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Satori Transmission Workshop - A Taste of the Enlightened State - Brisbane

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Toombul Shire Hall

1141 Sandgate Rd


Brisbane, QLD 4012


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A taste of the enlightened state

The Satori Transmission Workshop is a rare opportunity in the world today, whereby the Spiritual Master transmits a taste of the enlightened state to the recipient.

It is Sri Avinash’s wish for everybody to have a taste of this state, to remind them of the ultimate goal of the spiritual path.

To experience this state is truly a rare blessing, that many years of meditation may not necessarily bring. Students who are open and calm, with no expectations, give themself the best chance to experience this, through the Satori Transmission Workshop.

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What is the Satori Transmission?

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening or enlightenment. For thousands of years, the Satori Transmission has been given by enlightened masters to their disciples, in private and sacred settings. The Transmission gives the disciple a temporary taste of enlightenment, which accelerates them towards the spiritual goal.

The Satori Transmission from Sri Avinash is a very profound and rare blessing. Due to the need of the current times, Sri Avinash feels that it is vitally important that all spiritual seekers be able to experience satori. Once a person tastes this state, they will have an unforgettable personal reference of what enlightenment is, which then becomes a benchmark for their spiritual practice. In addition, their soul awakens to the remembrance of its true nature, pulling the seeker unstoppably towards the goal of enlightenment.

Sri Avinash’s purpose for the satori transmission is twofold. One is to help spiritual seekers accelerate towards the goal, and the other is to help raise the consciousness of the planet.

“It is for this that I came” – Sri Avinash


  • Opportunity to taste the enlightened state

  • Awaken divine love within you

  • Increase awareness of the present moment

  • Increase your overall wellbeing

  • Inspiration to advance forward towards the goal

  • Acts as a benchmark to guide spiritual practice

  • Awaken the remembrance of your true nature

  • Clears conditioning of negative tendencies


Early Bird: $70 (Expires 10 September 2017)

Regular: $90

Concession: $70 (Must hold a valid concession card)

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For more information please contact admin@sriavinash.org

or call 02 6679 9158.

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Date and Time


Toombul Shire Hall

1141 Sandgate Rd


Brisbane, QLD 4012


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