$40 – $2,000

Rock Camp Masterclass

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J Street Recorders

2010 Alhambra Boulevard

Sacramento, CA 95817

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Before the start of the class, a music business speaking engagement and Q and A will be held at the studio or nearby venue. This is a ticketed event that brings attention to the Master Class and sponsors. It gives people the opportunity to mingle with other industry professionals and learn more about future classes. Influences are invited to ensure maximum outreach. There will be Live music and cocktails.

3 day workshop at J Street Recorders.

Brian will guide attendees through a three-day recording and mixing session. His teaching will include studio etiquette, setup, recording basic tracks all the way through the final mix of a song. We will be joined by a rock band and a film crew documenting the experience.

The following is a general layout for the Masterclass course

Day 1: Setup/Recording Drums and Bass

• The students will learn from Brian the different techniques on

mic’ing up a drum kit, eq’ing, compression, etc.

• Bass will also be set up and recorded during this day

• Students will experience first hand

how to work with a full band in a live tracking situation.

• At the end of the day, Brian will share a few Tesla stories

including some regarding tracking/drum tracking.

Day 2: Overdub Day/Guitar/Keyboards tracking day

• The students will learn the different ways of tracking guitars and

extra instruments to finish the production of a song

• Brian will talk to the students about the different gear used for

recording Tesla including guitars and legendary keyboards

like the Mellotron.

•Vocal tracking/Background vocals/extra overdubs

• The students will learn the importance of songwriting, song

structure, dealing with singers and capturing the best


• At this point, we will bring song writing with the band into the

class, knowing that this is one of the most important elements to

be considered. One great song can make a career.

• The assistant engineer will talk about the importance of editing

the tracks for modern production and how to prepare tracks for

mixing. (drum editing/vocal tuning etc.)

Day 3: Mixing

• The students will learn the importance of critical listening,

monitoring in a great environment, choosing compression,

applying eq, and mix bus treatment.

• At the end of the night, Brian shares some mixing experiences

and share which are some of his favorites too.

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Date and Time


J Street Recorders

2010 Alhambra Boulevard

Sacramento, CA 95817

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