Revenge Body 2022 Weight Loss Challenge!

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Revenge Body 2022 Weight Loss Challenge!

Weight loss challenge to drop 30 pounds in 2022 and gain new level of confidence! TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE!

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About the Revenge Body 2022 Weight Loss Challenge

The Revenge Body 2022 Challenge is a weight loss challenge to drop 30 pounds in 3 months. This is YOUR time to take 2022 by storm! Please read all details below.

Participants in the challenge will successfully lose weight by changing their diet and by following proven strategies to lose weight under the guidance of a Certified Health Coach. One of the best perks about the challenge is that every participant has a personal Health Coach to guide them through each step of the way to ensure success. Each participant will also have access to a Registered Nutritionist.


Who is this weight loss challenge for?

This weight loss challenge is for women and men (age 18 +) who want and/or need to lose weight and have a strong desire to enter the new decade healthy and with a new confident attitude. This is your opportunity to step into the new year and get sweet revenge on those who counted you out; show em you've still got it!


Maybe you don't need revenge BUT want to lose weight so that you improve your overall health. Many people on our health challenges are dropping weight and getting approval from their doctor to drop medications for health related diseases such as diabetes and/or high blood pressure.

How do I get started?

Complete your registration on Eventbrite, you'll be prompted to schedule a health consultation with a Certified Health Coach who can answer all of your questions plus get you started on the Revenge Body 2022 Weight Loss Challenge ASAP.

What can I eat on this weight loss challenge?

Healthy versions of favorites like pizza and cheeseburgers among other goodies can be consumed while on the challenge. Following a select food menu is necessary in order to participate in the weight loss challenge. Complete your Eventbrite registration and schedule your health consultation to learn the full details of the weight loss challenge.

How much weight can I lose on the Revenge Body 2022 Weight Loss Challenge?

Average weight loss for people on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan with support is 20 pounds. People are in weight loss, on average, for 12 weeks.

Does it cost to enter the Revenge Body Weight Loss Challenge 2022?

There's no cost to enter the weight loss challenge. You only need to shop for healthy foods to consume while on the challenge. Your personal Health Coach will share information with you on the best options to help you drop weight and get in optimal health. You can expect to spend around $10-$12 a day on food while on this challenge; this translates into $300-$360/month.

How do I prepare for my health journey while on this weight loss challenge?

To succeed on this weight loss challenge you must be prepared. Your health coach will review all of the steps with you to make sure that you are prepared and set up to succeed and reach your health goals. Key things that your health coach will review include what body and food scales you need, how much water to drink, food portions, eating schedules, and meal planning for each week, etc...

What's the difference between the Revenge Body 2022 Weight Loss Challenge and other weight loss challenges online?

Most weight loss challenges involve a fad diet of some sort that may give you short term results. The Revenge Body 2022 Weight Loss Challenge is a "challenge" yet its rooted in a proven health system which teaches you how to properly eat to lose weight plus shows you how to maintain keeping the weight off for good. Participants can say goodbye to yo-yo fad diets and say goodbye to the extra pounds for good this time.

Are there kosher food options?

Yes. Kosher food options are available.

Are there gluten free food options?

Yes. Gluten free food options are available.

Is this a Keto diet?

No. Revenge Body 2022 Weight Loss Challenge is not a Keto diet.

What happens if I want to stop participating in the weight loss challenge?

Participation in the challenge can be stopped at any time you are never locked in.

Do I have to go to meetings?

No. The challenge does not involve attending meetings.

Do I have to take supplements ?

No. This weight loss challenge does not involve any use of supplements, pills, body wraps, surgery or nonsense.

Do I have to exercise?

No. Exercise is NOT required. Light walking is encouraged; yet optional.

Is this a local weight loss challenge?

No. We have participants from all 50 states.

Can I start the weight loss challenge with my friend who lives in another state?

Yes; no geographical boundaries exist. Invite your best friends to do the weight loss challenge with you.

Are there any cons to participating in the Revenge Body 2022 Weight Loss Challenge?

No. As long as you are willing to keep an open mind, stay positive and rely on your personal Certified Health Coach for guidance and support you'll do great! The only loses are the ones you'll see on the scale. Other than that it s a win-win situation!

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