RX18 ~ LIVE FIRE: St. Patrick's Day, 2018 - Avenal, California

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Avenal Gun Club

32689 36th Ave

Avenal, CA 93204

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Rex Reviews formally invites RX17/18 Series Seminar Graduates to participate in the RX18 LIVE FIRE Course at the Avenal Gun Club in Central California on St. Patrick’s Day weekend (March 16-18, 2018). RX18 - LIVE FIRE will be a world-class training course tailored to refine and develop your precision long range rifle shooting skills. We will be taking you into the next level. This live fire course will focus on developing advanced rifle marksmanship techniques and delivering the real world application of precision fire from 100 yards to 1000 yards and beyond. Rex’s multi-faceted real life experience in tutoring & training various dynamic skillsets makes him the perfect translator of this seemingly complicated applied science! When you are done with this class you will have tremendously accelerated your long range shooting experience and will have the skill and confidence required to take your expertise back home and share the proficiency with your family and friends!

Getting Started: Secure your ticket now! FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Tickets are LIMITED! Currently being offered only to RX17/18 SEMINAR graduates; pay $900 for the full 3-day course. Breakfast and lunch will be catered at the event and available for $25 per day. Payments for food can be paid at the event or you are welcome to bring a lunch of your choice.


  • Range Safety Briefing
  • Advanced Precision Rifle Marksmanship Fundamentals & Techniques
  • Firing Position Analysis and Refinement
  • Field Expedient / Hasty Rifle Deployment
  • Precision Rifle Zeroing
  • Data Collection and On-Site Ballistic Table Generation
  • Ballistic Truing
  • Long Range Target Engagement Procedure
  • Effective Shot Observation and Proper Spotting Techniques
  • Shooter/Spotter Communication and Dynamics
  • Full System Implementation

Save thousands and thousands of dollars in ammo trying to learn the hard way! Meet us St. Patrick’s Day Weekend of 2018 for a HUGE acceleration in your journey to HARD CORE Long-Range Rifle proficiency!

***PLEASE SEE THE RECOMMENDED EQUIPMENT CHECKLIST to ensure you have the right rifle and kit for this course.***



1. Rifle

A) Rifle should be of sufficient quality / condition to consistently shoot 1 inch groups at 100yds.

B) Rifle Calibers allowed in this course: Minimum: .243/6mm; Maximum: .300 Win Mag (consideration for potential muzzle blast fatigue on the shooters next to you)

C) Stock or Chassis design requirements: Must be able to attach a bi-pod and should feature an adjustable cheek comb

2. Optic

Scope Quality: Overall quality & mechanical precision will be paramount to success at long range

A) Magnification:

  1. for Variable Power Optics: need to reach at least 10X (power ranges such as 5-25X may be ideal)
  2. Fixed Power Optics: 10X minimum, no more than 16X

B) Reticle:

  1. Must have vertical and horizontal subtensions.
  2. Mil or MOA based units are both fine
  3. Scope should feature ‘matching units’ between the reticle and the turrets - if possible.

C) Tube Diameter: 30mm Minimum, larger tubes are generally preferred

D) Turret Adjustments:

  1. Must offer ‘tracking graduation repeatability’ (see attached video) – MOST IMPORTANT
  2. Turrets that exhibit good ‘tracking precision’ are greatly preferred
  3. Turret adjustment units that match reticle subtensions (Mil/Mil, or MOA/MOA) are greatly preferred
  4. Zero Stop mechanisms are very helpful

E) Sufficient Turret Elevation Adjustment Range for your cartridge and load: (enough for 1,000 yards – minimum).

Example: .308 Win with 168gr match bullets typical need 37.5moa at 1,000 yards, if your scope only has 50moa of total internal adjustment that gives you only half of it (25moa) as your useable elevation adjustment (which is not enough). Thus, for this example, you would have to select a scope with at least 75moa of total internal adjustment (1/2 of 75moa is 37.5moa) OR you could add a 20moa tilted scope base to add to the 25moa usable elevation giving you (25moa in the scope + 20moa tilt on the base) = 45moa total usable elevation, which is then sufficient to get you to 1,000yds in this example.

3. Ammunition

A) Ammunition Requirements (3-day class): Bring at least 250 rounds of Match Grade Ammo, preferably configured for long range shooting, no steel core ammo.

4. Peripheral Equipment

A) Bipods: Students must bring a rifle bipod. Recommended brands include Harris, Atlas, or similar quality brands.

  1. Leg Lengths: 6-9" may be ideal for this course, 9-13” (for some larger framed shooters).
  2. No long legs or extra-tall bipod configurations.
  3. Features: Swiveling/canting design highly recommended.

B) Toe Support: Some type of rear bag or shooting sock.

C) Shooting Mat: style and quality is user’s preference

D) Hearing protection: Please bring adequate hearing protection that does not inhibit proper cheek weld to your rifle stock.

E) Spotting Scope: Please bring a spotting scope with a tripod if you can. Rex will be teaching bullet trace observation, fire-correction, and mirage reading to shooters rotating off of the firing line. A spotter of at least 20X is recommended.

F) Weapon cleaning and lubrication equipment to include a rod to knock out stuck cases

G) Eye Protection

H) Raingear

I) Hat / Sunblock

J) Drinking water (camelback strongly recommended).

K) Bug Spray

L) Pen and Paper

M) Calculator

N) Mil-Dot Master (Optional)

O) Copy of ballistic tables (optional - if previously created – we will be creating and truing your ballistic tables at the class)

P) Kestrel Anemometers, Ballistic computers and other related equipment (optional)

5. Physical Fitness Requirements:

A) Must be physically able to lay prone for extended periods of time as well as get into and out of the prone position repeatedly. Be ready to shoot all day, even if potentially less than ideal temperature or precipitation issues ensue. Take precautions for any pre-existing medical conditions. Be prepared for less than ideal weather conditions and potentially warm or hot weather.

IMMEDIATELY UPON PURCHASE OF THIS TUITION/TICKET YOU AGREE TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS: TUITION FOR THIS EVENT/TRAINING IS NOT REFUNDABLE. All tuition/ticket sales are final. If you are unable to complete this event/training due to extenuating circumstances (such as illness or the illness of a family member), we may consider a tuition transfer to a future event equal to the cost of your attendance to the missed event, subject to availability and scheduling. Such tuition transfers will be considered on a case by case basis and are subject to rejection based on circumstances and the judgement of the proprietor/s of the event. If you voluntarily terminate participation in the event/training prior to completing the course, you will not be refunded. If any action is brought to enforce any provision of this Agreement by (RX17: Rex Reviews, or any participating party of the event) you agree to pay all costs associated with the action as well as any costs of litigation, including all reasonable attorney fees. Any participant of RX17 (Rex Reviews, or any other participant) reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any person at any time with or without cause.

DISCLAIMER: Any information presented at the event/training is intended for LAWFUL use only. Please do not make inquiries intended for unlawful use as participants of the event may report suspicious/illegal activities or inquiries to appropriate authorities. The purpose of this event/training is to encourage and educate law abiding citizens, military, and law enforcement personnel in the science of long range shooting for sporting and/or lawful defensive applications only. Also please note: Contents and materials of this seminar may be confidential. No Unauthorized Duplication (Pictures/Video) of the Event/Training/Seminar materials are authorized. The participants of RX17 do not authorize or encourage any unlawful use of these educational resources.

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Avenal Gun Club

32689 36th Ave

Avenal, CA 93204

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