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Rethinking the Instructional Design Process (Online Learning Series)

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Whether you're creating a workshop, training module, or academic course, we are often trapped in heavy and unforgiving curriculum design framework ... if there is any framework at all. This fast-paced and demanding age requires a light framework, ensuring clear mapping for feedback loops so that we can continuously improve.

Regardless of whether you are a trainer, professor, coach, or adjunct facilitator ...

Regardless of whether your learning design is in the professional or academic setting ...

... the underlying learning principles remain the same.

We will experientially work through a flexible framework that allows you to easily map across elements of learning expectations, competency needs, measuring the right things (and what the right things are), and ensuring clarity for your target audience throughout the learning process.

Let us help you create repeatable learning experiences that are effective and easy to continually improve!

  • Session 1 - Reducing Cognitive Overload: Shifting our Approach
    Focused on shifting our mindset to curriculum development and creating the themes of the course.

  • Session 2 - Integrating Engagement: Achieving Personal Value
    Determining the measurable and engagement outcomes needed on the course level.

  • Session 3 - Mapping the Learning: Creating the Framework
    Determining how to break that down across weeks, segments, parts, or whatever the cadence is.

  • Session 4 - Promoting Authentic Assessment: Measuring the Right Things
    Determining assessments and how to coach effective experiments for long term learning.

  • Session 5 - Creating Flow & Clarity: Ensuring the Details
    Setting up the framework that has been developed to be effectively presented and delivered to the target audience.

Registration Process

Registering with us ensures you a space in our next offering; once we achieve a range of 6-10 registrants, we will directly coordinate the best 4 or 5 week block for everybody to attend.

NOTE: Please disregard the start date and time as stated by this invitation because we will transfer all registrants into a new event for the block of time collaboratively determined.

What you can Expect!

  • Maximum 10 participants

  • Collaborative environment

  • Experimentation to practice between the weekly 1-hour sessions

  • Applicable practices from each session

  • An ability to systemically create effective learning experiences that are easily repeatable and improve each time!

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