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Business Leaders' Breakfast & Workshop : Stop Accepting Poor Sales Productivity

With Brexit, will it get tougher for you? Or do you have new markets to tackle? The fact is there will be winners and losers and some businesses are enjoying their best ever year.

So what is it that separates those that prosper from the many that struggle?

And what can they teach your business about achieving your own sales breakthrough?

If you’re a Business Owner, Managing Director or Senior Partner who believes your company can do better, this complementary challenging and thought-provoking Business Leaders Workshop is for you.

If you are:

  • Concerned about the future

  • Uncertain that your sales will thrive post Brexit

  • Frustrated at the length of time it takes to close new business or maybe

  • Tired of hiring sales people who don't work out as well as you'd hope

  • Worried that you are dependent on your #1 salesperson

Then sign up for this valuable workshop where you will...

  • Develop new ideas about professional selling

  • Take initiative and explore new sales concepts

  • Learn how to break free of negative sales stereotypes

  • Understand a system for selling that will differentiate you from your competition

  • Eliminate forecast volatility and address sales issues

  • Discover the incredible cost of sales mediocrity

How to motivate your salespeople to take responsibility and stop hiding behind excuses!

This is an interactive workshop breakfast for Business Owners, Managing Directors and Senior Partners with Ermine Amies, Sandler Trainer.

You’ll receive your own leadership assessment and report and will identify the actions to take to deal with underperformance and make your sales and business development manageable and forecastable.

The brutal truth is when the Chancellor talks about poor productivity in the UK, it applies to most sales people and teams too. And improving sales results has an an amazing impact on the total productivity of your company. So even if your sales are stellar, there is still opportunity to improve and expand.

Come & learn if you have what it takes to sort it out and growth faster this year - whatever happens with the Brexit negotiations.

Bring your business challenges and leave with some instantly actionable strategies.

Your trainer is Ermine Amies. She has sold door to door and on the phone. She’s sold to banks, pension funds and corporates across Europe. She’s seen what works and what doesn’t.

At Sandler Training, she works with clients on their attitudes and behaviours as well as sales techniques. She doesn’t pull her punches.

No one pays her to be nice.

She delivers real results and stops the problems you face with your selling and sales management forever.

Her Business Leaders Workshops are fun, effective & highly rated.

Book now and win more sales.

This is a complimentary workshop but seating is limited - first come, first served.

What others say about training with Ermine:

"Your Class was extremely thought provoking. It helped me re-evaluate the way I approach prospective clients. "

"In the 48 hours after the 2 hour Master Class, I put two things I've learnt into action. We've won a new client worth £50k a year and got past the gatekeeper with another major prospect - so my fellow director is going in for a meeting next week."

"We went to an industry exhibition on Monday. We managed our meetings completely differently - and now are in discussions to manage a product area for an organisation that we previously sub-contracted for."

"Before we came to the class, we would have just sent the tender off. Now, we secured a meeting and will be presenting in person - just because now, we know how to ask".

“It’s fantastic working with Ermine and the Sandler system is always both challenging and entertaining. We have learned that it is fine to park some issues, until there is realistically time to deal with it. I cannot emphasise strongly enough how important adopting the 30, 60, 90 day planning is. We should have adopted it immediately. We feel empowered and much more in control as a result of working with Ermine and Sandler.”

“We have reduced our costs of recruitment fundamentally. In the 15 month period to the end of 2015, we estimate that the Sandler recruitment process saved us £250,000 against the known cost of recruiting the same number of additional successful people. The savings came partly from not recruiting people who could not succeed, but as importantly the costs of not continuing with people who had the potential but not the will to succeed. The department has also maintained sales on three product lines whilst increasing sales by 60% on the targeted product. The bottom line value of those sales is £97,500. The overall return has been much higher than Ermine had targeted for measuring her performance based on ROI.

"As with any type of training that focuses on best practice, there is always a niggling thought that in doing it you have to get the spotlight out and scrutinise your current methods which often seems daunting. Whatever worries I had were quickly superseded by desirers of putting the Sandler techniques into action and pushing the business forward. Ermine did a great job at ensuring each of us left with actions and focus that applied directly to us as individuals.

I really liked the way the training changed in dynamic to ensure it applied directly to the people in the room. Everyone was able to take something measurable for their specific Businesses from the day. My learnings from the day were very trackable and in committing to my plan I’ve seen instant results in the way I work. Ermine as a trainer and facilitator will put you through your paces and ensure you get clear actions and direction from the day. If you’re ready to commit in progressing your Business performance then this is the right training for you."

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Date and Time


White Space

St James Mill



United Kingdom

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