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Satori Transmission Workshop 1 - A Taste of the Enlightened State - Melbour...

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DC Bricker Social Room (Princes Park)

Beech Street, Caulfield South

Melbourne, VIC 3162


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REGISTER HERE (for reduced price - minus booking fee):

Please note: Red Tickets can only be purchased via the link below.

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A taste of the enlightened state

The Satori Transmission Workshop is a rare opportunity in the world today, whereby the Spiritual Master transmits a taste of the enlightened state to the recipient.

It doesn’t matter who we are, where we come from, or what our goals are in life—deep down we are all searching for this Satori state, whether we know it or not. It’s a state of lightness, tranquility, strength, bliss and freedom. We spend our whole lifetime looking for this indirectly in our own ways—through success, fame, fortune, relationships, travel, sports, meditation and other achievements. In this sense, it is the ultimate state to experience in our human existence.

It is Sri Avinash’s deep wish for everybody to have a direct taste of this state through his Satori Transmission, to remind them of the ultimate goal of the spiritual path and human life. To experience this state is truly a rare blessing that many years of searching and meditation may not necessarily bring. When we are able to experience this state, a deep peace will overflow from within us and we will glow in bliss, joy and contentment—a feeling of meeting our own ancient soul, a sense of coming home again.


The White Ticket includes group Satori Transmissions and attendance throughout the Satori Transmission Workshop, but excludes a one-on-one Transmission.


The Red Ticket includes the White Ticket, plus a one-on-one Satori Transmission from Sri Avinash. Please note that places are limited for the Red Ticket, so do book early to secure your place.

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What Others Say


“I feel very elevated and it was extremely powerful and very magical… It felt innate, it felt very much like it belonged to me and I just loved the shift that happened to me.”

Read Jade’s experience >


“I feel very calm and peaceful and still… it was like going back to yourself, going back home, to the divine, where we belong. I am feeling very expanded right now and all this space around me is giving me positive energy.”

Read Sweta’s experience >


“I will never forget it for the rest of my life this feeling of power and strength and stillness, calm—like a solid tree surrounded by crazy wind, and it just doesn’t move. That power, that feeling, that’s just out of this world—a life-changing experience.”

Read Chris’s experience >

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“It is for this that I came” – Sri Avinash

What is the Satori Transmission?

Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening or enlightenment. For thousands of years, the Satori Transmission has been given by enlightened masters to their disciples, in private and sacred settings. The Transmission gives the disciple a temporary taste of enlightenment, which accelerates them towards the spiritual goal.

The Satori Transmission from Sri Avinash is a very profound and rare blessing. Due to the need of the current times, Sri Avinash feels that it is vitally important that all spiritual seekers be able to experience satori. Once a person tastes this state, they will have an unforgettable personal reference of what enlightenment is, which then becomes a benchmark for their spiritual practice. In addition, their soul awakens to the remembrance of its true nature, pulling the seeker unstoppably towards the goal of enlightenment.

Sri Avinash’s purpose for the Satori Transmission is twofold. One is to help spiritual seekers accelerate towards the goal, and the other is to help raise the consciousness of the planet.


  • Opportunity to taste the enlightened state

  • Awaken divine love within you

  • Increase awareness of the present moment

  • Increase your overall wellbeing

  • Inspiration to advance forward towards the goal

  • Acts as a benchmark to guide spiritual practice

  • Awaken the remembrance of your true nature

  • Clears conditioning of negative tendencies

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who is Sri Avinash?

Sri Avinash is a non-sectarian spiritual Master, healer, author and modern-day Bodhisattva—a Buddha of compassion who chooses to return to the world again and again until all living beings are free from suffering. He has developed a practical system, a spiritual science, to help bring humanity out of the stress and confusion of our modern world, towards a life of peace and happiness.

Sri Avinash’s Mission is to help people all over the world achieve true inner peace—the peace that is lasting, the peace that is uplifting, the peace that you take with you everywhere you go. Out of his compassionate heart he travels the world sharing his teachings, healing, Satori Transmission, and blessing people with his darshan—transmitting divine love and spiritual strength that removes people’s suffering and awakens love in their lives.

Read more about Sri Avinash>

2) Is there anything I need to do to prepare myself for the workshop?

In order to maximise your experience, the following suggestions are made:

  • Have a light meal only before the Satori Transmission

  • Have a quiet, restful or meditative day before and after the workshop, if possible

  • Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the venue, to avoid the stress of rushing

3) What should I bring and wear?

For your comfort, the following suggestions are made:

  • It is best to wear casual, loose fitting and comfortable clothing
  • Depending on the time of year, you may wish to bring something to keep comfortable and warm, such as a light blanket.
  • In the workshop you will be sitting on a chair, so you are welcome to bring a cushion for extra support and comfort
  • Please bring a water bottle


For more information please contact

or call 0425 429 426

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Date and Time


DC Bricker Social Room (Princes Park)

Beech Street, Caulfield South

Melbourne, VIC 3162


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