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Ruby Microservices Workshop Seattle

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900 E Pine St #202

Seattle, WA 98122

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Ruby Microservices Workshop Seattle

Starting down the path of microservices while avoiding the dreaded Distributed Monolith requires a shift in thinking. Taking an event-oriented approach to a microservices architecture can mean the difference between ending up with the robustness and productivity that microservices promise, or the same old monolith but with the added surprise of distributed systems problems, too.

The benefits of an event sourced approach don’t end with an easier path to microservices. The complete history of every change to your models is automatically preserved. Time becomes an explicit part of the domain model. Reporting databases no longer depend on complex ETL processes. Service boundaries are easier to discover.

The Ruby Microservices Workshop will guide you past the common pitfalls of microservices and help restore the joy of Ruby. Release more often, increase reliability, and free your team from the rigid coupling that’s been slowing them down.


Day 1, 9am - 12pm: Event Sourcing: The Microservice Architecture You Didn't Know You Wanted
Day 1, 1:30pm - 5pm: Hands-On Microservices
Day 2, 9am - 5pm: Production-Ready Microservices

Event Sourcing: The Microservice Architecture You Didn't Know You Wanted

Day 1, 9am - 12pm

This half-day workshop provides an overview of microservices, service-oriented architecture, and evented autonomous services, with an emphasis on event-sourcing and stream-oriented messaging. It covers the common pitfalls and mistakes that turn the best laid plans for a services initiative into a painful post mortem, and demonstrates the techniques and patterns that ensure the promised productivity of service architectures.

We’ll cover the theory, background, and the code, with examples taken from real-world autonomous services in production, and illustrated with animations and diagrams that put service architecture within reach of every developer.

This session lays the foundations for getting hands-on with service implementation, and building evented, autonomous services from scratch.

Hands-On Microservices

Day 2, 1:30pm - 5pm

In this half-day workshop, students build on the concepts introduced in the morning session by implementing a microservice from scratch. Students alternate between lecture, Q&A, and coding. By the end of the session, participants will have experience with the following microservice and event sourcing techniques:

  • Services & Components
  • Events
  • Commands
  • Handlers
  • Projections
  • Entities
  • Message Validation
  • Testing

Production-Ready Microservices

Sunday, 9am - 5pm

Building on Hands-On Microservices, participants will learn how to implement multiple production-ready microservices capable of interoperating with each other as well as front end systems. In addition, techniques for improving the performance and reliability of microservices will be covered, as well as packaging, deploying, and operating services. This class goes beyond the hands-on development of services to ready the participant for operationalizing real world services in their own production environments.

  • Idempotence
  • Concurrency
  • Coding for Robustness and Resiliency
  • Building and Distributing Client Libraries for Your Services
  • Workflows Between Services
  • Expected Version Pattern and Reservation Pattern
  • Consumers & Subscriptions
  • Snapshotting State
  • Hosting & Operations
  • Packaging and Distribution
  • Data Aggregation

What Students Are Saying

The Eventide workshop is a fascinating deep-dive into a production-ready microservices framework. Scott and Nathan walk through their design rationale from first principles, then reinforce the concepts with step-by-step coding. They are spirited, irreverent, fun, and draw their opinions from a deep well of experience. I’d highly recommend this workshop to any web developer.

- Brendan Asselstine, Full-Stack Developer at Loft 47

This workshop opened my eyes to the huge potential of evented backend systems and the true power of ruby as a programming language. The material was well prepared and we got the chance to implement basic and advanced uses cases and patterns with Eventide.

- Monica Olinescu, Founder of Design Drop and Independant Consultant

Prior to the workshop, no matter how much I was learning about Microservices, I never got any closer to solving the most fundamental, practical problems of the approach. No one was speaking or writing about how to actually accomplish the transition from the Monolith. Rather, everyone wanted to talk about peripheral issues like hosting or language.

Eventide's workshop actually addressed the most pressing and challenging topics of Microservices, namely the overarching principles and day-to-day tactics. I was actually experimenting with gold-standard examples, right there on my machine.

I now feel able to assess Microservice approaches, avoid pitfalls and get my hands dirty.
Unlike many other resources that explain the promises and perils of Microservices but fail to explain how to get there, Eventide's workshop made it feel like a concrete realizable goal.

- Shealen Clare, Software Engineer at Fuel Powered

The best part about Scott and Nathan’s approach to Event Sourcing is not that it works, but that they are placing emphasis on designing the foundation of your codebase as opposed to the the shine of your tools.

- Kenny Wu, Software Developer at Lendesk

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Scott Bellware works with development teams on monolith and Rails remediation, and autonomous services projects. He’s been on a five-year mission to incorporate all the good things he’s learned in the distributed systems world with all the good things he’s learned in the Ruby world. He's been coding professionally for twenty-five years, held every position in a software organization from QA to CTO, and worked in a variety of languages, frameworks, and platforms. Scott is a contributor to the Eventide toolkit for event-sourced autonomous services in Ruby.

Nathan Ladd has been writing software professionally for over 10 years, specializing in domain driven design, architecture, and systems engineering. His languages include Ruby, C, and Javascript, and has recently worked extensively with service oriented architecture and event sourcing in Ruby. Nathan is also a contributor to the Eventide project.

Refund Policy

Tickets can be transfered, but they cannot be refunded unless the ticket holder is faced with a personal emergency requiring bereavement or extraordinary compassionate considerations.

A ticket holder who must be ejected for undue disruption of the workshops or interference with another particpant's engagement in the workshops will not be refunded.

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900 E Pine St #202

Seattle, WA 98122

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