Responsible Dog Ownership Days©
Responsible Dog Ownership Days©

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Responsible Dog Ownership Days©

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The Exceptional Pet Dog Training

3B Simm Lane

Newtown, CT

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Welcome to the new Responsible Dog Ownership Day(s): with Neil Hutchins Resto: the Treat Fairy. Where every week (approximately) you have the opportunity to be part of this proactive and progressive canine improvement course. I take time answer any of your dog training and behavior questions in person.

Complete with hands on instruction for all my interns and apprentices, you will also get the best sound advice from this treat tossing professional. I will be administering Canine Good Citizen program evaluations every seven weeks, and for all levels STAR Puppy through Urban Canine Good Citizens. We welcome newbies; just please enroll with either Committed Canines Dog Services, LLC on my website, or with The Exceptional Pet Dog Training on

Visit me conveniently around CT, for any of my workshops, games, clinics, or other activities. Enroll in a program and receive free group clinic classes weekly as our benefit to you. Having trouble keeping up the whole week. We give you that extra tutoring, and bring you up to speed.


Neil Hutchins Resto is a Clicker Training Animals Certified Dog Training Instructor
Bringing his passion for the career of Dog Training to budding future providers. You can encounter these assistants often; don't worry. Ask them any question you need. It's great practice for them to answer of they know; or obtain the answer, and know that all good things come with any little research.

My secondary continuing education of games, scent work, and rally obedience will allow you as a better owner to bring targeted enrichment for your dog; stimulating them physically and mentally.

The core curriculum the Canine Good Citizen from the American Kennel Club is not new, and has been around for a while, but it's newly advanced by Committed Canines Dog Services, LLC. We can boast as we offer Tuition Assistance, Payment Plans, PayPal, Financing, and accept all major credit cards, and split payments. Find another instructor that offers that?

If you feel that you have not enrolled, Just take a step back. Complete the enrollment form and I can get back with you as soon as possible.

Now that we know you are supposed to be here, and you are receiving ready to partake in this one of a kind last chance of hope; that can help change your mind, and make a better lifestyle for you and your pet.

I ask all my clients to buy a few books. Yes. It does cost more, but it's for your own benefit I promise. Now I have had them available before, but so many people wanted to find them cheaper; we discontinued this promotion. What we did learn from all this is provide a list, and answer question FAQ. Some of our favorites

Your home study guide/ instructors manual is available on where you will also find; fun things to do with your dog, clicker training for dog lovers, dog intake form, and the client profile and release agreement. Please send your completed intake form, back with your dog's vaccine or titer records.

To continue to your next phase you must complete the welcome aboard presentation and set up your dog training log Now that that's all set, let's make your first behavior log

Now pick your program, and confirm to your canine life coach you can text me 845 288 1630 or email for immediate assistance.

*this email address will be added to our notification software for program updates and cancellations. Please note that Neil Hutchins Resto uses this information for professional, and in office reasons only. You are protected.

Price List 2016
Neil Hutchins Resto
Certified Dog Training Instructor©
American Kennel Club© Responsible Dog Ownership Day™- FREE
American Kennel Club© STAR Puppy™- $175+
American Kennel Club© Canine Good Citizen©- $175+/ $800+
American Kennel Club© Community Canine Good Citizen©- $175+/ $800+
American Kennel Club© Urban Canine Good Citizen©- $175+/ $800+
*American Kennel Club© Therapy Dog- $175+/ $800+
Service Dog Trainer Association™ Task and Public Access - $50 each
Scent Work Starter- $250+/ $800+
Scent Work Activities- $100+/ $250+/ $800+
**Rally Starter- $250+/ $800+
**Rally Activities- $100+/ $250+/ $800+
AKC Evaluations- $25 each
Scent Kit Starter- $25 Add on-- $25

*Therapy Pets Unlimited membership required.
**C-WAGS membership required.
+ plus cost and fees. Neil Hutchins Resto allows for hosting venues to collect additional funds up to 10%; for their overhead expenses. All transactions are subject to tax. All payments are final. Use them or lose them.

What will I need for class (sessions)?
Your classes won't be complete without the proper equipment. Below is a list of all the required essentials. You are welcome to sway from the list by brand if you are currently using another product, but use of electronic collars, remotes, pinch, prong, or choke collars are strictly prohibited. Thank you.

1. Treats. Three Types. Grade A; highest value. Grade B; generic value. Grade C; base value.
*As a clicker trainer I highly recommend a low calorie reward like cheerios; for your class C, and Kibble for your B. So, you veterinarian should like me too.

2. Stop the pulling while using an Easy Walker or Gentle Leader; from premier pet products. The both offer great benefits, and of course easy to come by. No special websites. Just the store. Trade in your previous device and receive $10 in service credit. Available at The Exceptional Pet Dog Training, 3B Simm Lane, Newtown, CT.

3. Not just one lead. All good training programs will work a close range, and distance education program. Our does that. This is why we require a short lead, no less than 6 feet; unless suggested by the trainer, and a 20 to be 0 foot long line for stay, recall, and others. No retractable leads. Available at The Exceptional Pet Dog Training, 3B Simm Lane, Newtown, CT.

4. Treat bag. You wouldn't be complete without having the secondary reinforcement close at hand. Having a treat bag helps you to proactively teach your dog how to be a Canine Good Citizen; and you are a Responsible Dog Owner for teaching them. Available at The Exceptional Pet Dog Training, 3B Simm Lane, Newtown, CT.

5. Your training toolbox isn't complete without a clicker. I provide them to all training clients, but for those of you joining us for the first time. I highly recommend; use, and distribute iClick large button clicker from Karen Pryor. Available at The Exceptional Pet Dog Training, 3B Simm Lane, Newtown, CT.

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The Exceptional Pet Dog Training

3B Simm Lane

Newtown, CT

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