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Ritual Skills with Starhawk

Craft transformative personal and collective rituals with Starhawk!

By Starhawk

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Ritual is an enacted poem, a sequence of actions designed to awaken powerful emotional and psychological forces, and give shape and structure to our lives. We can harness the power of ritual to mark important changes—seasonal, personal, or communal, and they can be a compass for navigating challenging times. When we understand the logistics and ideas behind designing effective rituals, we can create the ceremonies we need in our own lives, and for our families and communities.

In this live, 6-session digital course, you will gain a deep understanding of the structure and psychology of ritual ritual archetypes so you can create personal and collective rituals to inspire deep change and healing for yourself and your loved ones. You will learn to choose or adapt the ritual type for your needs, build confidence in your ability to sense what is needed for a particular time, person, or event, and further your skills in priestessing/facilitating both personal and collective ceremonies.

ASL Interpretation and closed captions will be provided in all of our live sessions.

Together We'll Explore 6 Ritual Types:

1. Everyday Personal and Family Rituals

What are the rituals of everyday life that can add depth and meaning to ordinary events?  Why is a personal practice important and how do we find or refine our own? 

2. Rites of Passage

Rituals mark transitions and acknowledge change.  Every culture and tradition includes rites of passage—ceremonies to mark a birth, a coming-of-age, a graduation, a marriage or life commitment, a funeral or memorial for a death. We’ll explore the underlying mythic structure of ritual, and learn how to create the rites of passage we need.

3. Seasonal Rituals & Tuning Into Astrology for Rituals

Ritual is a way of saying “This is important!  Pay attention!”  When we honor the cycles of the seasons, the moon cycles and the changes in weather patterns, growth, and ripening, we pay attention to the flows of energy and change in the natural world. 

4. Spells & Rituals to Make Things Happen

Sometimes there’s something we want—for ourselves, for our communities, for the world.  Ritual can help us focus our intention and our will and set in motion forces that can make things happen. 

5. Healing Rituals

There is so much need for healing in the world today, whether for physical ailments, emotional pain, environmental breakdown or societal dysfunction!  Ritual can help us heal one another, and help us face together those things that are too hard to face alone.  Our magical skill will be energy release and energy channeling.

6. Putting It Together: Co-Created Ritual

For our final session, we will co-create a ritual together, deciding on a common intention, and finding creative ways to realize it.

How It Works

Each Session Includes:

  • A live (or recorded live) Zoom session led by Starhawk, involving both the theory and skills of magic, with breakout groups for guided practice exercises.
  • Practices, guided meditations, chants, stories and pathworkings. 
  • Custom downloadable content from Starhawk
  • Suggested personal practices to further your skills and presence through the intervening weeks.
  • Discussions with other participants and Starhawk in our private Ritual Skills course community.

ASL Interpretation and Closed Captions will be provided in all of our live sessions.

This Course is Grounded In Our Live Learning Sessions

All live sessions will take place on Zoom meetings between March and June 2023.

Once you register here, you will receive an email that will invite you to access to the course, which stores all our course content, recordings, and links to join all upcoming live sessions as they become available.

Live Session Schedule (Times TBA)

Session 1: Monday, March 20th | 1pm Pacific Time | new moon & equinox

Personal Family Rituals & Astrology for Rituals

Session 2: Tuesday, April 4th (full moon)

Seasonal Rituals

Session 3: Wednesday April 19th (new moon & solar eclipse)

Rites of Passage

Session 4: Thursday May 4th (full moon, Beltane, & penumbral lunar eclipse)

Healing Rituals

Session 5: Friday May 19th (new Moon)

Spells & Rituals to make things happen

Session 6: Friday June 2nd (Full Moon)

Co-Created Ritual

Can't make the live events or already missed some of the past sessions?

We record all of our live sessions and post them ASAP to our Ritual Skills course network, where you can easily access them all at your own pace. You will be able to access this course and all of its contents for 1 year, until March 2024. It's not necessary for you to join the live events in order to get the full benefit of the series, but it's an excellent place to connect with other magical practitioners across the globe.

The entire course will be hosted on our private social network which allows you to easily access past recordings, upcoming live sessions, and network with other magical activists! You will receive an invite to the private community immediately after you register.

Registering after the series has begun?

No problem. You won't miss a thing. Once you register here, you will:

  • Receive access to our private community and recordings page where you can see all past and upcoming sessions and their info and discussion.
  • Automatically receive links for all future live sessions and their recordings as well, delivered to your inbox as they are available.
  • Be invited to join the ongoing discussion in our private Ritual Skills community.

What Should I Pay?

Ritual Skills is offered on a pay what you can sliding scale.

We strive to make these courses accessible for everyone, and from that place we invite you to pay what you can, to give what feels good based on your own personal intuition. Choose a tier by considering your personal needs and any social or financial barriers you experience.

When you contribute regeneratively at the top of our scale, you are supporting Starhawk's work, and providing access for those who have fewer resources, and helping to keep this work sustainable. This is a hard time for many of us financially and emotionally, and that’s why we want to make sure everyone who is called to this work can join us!

Suggested Contribution Tiers:

True Cost of The Course: $150

Regenerative Contribution: $200

Committed Contribution: $99

Heartfelt Contribution: $66

Supportive Contribution: $33

All Are Welcomed Contribution: $7

We are deeply grateful for the generosity so many of you have shown in the past few years, and are thrilled to be able to offer this course on a pay what you can basis to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

We encourage you to donate what feels truly comfortable for you, whether that's $5 or $500. You will receive the same level of access to the course regardless of which tier you choose. The donation ticket here on Eventbrite will allow you to register for as little as $1.

We can take care of one another! Thank you!

About the organizer

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Starhawk is an author, activist, permaculture designer and teacher, and a prominent voice in modern Goddess religion and earth-based spirituality. She is the author or coauthor of thirteen books, including the classics The Spiral Dance and The Fifth Sacred Thing.  Her latest nonfiction is The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, and her newest fiction work is City of Refuge, the long-awaited sequel to The Fifth Sacred Thing 

Starhawk directs Earth Activist Training, http://www.earthactivisttraining.org/, teaching permaculture design grounded in spirit and with a focus on organizing and activism.  “Social permaculture”—the conscious design of regenerative human systems, is a particular focus of hers.

She lives on Golden Rabbit Ranch in Western Sonoma County, CA, where she and ranch manager Charles Williams are developing a model of carbon-sequestering land use incorporating food forests and savannahs, planned grazing, and regenerative forestry.

She travels internationally, lecturing and teaching on earth-based spirituality, permaculture, and the skills of activism.