SCGPM Seminar: George Asimenos, DNAnexus

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James H. Clark Center

318 Campus Dr

Seminar Room S360

Stanford, CA 94305

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George Asimenos, DNAnexus

Wed, March 23rd
12:00 - 1:00PM
Clark S360
Lunch provided

Abstract: PrecisionFDA is a cloud-based platform with the objective of building a community to advance the state of regulatory science related to NGS-based diagnostic testing. A key part of President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative, it serves as a collaborative research effort that will inform later regulatory pathways and decision-making. During this talk, we will describe the platform as well as discuss the first precisionFDA challenge that was launched on Feb 25th at the White House Precision Medicine Summit.

Bio: Originally from a Greek island, George has an undergraduate degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens. He then came to sunny California for a PhD in Computer Science at Stanford University, where he got involved in comparative genomics and helped analyze 1% of the human genome as part of the ENCODE Pilot Project. He is currently the Director of Strategic Projects at DNAnexus, a Stanford-spawned startup, and heads up the precisionFDA development effort. When he is not working on computational biology, he is a cryptography and security enthusiast, and has received the DEFCON Black Badge award.

ABOUT THE SCGPM: The Stanford Center for Genomics and Personalized Medicine (SCGPM) seeks to advance genomic technology so that someday both genetic and molecular profiling will become powerful and routine tools for predicting disease risk and monitoring and treating a wide range of pathologies. Towards this mission, the SCGPM serves to centralize and develop collaborative intellectual and technological resources that promote genomic research and analysis, predict drug response, educate physicians, and examine the ethics of personalized medicine. This includes large basic science projects such as ENCODE that decipher the human genome as well as clinical research projects such as the sequencing of cancer genomes and individuals with inherited diseases. Through these efforts, the Center aims to bring genomics to the clinic.

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