Rewrite a Bad Parenting Habit

Rewrite a Bad Parenting Habit

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You can literally write away a bad habit. All you need is a sincere commitment to wanting to be a better parent!

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My name is Shaquille Telford, and I am the author of the book How to Right (Write) Your Parenting in 111 Days.

I am the father to a 4 year old girl and a soon to be son. In being a dad, I found that I had a lot of bad habits with one being my inability to control my temper. Although I am a normally even keel person, whenever my daughter would misbehave (or at least what I thought was misbehaving), I’d yell. And I’d often yell at her for the smallest things. And I didn’t know why. It got so bad that I considered suicide because I felt I couldn’t stop myself from being an angry parent. The one tool that saved me and made me finally break this bad habit was poetry.

You can literally write yourself into a better person.

In these sessions, we will read one chapter of the book, and then I will answer any questions you may have.

You can also find the book on Amazon or download it for free. Both links found here

Let's work together to help you become a better parent!

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