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Ronnie Libra - Dating Total Evolution Mentoring - Milwaukee

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Milwaukee, WI 53204

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What: Ronnie Libra Total Evolution Mentoring

Maybe it's been a long, lonely summer for you already. Maybe you have trouble meeting that special girl who will wow the socks off of you and give you that pep to your step. Maybe you want to get involved on the dating scene but are sitting on the sidelines instead. Maybe you want to get married or have a girlfriend. Maybe you want to play the field a little until you find the right woman. Maybe you're sick of having a hard time with your dating life and you have just decided, "I want to get this part of my life handled!" MAYBE you've had coaching with other dating and pickup programs out there, and you didn't get the success you were hoping for.... Well then, WELCOME to the Ronnie Libra experience.

Hi there. I'm Ronnie Libra. I teach men to have abundance in their dating lives. Whether you are completely new to the dating scene or you are getting some success, but not the success you feel you deserve, I can and will help.

A little over decade ago I was having trouble just like you, and WORSE. I had a very lonely, depressed and anxiety ridden existance. I was a zero with the ladies and literally felt like there was something wrong with me. Well, I made a change. I worked with some of the best out there, and I did 1000s of hours of change work, and in-field training on my own as well, and not only did I DEFEAT my emotional problems, but I created an abundance of women in my life as well. Then I got very good.

Over time more and more people suggested I coach, asked for my coaching or simply asked me for advice. People started messaging me who I didn't even know telling me they heard about my coaching, AND I WASN'T EVEN A COACH. So I decided, after a lot of thinking, to take the plunge and it has been an ADVENTURE ever since.

What I do (Different): Custom Tailored Coaching

I am very good at this business. It's one thing to be able to get women in my life, its a COMPLETELY other thing to be able to teach it to someone else. If you have had the unfortunate experience of taking a Pickup or Dating program that you paid for, but didn't deliver results, you understand this first hand.

Most programs or schools of thought are limited by their SYSTEM or METHOD. What most coaches simply do not have the ability to do is COACH YOU. In my bootcamps and training I custom tailer the learning process to hone in on your strengths, making them tremendously attractive, and I eliminate your weaknesses, tearing them down and replacing them with pure charisma. I handle all aspects of your game, inner and outer game. Nothing will escape me. Whatever is holding you back, I will target it and together, we will OVERCOME and make that positve change.

I am unorthatdox, my training is hard, it is NOT for everyone. It will challenge you, bruise your ego, and you will feel uncomfortable or even tired after each session, BUT at the end of the day you will begin to notce the positive changes being made in your life. Many of my students even report that what they learn from me helps them in other areas of their life like business, personal, and even health. I have had students start hitting the gym as a result of my inner game work. I have had students with depression and anxiety say that they feel like their lives have done a complete 180 and that they have learned to handle their emotions and bring peace to their lives.

Look, I can go on and on with this. But I feel the proof is in the pudding.

What People Are Saying: Proof is in the Pudding ;)

Check out these screenshots I posted on my Facebook of some of the texts, messages, and other feedback I get from past students: CLICK HERE

Also you can listen to this talk I just did with a recent student:

Also if you want to hear me speak to a full house in Chicago for a live AMA talk you can listen to this as well:

Also, before I was screenshotting my feedback I was still keeping them. You can see the feedback on my blog coaching page my clicking HERE.


Our Programs:

A 7 day Total Evolution mentoring bootcamp (Month Long): We break this down over 7 total days, IN FIELD. You will LEARN how to interact and succeed with women. We cover all the steps, teach you from scratch, and best of all, we teach YOU how to be a better YOU. We can do them in one lump, but most students get fantastic results by breaking up the 7 days into 3 or 4 weeks doing 2 or 3 days in field a week, with personalized homework on your off days.

2 Day Daygame Bootcamp: Many guys have approached me over the last year wanting to learn daygame. After teaching a several bootcamps for Daygame, and seeing our students have amazing success, Pickup RAW has decided to extend this to the public as one of our regular programs. This is a 2 consecutive day bootcamp, IN FIELD, with personalized homework assigned.

1 Month Mentoring over Skype, Email, Facebook: Basically I have been having guys telling me it is doing their lives a complete 180. I have especially geared it for people who have Social Anxiety, Depression, and many other things I had to deal with myself when I first got into this game. This is not a joke. This is over 10 years of research, trial, error and success from someone who was more fucked up than you are now, by FAR, when I first started. (I will write about that soon, I promise.)

Anyway, there are 2 tiers we can work with. JUST the inner game stuff OR a combination of Inner game and a DATING Skills as well. I like to say we do this for a month of Mentoring but honestly, I’m an “in the moment” type guys so I tend to lose track of time anyway… As usual this is mostly custom tailored to what you are dealing with specifically.

1 Month Inner Game Course over Skype, Email, Facebook: $500

1 Month Mentoring over Skype, Email, Facebook: $1000

2 Day Daygame bootcamp: $1000

7 day (1 month) Total Evolution Mentoring Bootcamp: $3000

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for GROUPS of 3 Students - if you have a couple friends in the same area that want to take the Bootcamp at the same time you do, hit me up and we will work out a pretty big discount!!! Basically $1000 off the entire total so instead of the total being $9000 for 3 students for the infield, for example, it would end up being $8000 total. Similar discounts apply for the other bootcamps. Please inquire to me for more info on specific programs.

What now: Excited Yet?

Enough Blah blah. Contact me for a FREE consultation. We can talk for as much time as we need to make sure we're a right fit for each other and we get you involved in the best program for you.

Email me at:


or just FB Message me at:


See you on the other side...

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Milwaukee, WI 53204

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