Return 2 Passion; From Boardroom To Your Bedroom - Grand Rapids

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Grand Rapids

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Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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Boardroom taking priority in your relationship? Your partner in bed with business rather than you? This workshop will reignite your passion!

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Are you struggling to find balance between your personal and professional life?

Do you and your partner spend more time in bed with business than with each other?

Is there a cloud of resentment building over your relationship?

Are you sick of overpaid shrinks giving advice that doesn’t work?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone, thousands of other couples face the same struggle.

This totally free 5-day live Zoom workshop will offer a launching point to solving the age-old question:

How can I show my partner the same love and attention I show in my career?

We will be hosting an hour-long session Monday-Friday that will help you begin to understand the intricacies of bringing passion from the boardroom to your bedroom.

We aren’t going to talk about: Counseling, therapy, or any of the typical ways you have heard about to reignite the passion in your relationship. You don’t need another professional telling you how to do it their way or making you rehash all the pain you’ve already experienced.

We are going to talk about: What you need to create a connection that feels authentic with who you both are individually and as a couple.

We start out by looking at the core cause of most failed relationships:

Resentment. Often the number one killer of relationships. When the intimate connection you had is missing, it often feels as though the foundation of your relationship is crumbling and inevitably leads to chronic resentment. In this state of mind, it is extremely difficult keeping couples from feeling connected to each other. The longer this resentment continues, the level of damage to the relationship increases.

Over the course of the week we will dive deep into the first steps to reigniting the spark of your love for your partner and STOP resentment in its tracks:

  • Stop Trying To Wrangle Your Relationship

There’s a BIG difference between actually working on your relationship to improve the connection between you and your partner versus endless hours of rehashing what each of you did to break the relationship. Discover what got you there, keeps you there, and what you can start to do now to avoid this relationship killer.

  • Commit To A Clean Slate

Let’s face it, there’s no perfect relationship. Every couple faces problems, disagreements, differences of opinion, and arguments at some point in their relationship. The biggest issue is none of the above, it’s actually the fact that most of us have never learned how to navigate this portion of a relationship. I know that I never had “Dating 101” or “Dealing with Your Partner” in high school or college. Learn the number one tool to get out of the trenches, call a truce, and actually begin the process of negotiation in your relationship.

  • My Favorite Things

There was a time when you both used to do nice things for each other. You knew each other’s favorite things and thought it was so sweet when your partner remembered it. As time went on, the memory of these things started to slip away along with the magic of the relationship. Discover my secret to bringing back some of that magic in just minutes a day!

  • The Gift of You

Remember when you used to glance across the room to look at your partner and they just seemed to melt with your gaze? These were those fun, special times at the start of your relationship that you hoped would never end. Now there seem to be more days that you glance in the bathroom mirror at your partner and wonder, “What was I thinking??” What if you knew the secret to getting those “weak at the knees” moments back into your relationship? Get ready for this!

  • Stop Flying Solo

Do you give your partner signs and non-verbal messages that the subconscious reads as “you wanting to be single?” So often we do this without even realizing we are doing this and suddenly our partner is feeling alone, lonely, or even isolated in the relationship. Learn how to avoid this dangerous trap or remove yourself from it and begin reconnecting with your partner.

If you’ve had enough late nights of arguing and endless discussions with your partner that lead nowhere, then this workshop is for you.

I am inviting you to join me for this FREE 1-week workshop designed to help high-performing couples rekindle your love and take your passion from boardroom to bedroom.

Spots are limited, so don’t delay, sign up today!

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Date and time


Grand Rapids

Virtual via Zoom

Grand Rapids, MI 49503

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