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Hyatt Regency Etoile

3 Place du Général Kœnig



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Refund Policy

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Where is the event at?

RARE19 Paris - Romance Author & Reader Events 2019 will take place at:

April 6, 2019 Author Signing: Hyatt Regency ParisEtoile 3 Place du Général Kœnig, 75017 Paris, France
Parties may be added later depending on number of tickets sold

A link to our RARE room block at the hotel will be provided soon.

Directions and transport information:

Hyatt Regency Paris-Etoile is situated in central Paris. Directly connected to the Palais des Congrès, one of the largest conference venues in Paris, this business hotel is close to la Défense, the main business district of Paris. Its convenient location near the famous Champs-Elysées offers you a top selection for dining, shopping, and entertainment sites.

  • 2 subway stations away from the Champs Elysées an the Arc de Triomphe.
  • 4 subway stations away from La Défense.


  • Metro lines: Porte Maillot (1)
  • Train station: RER C Neuilly Porte Maillot


• Puteaux : 15 min. (by car)

• Courbevoie : 10 min.

• Nanterre : 15 min.

• La Garenne-Colombes : 15 min.

• Levallois : 10 min.

• Clichy : 15 min.


• Gare Saint-Lazare: 4 km (15 min. by public transport)
• Gare Montparnasse: 6 km (30 min.)
• Gare de Lyon: 9 km (30 min.)
• Gare du Nord: 10 km (30 min.)
• Orly airport: 29 km (55 min.)
• Paris Charles de Gaulle airport: 31 km (50 min.)


  • 24/7 public parking is available. The parking entrance is located on 2, Place de la Porte Maillot in front of the Paris Convention Center. Direct access to the hotel via the Convention Center shopping mall.
  • 24 hour parking fee is €40 (subject to changes without notice).


"Les Bus Direct" from/to the Orly or Charles de Gaulle airport for 18€

I don't know the authors, are they all translated in French?

90% of all attending authors will be translated by April 6, 2019. A list will be provided in the RARE19Paris Attendee group on Facebook of all translated works.

How much are tickets?

Only one (1) ticket per person is required; either an Early Entry ticket OR a General Admission ticket- not both.

  • Early Entry tickets are €55
  • General Admission tickets €40

Who must be ticketed?

Anyone enterring the convention halls and/or Foyer must be ticketed. All spouses, caregivers, friends, parents, and children over the age of 15 must be ticketed.

Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

If you do not have your paper ticket or can not check in electronically then identification is required. If you do not have a paper ticket, can not check in electronically , and your identification is not the same name as you purchased your ticket in, you will need to update the correct information on Eventbrite prior to the event.

All attendees under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a ticketed adult

**Please note there may be banners, book covers, or other explicit material should you choose to bring children.

Will there be a limit on the number of tickets I can buy?

Yes, only two (2) tickets per transaction for Early Entry tickets and two (2) for General Admission.

Do I need to add personal information to all tickets being purchased?

Yes. The ticketholder's name, email address, and age should be on each ticket. If you let your name default to all tickets, then YOU will need to give the paper ticket to each individual or enter with them. The individual will have no recourse should something happen to you or they lose the paper ticket if their name isn't listed.

**DUE TO THE NUMBER OF TICKETS SOLD WE WILL NOT MAKE NAME CHANGES FOR YOU** Should you sell your ticket this is between you and the buyer, you must change the names AND email address on all tickets- make sure to change buyer and attendee information on the ticket.

What is included in each ticket?

Early Entry has access to all signing authors for the day from 11:00am-4:45pm. An Early Entry ticket is ideal for those who have never been to a signing and or those who have many books to be signed. Since there are very few Early Entry tickets being sold , Early Entry ticketholders will be able to access many of the authors with limited lines.

Early Entry ticket enters the signing room at 11am

General Admission ticket has all day access to all authors from 11:45am-4:45pm

There is NO other difference in tickets, no gifts, no extras-- just time.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Should you sell any tickets it will be your responsibility to transfer the ticket to the new owner by updating the name , age, and email address for each attendee. ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND NO REFUNDS. Prior to paying for your tickets you will be prompted to enter the name, email, and age for each attendee. If all tickets are in your name then YOU will need to give the paper ticket to each individual or enter with them. The individual will have no recourse should something happen to you or they lose the paper ticket if their name isn't listed.

**DUE TO THE NUMBER OF TICKETS SOLD WE WILL NOT MAKE NAME CHANGES FOR YOU** Should you sell your ticket this is between you and the buyer, you must change the names AND email address on all tickets.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes, log into your Eventbrite account and update your information there.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes however if you do not you can either present your bar code on your phone or present your identification as long as it matches the information on your ticket. Each event during RARE18 London will have it's own ticket.

