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Sales Leadership Event- Increase Sales, Build & Lead High Performance Teams

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Scottsdale Business and Personal Development

15650 N 83rd Way

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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Are You or Your Sales People

  • Worried that you and your sales people are not getting enough qualified leads and prospects?
  • Is your team cutting prices instead of selling value on your products or services?
  • Frustrated that your sales people spending too much time giving away Free Consulting that leads no where?
  • Confused when prospects delay Making Decisions even though they are interested in your products?
  • Are you ready to build and lead a High Performing Sales Team that is eager to sell for you?

Get the tools you need to take your business to the next level and eliminate any mental obstacles standing in your way!

For the past fifteen years we have helped thousands of successful business owners and sales professionals make millions of dollars through sales and team development.

Sound like a stretch?

Then listen closely now, as this may be the most important message you will hear in regards to your business success.

After training thousands of sales professionals, we found the three most common setbacks in selling and building high performing sales teams are:.


Your success blueprint dictates how much you will make and how long you will keep it for. Period. Every one of us has a blueprint that we inherited from years and years of programming by our schooling system, parenting, media, and society.

Therefore, it is imperative to visit your success blueprint and recondition it for success. Otherwise no techniques or skills in the world can help you be successful for the long term and you will remain living from paycheck to paycheck.

Not convinced? When you hear the word salesman what is the first thing that comes to mind? Sleazy, pushy, greedy, used car salesman, and the list goes on.

With this much negative programming, how in the world do you expect to be successful in sales?


Selling is a profession and the skill needs to be sharpened at all times. You need practice, feedback and reinforcement. You can learn new techniques in a few days but if you do not use them consistently you will lose them.

In selling, a robust selling system will insure that you and your prospects are on the same page step by step all the way to signing the contract and what comes after.


Building championship teams and keep them engaged and focused can be challenging for most business leaders. People have different personalities and motivation and a set of behavioral patterns that they follow. Which means if there is no set of terms to live by then it will turn into bunch of individuals each doing their thing and that can be cancerous to your business.

For that purpose, we created the Sales Leadership Event to bring to you the world’s most powerful sales system and strategies. Period!

Where we incorporate the world-renowned Sandler’s sales model with Blair Singer’s team building model and merge them with cutting-edge technology in Transformative Learning including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to come away with the MOST POWERFUL sales training program in the world!

The Sandler model is the ONLY proven selling system that will teach you a step-by-step process to get to a yes easily and consistently, while also saving time. Blair Singer’s leadership team building is guaranteed to build a championship sales force to reckon with. NLP will help you recondition your success blueprint so that you can dissolve the mindset barriers that has been stopping you and your sales team from the true success you deserve. This triad will lead you to experiencing a sales explosion!

Attend Sales Leadership Event Where You Will:

  • Identify and change the one thing that is stopping you from meeting your sales goals and the income you desire.

  • Have a step-by-step system that will weed out “Think it overs” and move on to the next prospect without having to waste your time and energy giving away Free Consulting.

  • Learn the most powerful tools in human persuasion so you can help your prospects overcome their resistance to being sold and wanting to buy from you.

  • Dramatically increase your number of qualified appointments so you can stop wasting time with dead beats.

  • Simple strategy to make effective cold calling and setting up appointments without the fear of rejection.

  • Learn how to handle objections before it comes up.

  • Learn the No.1 way to ask better questions and grow your sales faster without discounting your price.

  • Take control of your sales cycle so you can start winning again without being salesy or pushy.

  • Use the Sandler’s 7-step sales process to double your closing ratio. Guaranteed.

  • Interact more effectively and comfortably with your prospects and clients so they like you and trust you.

----------------- Still Not Convinced? ----------------



Are You Ready for a Sales Explosion?

Now is the time to make an impact!


Regular Price -------------- Community Price

$697 -------------------------- $297

----------------- PLUS FREE BONUS! -----------------

1 Follow up Coaching Session --------- $950 Value

Where we'll sit down with you for one hour and help you come up with a strategy to turn your business around.


Get it All Today For Only -------------------- $297


Limited Seating to 40 People as we want to give you the attention that you deserve!

After the event, you will have a completely different perspective on selling and what it takes to lead a high performance sales team!

--------------- Still On The Fence? -------------------

Our promise is that by the end of the event If you feel that you didn't get value from the training and it was a waist of time, simply approach one of our team members, submit your material, and we will issue you a check for $1000 for waisting your time. That's right. Since time is the most valuable asset we own we don't expect to waist each other's time.


Register NOW, We are all About Build Good Will and Trust with our Community. We Look Forward Serving You!


In friendship,

Kal Jurdi

Director of Business Development

The Sandler Singer Team

The Sandler Singer Team

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Date and Time


Scottsdale Business and Personal Development

15650 N 83rd Way

Scottsdale, AZ 85260

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