Sandown Sasquatch Scavenger Hunt

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Fremont Road Town Forest

Sandown, NH 03873

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Reports have been flooding in to the Sandown Conservation Commission of a group of Sasquatches (Sasqui? Bigfeet?) possibly inhabiting our Town Forest---and as we take every wildlife sighting very seriously---we need YOUR help finding them!

On Saturday, August 26th, at 9am we need up to 15 enthusiastic bigfoot research teams to gather in the parking lot with one thing on their mind: SEARCH FOR SASQUATCH! Who makes up the aforementioned teams? It's entirely up to you!

Families, that weird friend who DVR's "Finding Bigfoot" every week, neighbors, coworkers, frenemies, penpals, yoga buddies, hiking crew, yourself and the lady you just met at the post office with the "Harry and the Hendersons" keychain --- ANYONE can make up your research team...the more the merrier! The only limit to your team size is that your team MUST BE 3+ people. After all, it's safety in numbers when hunting for the worlds most elusive cryptid!

HINT: Don't forget to give your research team a (family friendly) team name! When assembling your bigfoot brigade, you may want someone on your team who is great at finding objects, someone who excels at puzzles, someone who knows nature, and/or someone with a funky creative side. Sasquatch searching is hard work, so it helps to have a diverse team...and maybe someone who runs slower than you....ya know...just in case....

Come join us for some yeti approved refreshments, an morning of smiles, and a chance to be named TOP RESEARCHER!


9am: Meet the competition, enjoy some pre-search food, gear up, reseive your research dossiers, and apply for your Sasquatch Research Permits

930am-1130am: Get sent off into the woods with a map to find clues, solve puzzles, take photos and FIND BIGFOOT!

1130am-1230pm: Be back to our start point by this time (any later will result in disqualification or point reduction) to have your scavenger list checked and photos scrutinized! Winners will be announced and prizes handed out as soon as we have all teams counted in.

Now that you know team sizes must be three or more, lets go over a few other RULES:

1. Your team researchers CAN BE ANY AGE. This hunt is as much fun for children as it will be for adults, but someone on your team must be over the age of 18.

2. GROUPS MUST STAY TOGETHER. It doesn't matter if your team is three or 25 people strong, you must stay together on the trails. This keeps teams honest and reduces the chances that you will be able to find everything on the list in the time limit, making our job of choosing a winner much easier. Many of the tasks to complete will require your entire group!

3. To be able to participate your team must bring A CAMERA PHONE OR DIGITAL CAMERA (make sure it is all charged up!), A WAY TO TELL TIME, and A GOOD ATTITUDE. Everyone needs to be able to have a fun day and get out of the woods safely on time.

4. Hot or rainy weather in August is nothing to fool around with, so PLEASE DRESS APPROPRIATELY for spending a few hours in the heat, bring a refillable waterbottle, and carry bug spray. We want children and adults alike to leave with memories and prizes, not sunburn and skeeter bites!

What do you get for winning?

For starters, you get bragging rights and a round of applause....but if that's not enough we have more!

THE GRAND PRIZE: The grand prize goes to the team who gets the most points by finding search items and completing tasks!

There will also be some smaller prizes for:

MOST CREATIVE TEAM: SCC members will put their heads together to pick a team who demonstrated the most creativity in their "photo finds" are out to find things...HOW you find them is up to you!

MOST TEAM SPIRIT: SCC members will decide who demontrated the most team spirit...that can mean coming with a special chant to keep you going, dressed as super heroes, or wearing funny hats. The sky is the limit on how you want to demonstrate your team spirit...and here at the SCC, we love weird!

(OUT)DOOR PRIZES: A few lucky people will get prizes just for showing up!

IN THE EVENT OF INCLIMENT WEATHER: THERE IS NO RAIN DATE FOR THIS EVENT AND THE SHOW WILL GO ON RAIN OR SHINE. If the weather is going to severely work against us or make conditions unsafe for this event, we reserve the right to cancel. Please keep an eye on your email and our FB page on the morning of this event for any notice of cancellation.

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Date and Time


Fremont Road Town Forest

Sandown, NH 03873

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