Please bring one of the following with you to enter:

Paper ticket , electronic ticket, or identifcation that matches the name on the purchased ticket.

Identification is required for those who look under 16 or do not have your a paper ticket or a way to electornically check in and said identification must match the name on the ticket

Tickets should match your identification so we can verify the age of each attendee and purchaser if ticket is lost or you are not able to check in electronically. For a smooth entry, try to make sure if possible that your name on your identification and your ticket match.

What if my name doesn't match the name on the ticket?

  • If your name is different than what is listed on the ticket then please have access to your mobile ticket. If you do not have a paper ticket or mobile ticket you will need proof the ticket belongs to you.

If you bought tickets for friends and listed your own name on all tickets:

  • You will be the one to collect wristbands to enter the event and it will be up to you to give them to your friends
  • Please make sure each friend's email address is updated on the ticket as we send newsletters to all ticket holders each month

Is there a limit of how many items I can get signed by one author or in total at the event?

Some authors will have a limit of total number of items to be signed. This information will be posted as soon as possible and is subject to change at any time.

What can/can't I bring to the event?

Feel free to bring as many books as you like, Kindle covers, IPad covers, and or any items you would like signed by authors. No alcohol of any kind can be brought into the event.

Do I have to buy my own books?

Yes. Books will not be provided for free. If you would like a book signed, please bring that title with you. Some attending authors will have a pre order sheet to bring books with them some will not. Traditionally published books will be available through a book seller at the event. **WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO BRING YOUR BOOKS WITH YOU TO THE EVENT*** Avoid having a broken heart should your favorite author sell out of books or the book retailer didn't bring that title.

Will a book seller (book store) be selling books at the event?

Yes however a book seller will only sell Traditional titles -meaning only titles distributed by a publisher. If the book you want is not traditionally published (the author is indie) then the book seller will not have the book. We will try and have a list of all available titles to be sold at the event, who is selling them (author or book store).

Will there be food or drink for sale at the event?

The hotel has a bar and restaurant near by. Water stations will be throughout the event.

Is there a place for me to leave my jackets/jumper/sweater?

Not at this time

Is there a dress code for the event?

No. You will be on your feet all day and rooms tend to get warm, please dress comfortably, where comfortable shoes, and dress in layers.

How long should I stay in town for?

There may be a party on Friday night from 4:30pm - 8:30pm

Will the author list change?

Yes. The author list is subject to change at any time. Ticket sales are final regardless of cancellations. Authors take signings very serious and confirm after much thought. Should they cancel it is due to a conflict in schedule, an illness, or emergency.

What is the refund policy?

NO REFUNDS- all sales final

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

All questions can be sent to: rarevents2019@gmail.com

Social Media and online links:

Author LIne Up Subject To Change At Any Time

Amheliie & Maryrhage
Amy Plum
Angela Behelle
April White
Belinda Bornsmith
Brenna Aubrey
C.M. Stunich
C.S. Quill
Cara Dee
Carrie Ann Ryan
Chloe Wilkox
Danielle Norman
Devney Perry
Emma Hart
Emma M. Green
Emma Scott
F.V. Estyer
H. Roy
Ilona Andrews
Isabella Starling
J. Kenner
J. Lynn & Jennifer Armentrout
J.J. McAvoy
J.R. Gray
J.S. Scott
Jana Rouze
Jane Devreaux
Jane Washington
Jennifer Probst
Julia London
K.A. Linde
K.C. Lynn
K.L. Shandwick
Katie Ashley
Ker Dukey
Kerry Heavens
Kristen Ashley
Kristen Proby
L.H. Cosway
Laetitia Constant
Lara Adrian
Lauren Layne
Lauren Rowe
Lexi Blake
Linda Saint Jalmes
Mag Maury
Mariana Zapata
Melody Anne
Monica Murphy
Natasha Madison
Natasha Preston
Nelle L'Amour
Olivia Rigal
Rebecca Zanetti
Roan Parish
Rose Darcy
Ruth A Cardello
S.M. Lumetta
Sara Ney
Scarlett Cole
Skye Warren
Sophie Pierucci
Stefany Thorne
Stevie J. Cole
Suzanne Wright
T. Gephart
T.L. Swan
Tamara Balliana
Tate James
Teri Wilson
Terri E. Laine
Thea Harrison
Tillie Cole
Wendy Higgins
Willow Winters

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Hyatt Regency Etoile

3 Place du Général Kœnig



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