Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology Blockchain Challenge

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Turku Science Park Oy / SparkUp Turku

4b Tykistökatu

20520 Turku


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Multidisciplinary technology hackathon to find solutions for two real Sandvik's business challenges with the help of blockchain technology!

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Sandvik and Empirica Finland Oy are organizing a multidisciplinary technology hackathon. The event ends the Turku ICT week and will take place on 8-10 March 2019 at the Turku Science Park / SparkUp premises in Kupittaa. Make sure you don't miss this opportunity to show your skills, work on real business challenges and meet new people! Target group for the hackathon are students from Turku region studying for a degree in any of the universities/colleges in the area.

We are looking for creative ideas and innovative solutions for two real Sandvik business challenges with the help of blockchain technology:

Case 1: Conflict minerals

“Conflict Minerals or 3TG (Tungsten, Tantalum, Tin, Gold) originating from countries, as per the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), are identified by the presence of armed conflict, widespread violence or other risks of harm to people. Armed conflict may take a variety of forms, such as a conflict of international or non-international character, which may involve two or more states, or may consist of wars of liberation, or insurgencies, civil wars, etc. High-risk areas may include areas of political instability or repression, institutional weakness, insecurity, collapse of civil infrastructure and widespread violence. Such areas are often characterized by widespread human rights abuses and violations of national or international law.

Our problem: We have to ensure we are sourcing these materials, either in raw form or in component state containing the aforementioned, from an approved smelter:

Compliant smelter: The term refers to a smelter or refiner (SOR) that has successfully completed the Conflict Free Sourcing Program (CFSP) compliance protocol for 3TG, resulting in the SOR being listed by industry organizations such as the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI), Tungsten Industry-Conflict Minerals Council (TI-CMC) or similar programs.

How do we use Blockchain Technology to identify or tag minerals originating from Compliant Smelters so as to positively identify upon receipt at Sandvik allowing us to label all products as ‘Conflict Free’?”

Case 2: LH514 rear frame steel raw material batch number traceability

Raw material batch traceability from steel mill to finished product. Case LH514 rear frame.

Current two ways of working:

1. Material traceability is requested during the manufacturing process.

Material documents are selected based on best information available, comparing steel plate batch arrival time versus cutting of steel plates at our subcontractor. Sll documents from that period are send to Sandvik..

2. Material traceability request comes in advance (when the Purchase Order (PO) is placed).

Process is following:

  • a. All full raw material plates can be recognized by subcontractor (The batch is marked to the steel plate (inkjet, stamped at steel mill))
  • b. During nesting marking instructions are placed to the nesting map (work number, product id)
  • c. During the cutting process information is marked to individual plates.
  • d. After the cutting process sets are gathered and individual work number and product id are collected for each item
  • e. Batch number control is marked to packaging
  • f. Shipment is done to Sandvik
  • g. Spot welding done at Sandvik from right parts
  • h. Welding
  • i. Sandblasting
  • j.Painting

How could the steel plate batch numbers traced during the entire process so that Sandvik would have the information available during the entire process and know which parts have been used in the final product?


Blockchain is not the same thing as cryptocurrency, instead the actual technology has much more profound promise and numerous fields of businesses are currently actively looking into that. The amount of employment opportunities is rapidly rising. It has been said that blockchain can potentially be even larger disruption than the Internet itself has been. Therefore learning about blockchain can bring a lot of value for your future studies and career.

Sandvik will offer an attractive prize for the winning team. The best solution in each category is rewarded with 1000 euros. You will be provided food and drinks through out the hackathon. All attendants will receive a certificate of attendance.

And finally, please notice that you don't have to be a blockchain or IT expert to participate! We will learn things together, and best solutions combine the ideas from various scientific disciplines (e.g. chemistry, process & material technology, geology, responsibility, supply chain, logistics, environment & ecology, data sciences etc.)


If this all sounds good, please register here.


Find more details & practicalities from the linked document.

IBM will also be present in hackathon, they are providing the IT infrastructure and support to facilitate the solution building during the hackathon. In a bit later phase we will provide a free webinar recording that will guide you on how to set up the IBM cloud environment.

Please bring your laptop, roll up your sleeves, and get ready for innovating!

Looking forward to seeing you in March!

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Date and Time


Turku Science Park Oy / SparkUp Turku

4b Tykistökatu

20520 Turku


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