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Sacred Sundays: Buddhist Teachings and Meditations

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Prana Yoga Center

1041 Silverado Street

San Diego, CA 92037

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Inspiring and transformative Buddhist teachings and meditations offered in a modern context offered by former monk Michael Gregory.

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Join us this Sunday morning in San Diego for healing, transformational and inspiring Buddhist teachings. Make this a conscious and compassionate time in your life, intentionally transforming your life to awaken to your true nature. Classes are led by Lama Michael Gregory, Buddhist teacher, a former investment banker turned monk and the Director of Mindfulness Meditation Centers.

Lama Michael offers highly accessible Buddhist practices in the modern context of our lives, and clarifies the path to inner transformation and awakening through mindfulness. Bring awareness and wisdom to your life and discover the freedom and peace that mindfulness brings from unconscious reactivity to thoughts and emotions.

Crystal clear instructions on how to meditate with ease along with the core foundations of Buddhism and inner awakening will be shared every Sunday.

Each class begins with a different teaching and contemplation on a particular topic of interest, for example, loving kindness and relationships, practicing compassion, equanimity, forgiveness, empowerment, being free of anxiety, depression, guilt and shame and many other relevant topics. Contemplation then flows into guided meditation followed by questions and answers.

Classes are offered every Sunday by Generosity - Donation. Mindfulness Meditation Centers is non profit organization devoted to making these teachings available to all. All classes by generosity only.

All are welcome. This class is appropriate for beginning and seasoned meditators, as Michael will speak to each aspect of practice, and provide teachings and meditations.

When: 7 - 8:30AM

Where: Live In Person at Prana Yoga Center: 1041 Silverado St

La Jolla, CA 92037

United States

To join simply sign up below, there will be limited spaces so we highly recommend as advance booking.

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Organizer Michael Gregory

Organizer of Sacred Sundays: Buddhist Teachings and Meditations

I am Michael Gregory for over 30 years, mindfulness has been my first love, my mainstay, my anchor through the ups and downs of life. I am a teacher, writer, mindfulness counselor and former Buddhist monk.

Life started easily enough – born as an only child to an educated, well-to-do family from New York City. A beautiful childhood turned quickly sour however. Things went bad just before my eighth birthday – my Father was brutally mudered by his business partner for insurance money. My teenage years were filled with depression and anger. I tried counseling to no avail. Meditation helped. I went to school for Philosophy in an attempt to better understand myself and the world I was experiencing. For work I chose investment banking. Outwardly successful, but internally miserable and close to suicide. Copious drug and alcohol use became normal.

I reached a breaking point by twenty-seven. As a teenager I heavily dabbled in meditation and frequently found solace there.  I found traditional therapy woefully lacking and inadequate. On my knees, I decided to give in to the only avenue that had truly helped me – I gave happiness one last chance.  I went into meditation with full intention. Life had become unbearable. I left the United States and moved to Asia and began a new way of life as a Buddhist monk. I found the inner peace, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and happiness that I was looking for. I also discovered that I had a new voice, a voice that was able to inspire and assist others to achieve the same peace that I had found.

After years of solace and quietude in solitary retreat in the Himalayas and South East Asia, I returned to the United States to share this practice and the philosophy. I passionately, joyfully teach, and counsel students around the world. I offer a rational, but heart-felt approach to peacefulness and harmlessness toward self, others, society and our shared environment. I look back with great joy at the lives that have been impacted, including my own. I am eternally grateful to have been helped by the kindness of my teachers and friends, and am truly inspired to continue to offer the same to others. I am grateful everyday for the opportunity to share. Thank you!

We are all pure potential, and all are capable of a great awakening. Never ever give up hope. You are beautiful.

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