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August 10, 11, 12, and 13 (2020) 5-6PM PDT

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August 10, 2020: 5-6PM PDT

How Are You Responding to Uncertainty?

Dr. Edith Eva Eger says "The thing you can change is now...look at this as a gift. You become stronger and better for what you're experiencing." Join us for a talk and deep conversation, as she draws on her experiences during the holocaust to talk about how we respond, how to be a "survivor and never a victim of anything, anyone or any circumstance." Dr. Eger’s talk will be followed by an interview and a moderated interactive conversation with the audience.

Special performance by Lee Coulter

August 11, 2020: 5-6PM PDT

What’s Love Got to Do With This?

What's love got to do with this? And what about rage, grief and despair? How practicing Revolutionary Mindfulness may be the key to emotional agility, hopeful connection and political action with others in times of darkness.

An interview followed by a moderated interactive discussion with Rhonda Magee the author of “The Inner Work of Social Justice.”

Special performance by Lee Coulter

August 12, 2020: 5-6PM PDT

How Do You Find Opportunity in The Challenge?

Gregory Shepard managed his way through crisis after crisis since childhood. The skills you’ve picked up in life, whether running a business or managing a family don’t necessarily equip you to cope with catastrophes. Greg's identified four key steps to help you to survive a financial crisis. Greg’s talk will be followed by a moderated conversation with the audience.

Special Performance by Box of Beats

August 13, 2020: 5-6PM PDT

We Have Work to Do.

Join our conversation with Elizabeth White as she talks about the Black Lives Matter movement, why she's hopeful and why she says "we all have bricks that we can use to build with or to disrupt and destroy." How will you use your bricks? An interview followed by a moderated conversation with the audience.

Special performance by Lee Coulter featuring Gil Sotu

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