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An Extremely Powerful Tour to the Sachsenhausen Memorial With some of the Best Professional Guides

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Join one of our expert guides for an in-depth visit to one of the most harrowing sites in the vicinity of Berlin: the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour.

The Sachsenhausen tour starts in Berlin City Center, where you will meet with your guide. After which, we take a short train ride out to the town of Oranienburg the site of the Sachsenhausen Camp Memorial. On the way there we will learn how Hitler achieved the dictatorship and how the concentration camps in their earliest incarnation where a key instrument of Nazi terror and the suppression of political opponents.

Whilst Sachsenhausen is not so ingrained within the worlds consciousness it was an extremely important camp within the concentration camp system. As the tour progresses will will learn the following.

  • How Sachsenhausen became the nodal point of the entire concentration camp system.
  • how the victims demographic changed over time as the net of persecution widened in the prelude to, and after the beginning of the Second World War.
  • How the living conditions worsened at the camp during the war.
  • The War crimes at the hands of the SS including the mass murder of prisoners.
  • The camp changing hands after the war first to the soviets and then to East Germany.
  • We will also provide an overview to the development of the concentration camp system as a whole.

Birchy’s Berlin Tours Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp:

Some notable landmarks & Highlights on our Memorial Walking Tour

  • Full Camp Entrance & licensed guide
  • The SS and Gestapo Prison Block
  • Infirmary Building
  • Station Z (the purpose-built execution facility)
  • The Camp Kitchen
  • Pathology Building and Mortuary Cellar
  • Barrack Buildings
  • Tower A (the main camp entrance)
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