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Overview: This cohort will cover resistance training (RT) for runners and endurance athletes and will be led by Christopher Johnson PT and Nathan Carlson PT, DPT.

Over the past several years, the role of RT has gained credence as a means to build injury resilience and improve performance. Designing strength programs specific to the individual is no trivial task. Let us help you learn to craft specific strength plans for runners and triathletes based on their medical history, objective findings, current and potential capacity as well as their racing goals. It’s not solely about convincing endurance athletes to lift or put themselves “under the bar,” but rather developing tailored plans that position individuals to crush their PRs. No two individuals are the same and no two strength plans should be either.

Let us share the knowledge and information that we’ve acquired over the years that has allowed us to build our businesses in this domain and help you set yourself apart from other providers. We can’t wait to get things underway!

Format: This cohort will start the week of Oct 15th and involve 7, weekly sessions lasting ~75’ in duration. All sessions will be recorded live through Zoom then archived for participants to access anytime. A private Facebook group will also be in place for participants to communicate and ask questions. To foster an atmosphere of growth, provide 1-on-1 feedback and communication, and promote an atmosphere which enhances an open mindset for all participants, this cohort will be limited to 15 registrants. Members of the Runner’s Zone will receive preference and a discounted rate of $475. Individuals outside of the Runner’s Zone will be considered at a rate of $575 once all Runner’s Zone members have had the opportunity to join. All files, articles, and related coursework will be provided to participants. An outline of the cohort is listed below.


Week 1 Meet & Greet, Overview, & Where to Begin

  • Introductions
  • Identifying the documented benefits of resistance training for endurance athletes
  • Common misconceptions related to concurrent training
  • Key information to ascertain during the initial consultation to understand the athlete’s lifestyle, abilities, particular needs, PMHx, and performance goals

Week 2 Physical Performance Tests Specific to Runners & Triathletes

  • Understanding the spectrum of return to play & identifying where the athlete falls and the corresponding priorities
  • Breaking down the performance demands and demystifying the common denominators of running and triathlon
  • Learn to establish baseline measures related strength, endurance, and power
  • Introduce and discuss the primary assessments we use in working with endurance athletes
  • Introduce key benchmarks and milestones salient to runners and triathletes
  • Synthesis of results and how they impact exercise selection

Week 3 Exercise Selection, Progressions, & Customizations

  • Review the primary exercises that we use in working with endurance athletes
  • Determine the entry point to loading
  • Review fundamentals of motor learning and cueing considerations
  • Discuss the various resistance training methods and when they are indicated in terms of hypertrophy, strength, and power development
  • Discuss the concept of “core stability” and its influence on exercise prescription
  • Discuss the role and implications of bilateral and unilateral exercises

Week 4 Program Design Specific for the Endurance Athlete

  • Discuss training tactics in terms of sets, reps, and frequency
  • Introduce auto-regulatory training and the (D)APRE method
  • Review general programming guidelines for movement acquisition, general strength, maximum strength, speed, and power development

Week 5 Treadmill Running Analysis & Its Impact on Exercise Selection

  • Learn how to conduct a simple treadmill running analysis using “The S’s”
  • Discuss relevant findings and how they impact your exercise prescription

Week 6 Plyometric Training & Considerations

  • Define plyometric training
  • Review precautions and contraindications
  • Discuss plyometric training from both a clinical and performance standpoint
  • Introduce the primary plyometric drills we use in working with endurance athletes
  • Discuss when and how to integrate them into an overall resistance training program and annual training plan

Week 7 Concurrent Training, Special Populations, & Pulling Things Together

  • Discuss the concept of periodization and laying out an annual training plan
  • Reconciling the theory and reality of periodization implementation
  • Discuss the various periodization models that exist as well as pros and cons
  • Understand how to approach in season vs out of season strength and conditioning work
  • Learn to modify training loads specific to the individual
  • Discuss key considerations in working with youth and masters level athletes

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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