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Say Yes 2 Your Life

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Is your inner critic alive and well and working hard to convince you that "You can't...?" Is there something you want to achieve or feel a desire to do but your inner critic jumps in before you have a chance to succeed and convinces to you to "not risk making a mistake?" Does it say, "You should be more like..." or "You really don't have what it takes to do ... remember the last time you tried...?"

I know. I’ve been there. I spent more than 40 years of my life comparing myself to others. I avoided situations where I might risk failure. My inner critic replayed the "You're not good enough" tape until I couldn't stand it any longer. Today I tell my inner critic, “Thanks. But I’ve got this.” I have learned the power of saying yes to the small voice within me that wants to encourage me (if only I'll listen). I have come to celebrate my "is-ness" and realize that the world around me needs me to bring my is-ness every day.

Please join me for this 1-hour conversation. I will share with you the steps to start your journey to Saying Yes 2 Your Life. Each attendee will receive materials to take these steps during our time together. By attending you will:

  • Discover your core values and unique gifts and see how important your "is-ness" is to those around you.
  • Learn how to let go of comparisons and begin to experience the freedom of being you.
  • See why your inner critic plays the same tune over and over again. And, you'll learn how to change the channel.
  • Experience the importance of the gifts you've been sharing your whole life. Make a plan to begin to say, "I can..."

You have everything you need within you to live a life that allows you to feel energized every day! Are you ready to tell your small voice, “I'm ready, let’s get started.”
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Complimentary Say Yes 2 Your Life: Journey to Celebrate Your "is-ness" eBook to all attendees.

Sally Orcutt is a speaker, author, and workshop leader. As a lay member of the Order of Preachers, or Dominicans, Sally is a voice of encouragement for those trying to breakthrough self-imposed barriers to celebrate the gifts they have been given.

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