Ron Evans' 2019 Livestream Arts Series: "Rockstar Audience Building"

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Join me for "Rockstar Audience Building," my 6-part in-depth livestream series to teach you how to dramatically -- and sometimes outrageously -- exceed customer expectations, from first contact with your nonprofit, to becoming loyal supporters who can't wait to draw others to you.

The 2019 Livestream Arts Series, which includes all six sessions, is scheduled is as follows:

January 9, 11am PST: "Preparing Your Welcome Mat." In this session, I will show you the importance of building a welcoming foundation. You will learn the benefits of having specific tools and procedures in place to capture information, how to create a memorable first impression, and how to follow up correctly as you begin a trusting relationship with the new customer.

February 13, 11am PST: "Creating Need." The definition of marketing is to create need. In this session, I will show you strategies to create a strong sense of need in your audience members: how to dial in to relevant messaging, measure response, and ultimately influence their decision to buy so you get the sale.

March 13, 11am PST: "Building Anticipation." I will show you what psychology research tells us about how people build anticipation for attendance, and how you can activate that mentality. Customers with high anticipation have more enjoyable experiences, and this translates to higher return attendance, and even better, stronger word of mouth as they tell stories about you and your remarkable brand.

April 10, 11am PST: "Creating High-Touch Emotional Experiences." The sale has happened. Now it's time to deliver on the experience. Will your experience be forgettable, or memorable for years to come? In this session, I will teach you specific strategies to increase the emotional connection your audiences have to your offerings, which research has shown is a major influence on the decision to buy again at a later date.

May 8, 11am PST: "Cementing the Experience." One of our goals is to create empathy between people, and even to change people's opinions in a safe way. I will teach you how to help people gain the perspective of others, and incorporate that perspective into their own. The end result? People knowing that having your organization in their lives is a positive force in making them a better human being. And that means greater return attendance and financial support for your organization.

June 12, 11am PST: "Building Loyalty and Repeat Attendance." Loyalty is defined as an emotional sense of allegiance to a person or brand. Positive emotional experiences, trust, and exceeded expectations are all elements of the formula to create loyalty. Loyalty influences all levels of connection to a nonprofit. As examples, donors who are more loyal give more, and buyers who feel loyalty purchase more. In this session, I will teach you the four stages of loyalty, and show you specific strategies to reach and exceed each step. With a loyalty program in place, you will have an incredible tool to encourage and motivate repeat attendance and engagement.


Each seminar will run for 60 minutes, and include the opportunity to submit questions in advance, during the session, and post session. All seminars will be recorded and provided to you. Seminars will be presented in full-screen livestream, and no special software is required.


Cost to send 4 staff members to an average 3-day training session with hotel (not including airfare): $6,000 to $8,500.

Cost to have your entire team join my livestream series for 6 months of personalized training in revenue generation and persuasive relationship building: $450, until December 31 ($675 after).

One ticket purchase allows access for your whole team.

$450 until December 31, 2018, then
$675 after January 1, 2019.

Testimonials from former attendees:

"At Everyman & Playhouse, our mantra is “joy beyond expectation,” so your seminar on delight was ideal for our organization. The session was a real spur to action. You reminded us of why we want to delight our customers, gave us your framework, and shared ideas for how to evaluate our efforts. We are now in process of launching a new program, and we want to get it moving quite quickly. Great session! " -Sarah Ogle, Marketing & Communications Director, Liverpool Everyman & Playhouse

“Clearly, our organization does a very good job with customer service. But your seminar is another step beyond that. It’s about truly making a memorable experience for everybody, and figuring out how to intentionally look for ways to be delightful, above and beyond the standard of just satisfying customers. Thank you -- these are solid strategies!” -Kelley Lund, Development Assistant, WolfTrap Foundation for the Performing Arts

"First, I preface my recommendation by saying that Ron's creative and intellectual work as both a leader and an educator is unparalleled in my experience working with a number of industry experts. His varied teaching methods are more energetic and innovative than most of the 1,000+ presenters that I have hired to speak over the last four years. Between our annual conference, localized marketing workshops, and webinars, I find Ron to be one of the most reliable, eloquent, and stellar public speakers; his natural ability to skillfully address audiences of all sizes with a lively presentation style filled with practical information reflects this." -Laura Kakolewski, Arts Marketing Manager, Americans for the Arts

Conferences are great. But we should be learning and getting better at our craft ALL the time. My livestreamed arts series brings international audience strategies right to the comfort of your office, and your whole team benefits. Questions? Email me at

Image by Bradley Buhro (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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