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RIFB Become A Millionaire in 6 Months Web-Conference

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The Power to become a millionaire is in the mind!

Web Conference On How To Hit Your “Become A Millionaire …” Goal In Only 6 Months

Create an additional income stream, but this time, a mega residual income stream it is, one that turns you into a millionaire in 6 months.No exaggeration.

Take advantage of moments that matter with RIFB Web-Conference to make you a millionaire. It’s never been much easier and more assured. RIFB Web-Conference is what is trending. Follow the trend and don’t be left behind.

It’s so much easier than regular web-conferences on how to guides. You are so close to making more money than ever before. You are almost there! By tapping into the wealth creation potential of the RIFB program, we can help you shorten the time to getting to achieve your “Become a Millionaire…” goal. You’ve already landed on the event page; now finish your step of purchasing the ticket and start making your first million.

Time is of the essence in this web conference, the frequency is only guaranteed on a first-come-first serve basis; the channel is defined to accommodate only 50 participants per time, and the message for participants is a highly guaranteed “How-to-Guide” to get it right from the start, unlike other big promises on becoming a millionaire which are downright counterproductive.

• Purchase and Download your ticket to get access to the participation channel where you will learn how to advance from 5 to 6 figures mega income in only 6 months.

• In the web-conference, you’ll discover the means is easy but the secret to succeeding with it is what the minority go-getters, who found it first, have been overlooking to the detriment of their “become a millionaire …” goals, while the vast majority of gold-diggers simply missed it. But a system has now been built with the RIFB Secret Sauce and the purpose is to make the secret available to only those who register for and participate in this “RIFB Become a Millionaire in 6 Months” event.

• You surely won’t want to miss this secret thrown out only to the first 50 participants to catch it in a single weekend event which won’t take more than 3 hours to be wrapped up.

Do you really know why 97 of earth’s population don’t dream of making their first million in 6 months? It’s because they have all not discovered the secrets other millionaires have grabbed and hidden from the rest of the people who work even harder than the millionaires do. This is a secret that you now have the opportunity to grab and you will decide what to do with it once it gets into your hands.

What Is In IT For You?

This Saturday, DIC Consult is hosting the “RIFB Become a Millionaire In 6 Months” event that will show you how to do what millionaires have done in the past and get the results they got. Most of what you will learn are things millionaires do daily. The hints to what you will learn from the web-conference are how:

1. Millionaires build their network…

Are your efforts to build a millionaire network really paying off? Create the perfect millionaire network with the lecture from the President of DIC Consult, showing you how a network like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Amazon & Empowr were successfully built, and why without such a network you can’t expect the millions. Francis B. Isugu will uncover how to develop a scalable network and scale it as soon as it is developed.

2. They relate with millionaires…
Building relationships is essential to the success of a network. The course of relationship building will be discussed in the light of network building. Building a network that works is inseparable from building relationships that last. You will find more of how this can help you achieve your “Become a Millionaire” Goal in six months.

3. They multiply their income stream…

The sustainability of your millionaire status is poised on how many income streams you have gathered. The ability to multiply your income stream is essential for remaining a millionaire; as it is said, once a millionaire always a millionaire. The purpose of this conference is to help you get the most out of RIFB to multiply your income stream by teaming up with the organizer to apply the network effect to all other sources of income you invest in.

4. They take risks others dodge…”

Life itself is a risk. George Washington Carver observed, “Ninety-nine percent of failures come from people who have a habit of making excuses. The orator, John Mason, brings this point home with the concept of work saying, “You can’t fulfill your destiny on a theory… it takes work! None of the secrets of success will work unless you do. You are made for action. Success simply takes good ideas and puts them to work.” The point of taking your first step to work for your goal of becoming a millionaire will always be a risk to be taken. You will learn why no risk should be too great for you to take.

5. They believe in what they have…

Having something and not believing in it is worst than not having anything. If people who started their enterprises never believed in the idea to start one, they would never have become entrepreneurs. You cannot become a millionaire without an enterprise; that is why you have to create some sort of enterprise and believe in what you have as a good idea or plan. This point will be brought home in details during the conference.

6. They don’t quit.

You have heard the famous motivational quote which says, “Winners never quit; quitters never win”. What do you think of the relay athlete who quits at the final lap? It would have been better not to get on the track than to get exhausted and give up just before crossing the finish line. To succeed with RIFB, you will see why you shouldn’t even think of starting in the first place than to quit after starting. Save yourself the time, and save yourself the money. Okay?

Choose to Participate Now or Forget All About Finding It Cheaper!

Trust me, if you don’t want to participate in this event, you are not being compelled, some other 50 persons will do so and that is just why you have to dig for gold elsewhere because the goldmine we have for participants in this event is only for the first 50 people to enter into it with us.

• Sorry to say, but the system can’t manage more than 50 participants, so there will be no second opportunity for you to rethink and return to join in it. Once you miss this weekend’s event, you have missed it completely.

• Since all engineering works have been completed on the system, you won’t think that a later improvement on the system will create space for more than the initial 50 participants to grab the secret; instead, it will be to improve the results accomplished by the same 50 participants.

• How about if you knew these secrets that you will acquire for yourself with only $120 (#35,000) conference fee and, since it will become your life asset, you choose to create your own information platform to pass it on to others, at a higher price, such as $300 or #150,000? That means, you will upscale your returns by 450% each time you sell / transfer the knowledge to just one person who will be interested in it later.

What You Will Gain By Your Participation

• You are investing in our priceless information that you can transfer to others at a fee not less than 450% of the price you are getting it, from this web-conference.

• In fact, you will learn from the conference how you can sell the same information to 1000 persons in a couple of months to make 4,500,000 % profit in as short as 6 months.

• If making this kind of profit doesn’t excite you, then don’t purchase our ticket. But if you are excited about making a 4,500,000% profit on the amount you purchase the ticket for this web-conference, don’t miss this opportunity, and, absolutely, that is what is in store for you.

Is Late Entry Applicable?

You have until 11:59Pm this Friday to purchase the ticket, after which you will miss this opportunity and will have to buy it at the cost of $300 from any of those who will first acquire it; before you. In fact, every participant at the event will be strictly warned against reselling the information at a price lower than $300, but may sell it at higher rates, as the case may be.

A One-Time Opportunity To Grab At The Cheapest Price Now!

This is your only opportunity to grab this information to be given out to only the first 50 participants on this Saturday; Date: May 6, 2017; time, 4.00Pm Lagos Time.

• To purchase your ticket, click on the “get ticket” action button below and proceed to register for the web-conference with your name and email.

See you at the conference!

To your success!

Francis B. Isugu
President & Founder of DIC Consult,
Author, Praiseworthy Greatness; Big Business Great Personality; Effective Entrepreneurship & 7 other books; with 4 upcoming publications.

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