to the two ministries that the Ride is supporting: Alpha Communities and Shining Light-International.

What is included in a Supported Ride?

Lodging will predominately be in Churches or Community Centres with Camping required in a few remote locations. This would include sleeping on floors on bedding brought by each Participant. Food will be fully provided either by our lodging Hosts (i.e. Dinners) or by your Roadies (i.e. Breakfasts, Lunches and Snacks). The ride will also have a supply of necessary materials to accomplish this, as well as First Aid and other miscellaneous items. All Participants will be provided with a Tee Shirt and in addition all Riders will get a Riding Jersey specifically designed for Sea2Sea2017.

Participants will be required to assist in loading and unloading vehicles, dishes and miscellaneous accommodation needs (e.g. Clean-ups). During the day, a Truck will carry all personal luggage and excess bike parts, and Roadies may assist in route navigation and providing snacks, water and Emergency and flat tire assistance. After each day's ride we will try to accommodate needs for showers/swims at a local facility. There will be an overall Event General Manager as well as a Road Captain, who will direct and interface with all the Riders. Every Rest Day is also a Public Relations day where Team Members may be asked to share about their experiences to the Public and/or News Media, and there will likely be occasional evening group meetings to sing, share and provide communication and feedback to all Participants.

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San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

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