Rev Cahir back 2 School disco

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Cahir House Hotel

The Square



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Rev cahir back 2 school disco

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Rev Cahir Back 2 School Teenage Disco

Friday September 27th

Doors:8pm-11pm | Entry:€11 with ticket 


> Dress to impress the person who dresses up as a Nerd will win a brand new Android tablet or €100

Resident DJ Jonny

Special guest DJs Nathan & Paudie

Live @ Rev Teen Nightclub Cahir

> Live peroformances

>Full Nightclub Pa & Lighting

> Outdoor Area

>5 Star brand new Clubbing Sound & Lighting

> Special effects ( Lasers, Strobes, Smoke

> Free giveaways on the night including our brand new Rev snapback caps, Passes to our next disco, money give aways etc

>Photographers and much more !

****Free Cloak Room *****

Please note this is not manned

You are responsible for your own items

A steward will be monitoring the area for the night but we will advice not to leave money, expensive phones, make up etc in your bags

There is a camera also monitoring this area for any health & safety concerns


Parent concent 


I hereby consent to my teenager attending the Rev Discos. I make the following commitments:

I know that this event must by Law be alcohol and drug free including cigarettes and vapours, and I agree that those who organise and supervise this event may take all reasonable steps including CCTV, use and random breathalyser testing, patting down of patrons to ensure that it continues to be alcohol, drug, cigarettes’ and vapour free. All contraband will be confiscated at the door, including but not limited to alcohol, cigarettes, vapours, lighters and any implement that could be considered a weapon.

I consent to my child’s actual / simulated likeness to be included for no fee within any audio or visual recording to be used in any media for any purpose at any time.

I will instruct my teenager and I will exercise appropriate control to ensure that he or she will not consume any alcohol/drugs ahead of, on the way to, or while attending the disco.

I will be personally involved in organising the travelling arrangements for my teenager going to and returning from the event.

I accept that, as organisers and supervisors of the disco, may at any time, in their absolute discretion, cancel any ticket sold, or refuse admission on the night and that the parent / guardian may be asked to remove the teenager and asked not to return to any further discos.

I confirm that I will be contactable by phone while my teenager is travelling to and from the disco, and while he or she is attending the disco and I agree that I will collect my teenager promptly from the venue, if requested to do so.

I consent to the collection, use and storage of both my personal data and my child’s personal data including but not limited to my child’s name, address, date of birth and image.

I consent to my child’s image being published on social media or any other media for the purpose of advertising future events.


Safety Statement


>Local Guards on atandby for safety

>Licenced Security Personnel

>Full CCTV for security and safety

>Lots of parking outside for safe pickup and drop off


Rev Questions & Answers

**** Some questions Frequently asked by parents with answers ****

1.Where can I Park?

Please arrive 15mins prior to doors opening if you wish to get a space directly outside the shop csr park, there is a second cark park at the back or else the public car park st the end of the hill

2. Is there somewhere to get drinks?

Yes there is drinks for sale from the mineral bar

3. Is there somewhere to leave your coat/ belongings?

yes, we have an area were the teenagers can leave there bags, jackets etc free of charge, please do not leave any valuables inside your coat/ jacket as we do not take reasonability for anything that may become lost or stolen

4. What age is the disco ?

Our Discos are as follows:

Rev is for secondary school students only (from 1st year and up) aged 13-16 but if 1 or 2 teens are 12 but are in secondary school they can attend.

5.Is there a First Aid?

Yes at all times along with a duty of career. Any special medication like an eppy pen or insulin please inform a member of staff so they can store it with the first aider

6.Is there security?

Yes, fully licensed PSA security team & Stewards.

7.Can the kids go outside?

No unless a parent or guardian picks them up at the door and signs them out before 10.30pm. We do allow the teens out time to time for fresh air which is blocked off behind barriers

8. Can my Child bring Chewing gum, red bull/ monster, bottle drinks ? No they are not allowed chewing gum or to bring any bottle drinks inside the disco.

9.Are the guards inside?

No the guardai are not on the premise but are on stand by if needed

10. Is alcohol Permitted?

Absolutely not, anyone suspected will have their parents notified or handed over to the guardai

If anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to contact us

*** Mineral Bar ******

There a mineral bar for those who wish to purchase drinks sometimes taytos and chocolates are sold

**** Zero Tolerance Ts& Cs ****

>This age group strictly no smoking unless there are aged 16 with parents concent or alcohol we have to mention this in the strictest form. If someone is ever caught doing these they will be brought to the duty of carer, parents or guardai will be called.

>We recommend for you to personally drop your child to the disco or to know where they are an hour prior to the event.

> Any form of bulling, taking videos and uploading them with out consent of the other person will be brought out to the duty of carer where parents will be called.

>Your child can only use the seats provided they can not sit on a ledge, counter top or steps.

> All attendees must respect and obey instructions from all staff members.


Safety Statement


>Licenced Security Personnel’s 1:40 kids.

>Duty of Carer.

>Full CCTV for security and safety

> We will have full disco lighting, lasers and full darkness please make sure your child knows this prior or if they are sensitive to fast lighting they should not attend.

>Licensed Health & safety officer

> Licensed Duty of Carer

Please take this in mind if your child has issues with loud noises.

> We usue full fast disco lighting, lasers and the venue is full darkness please make sure your child knows this prior or if they are sensitive to fast lighting they should not attend

Please do not leave your car in the middle of the road while picking up. Please parents listen to the security the know the roads and know how to get the traffic flowing quickly for fast entry and pick up.

****Rev Contact *****************


Mail us

Moblie: 0851720841 (no private calls will be answered)

Snapchat: @RevDiscos

Date and Time


Cahir House Hotel

The Square



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