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If you want to grow your business sales is mandatory.

Most hate the activities they associate with sales.

You may never love sales but you don’t have to hate it.

Sales is something that can make or break a company. It can make or break your career. If you are a lawyer, an accountant, a consultant, or in IT Managed Services, it can make all the difference in the future of your firm.

Simply put...

If you are in any service or have a unique product, sales is the difference that can make the difference.

Don't get us wrong: We know that sales isn't the only necessary piece.

1) A great product or service is necessary.

2) Great execution is necessary.

3) Being effective in sales isn't just necessary...It is critical.

You have spent years, decades, and probably most of your life learning the first two. Do not let the third stop you from growing your business. Sales shouldn’t keep you from taking advantage of what you are great at.

If you are struggling with:

  • Sales Confusion - “What are the right activities? What are the right techniques? Why aren’t more people closing and working with me?”

  • Sales Frustration - "I am working too hard for this!" Over time, this leads many to avoid prospecting for new clients all together, and puts the fate of their business in the hands of others. Not good.

  • Networking Exhaustion - “I go to countless networking events but the referrals never happen. We know our network impacts our net worth but hasn’t driven my worth where it should be."

  • Stalled, Stopped, or Vanishing Prospects - “I have great meetings. They love what we do but it takes months before a decision is made, and sometimes I never hear from them again."

IS THIS YASE?? (Yet another sales event? / Yet another stupid event?)

In short, no. We've been to those events - We don’t have short one liners to overcome objections, and we don't have some magic sales method you've never heard of. We aren't going to turn you into a slimy, silver-tongued salesman that you are trying to avoid.

Uniquely, we don’t have a set system that you have to adjust to and re-arrange your whole operation around. We believe sound selling principles are adaptable. This is not your standard sales training!

More About the Bootcamp

First thing first, you have to have a sales strategy that takes advantage of who you are, what your strengths are, and who you should be in front of. Your sales strategy has to bend the rules of the market to benefit you.

We get you away from the idea that you help everyone and can do everything. Instead, we help you find your niche, and then you can own it and grow.

Next, we handle how to get in front of more people - Referrals, social, and active sales work. We show you how to break into the specific market you want to take. We will go through the tools to understand the best path to open the doors you need. This is especially useful if you have a new product or service you want to launch in a major way.

Mindset / Psychology is the next driver of sales. The more you understand your mindset when you approach an opportunity, the better you can drive your actions and behaviour toward success. Once you are in a good place, you can use this knowledge to understand the buyer psychology to keep the process moving.

Finally, as you work with the prospects, What is the buyer's journey and how does this match with your sales process? As you deliver value, What are the investments your prospect is making?

Building investment throughout the sales process will ensure the last step between you and dollars isn't a big event, but rather a conclusion to a process. This will increase your effectiveness and help you focus on the prospects that will close. You don't need a trick. There isn't a oneliner or a brand new closing technique and you won't need to beg. Instead, You will learn how to close at a higher rate, with more integrity, and this will reflect in growing revenue.

What you will get is:

  1. An understanding and a path to change the sales game to take advantage of your strengths and what makes you unique.

  2. An in depth understanding and a direct way of how to open more doors.

  3. The understanding of the psychology of sales that drives you and your prospects' behaviors, actions, and, in the end, decisions.

  4. A step by step guide to drive the commitments that happen in your unique sales process. These commitments will drive a higher close rate with less stress.

Is this for me?

  • If you want a different way to handle your sales.
  • If you want to increase your sales and are open to how to do that.
  • If you are frustrated and avoiding sounding like every other salesperson.
  • Do you talk or think about sales you aren’t excited?

If so, if this resonates, it just might be.

Unsure? - Some of the frustrations we've heard over the years include...

  • Lack of prospects/first meetings

    • "We have this great idea and no one is hearing it!"

  • Lack of impact

    • If we only had smarter clients...”

  • Competing on price

    • “Price is our only barrier to entry. We HAVE to lower our prices because....”

  • LONG sales cycles

    • “It takes forever for clients to get back to us.”

  • Our prospects always disappear

    • “We had a great conversation and never hear from them again. It's like they are in witness protection!”

  • Fear of pestering people

    • "I don't want to come off as pushy or bother people. I just want to have a conversation without the pressure."

Testimonials for Jeff Galas, President of onPurpose Growth

"Simply put Jeff will improve your sales process. He brings a unique ability to quickly assess the limitations of your existing team & sales process, develop a comprehensive action plan, and successfully train and empower your team to execute on the new plan. His expertise is particularly valuable for companies that have achieved a certain level of success but get stuck and need the tools & expertise of an experienced sales leader. His strategies are easy to implement but deliver impressive results. Importantly, his approach is caring and mentoring."

-Mike Marcantonio, Principal at Blue Heron Capital

"Jeff’s advice as business consultant has allowed our organization to reduce its sales cycle by 43% in two years. And, increase our forecast accuracy by 18%."

-Chad Jasmine, VP of Customer Strategy at Wi-Tronix

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onPurpose Growth

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