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Brown County Inn

51 State Road 46 East

Nashville, IN, 47448

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Increased workloads and expectations, lack of support from administration, interference from parents, the struggle to find a manageable work/life balance.

Teachers are overworked, overstressed, underappreciated—and mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted!

  • 61% of teachers indicate their jobs are always or often stressful (source)

  • 58% experience poor health as a result of that stress (source)

  • More than 40% of new teachers leave the profession within their first five years (source)

Burnout is robbing the education world of incredible teachers. Don’t be one of them!


There’s a cure for teacher burnout. And it starts with learning how to prioritize, reclaiming professional and personal joy, and developing self-care strategies to relight your fire!

Teaching is “heart work”—it’s a noble, sacred calling. Those who answer it are making a true impact on students—they’re showing up 180 days a year to make a difference in the world. They are influencing students and changing lives.

It takes PASSION. It takes COURAGE. It takes HEART. And it also takes strategic planning to handle all of the duties, tasks, and stresses that being a teacher brings.

So … are you ready to reignite your life inside and outside the classroom?


This 2-day retreat is your chance to step outside the classroom—and step back into your life! You’ll learn tips, tricks, and techniques for injecting happiness back into your teaching practice and your personal life. You’ll leave burnout behind, and walk away renewed, recharged, and reignited with courage and confidence to face next year’s challenges!

You’ll learn:

• 5 happiness habits to increase personal and professional positivity

• Gratitude, meditation, and self-care activities for inside and outside the classroom

• Ideas for creating a culture of happiness and positivity in your school

• Methods for fostering relationships with students and coworkers

• Techniques for increasing creativity, motivation, and productivity in the classroom

• How to accept your past journey—and make plans for changing your future path

• Ways to “rebrand” yourself as an educator and human being

• Steps for creating a plan of attack to fight burnout

• An action plan for leaving burnout behind and reigniting your passion for teaching

• How to open up your belief in the possibilities beyond your classroom’s four walls



Our first day begins with registration, breakfast, introductions, and retreat overview. After the day’s sessions, we’ll enjoy a fun wrap-up activity!

Session 1: Stop the Shame—Own Your Burnout

We tell ourselves lies everyday. Lies about what should have happened, what we could have done, and how we should feel now. The truth is, one thing is stopping you from moving through and past the burnout: SHAME. In this session, all that will change. By beginning where you are at this moment, you will learn ways to stop the shame and live your truth as an educator and as a human being. Amber will share with you the exact moment she decided she had to make the decision to live her truth and stop the shame herself.

Session 2: The Science of Happiness

For too long, conventional wisdom has told us that success fuels happiness. That’s all wrong: Happiness fuels success! During this session, you’ll assess your current happiness levels. And then you’ll learn how to start “resetting” your brain toward positive to increase engagement, creativity, motivation, energy, resilience, and productivity in your life. Plus, you’ll get some helpful self-care tips—and there just might be a dance party, too!

Session 3: Understand Your Teacher Brand

What is a brand? In this session, Amber will lead you through the steps to: 1) Understanding what personal and teacher branding IS; and 2) How you can either create or recreate your teacher brand starting right NOW. Expect a transformation—you won’t leave this session the same person you were at the beginning of it!

Session 4: Happiness Habits, Part 1

Did you know that positive brains simply function better? Everything from productivity to task accuracy is improved when you’re working from a positive mindset. During this session (and continued in session 5), you’ll learn 5 key steps that anyone can take to increase their happiness levels, overcome their stresses, and experience a shift in both mindset and behavior. Meditation and exercise are two of these habits—so come ready to get mindful and maybe even get a little physical!


Retreat day two kicks off with a choice of yoga or sleeping in!

After breakfast, we’ll do a short journaling activity in preparation for the day’s sessions.

Session 5: Happiness Habits, Part 2

This session keeps the happy going! You’ll learn the remaining happiness habits shared in session 4, get your gratitude on with tips for keeping a gratitude journal, and find out why conscious kindness is so important (plus, get ideas for practicing random acts of kindness). You’ll walk away ready to start creating a more positive culture in your school!

Session 6: Growth Mindset—for Teachers and Students

Research has shown that a growth mindset can foster grit, determination, and work ethic within students—and teachers! During this session, you’ll learn how to start shifting your beliefs, find the power of learning by doing, and discover the value in productive struggle. And Kim will take you on a deep dive into adjusting your own fixed mindset with a fun activity.

Session 7: Open Up Your Possibilities—and Never Settle

As the retreat draws to a close, Amber will set you up for success after you leave this physical location and move on with your career and life. You’ll be exposed to practices that will help you to expand your belief in what is possible for yourself and how to keep yourself in check, so you will NEVER SETTLE for the burned-out, unhappy, exhausted human that you were at the beginning of this retreat.



Amber Harper

Kim Strobel


Nashville, IN • June 10 & 11

Brown County Inn


Fast Action Bonus Pricing $409- $60 savings if you register by 11:59 pm EST April 15th!

Early Bird Pricing $449 - $20 savings if you register by 11:59 pm EST May 26th!

Standard Pricing $469 - Starting May 27th





Participants may receive credit for 12 hours of professional development for this two-day retreat. At the conclusion of the retreat, or after online evaluations have been completed, attendees will receive a certificate of completion which can be used to verify attendance.


In addition to two days of relaxation and instruction, registration includes breakfast and snacks each day, a journal for note-taking, fun prizes, plus a goody bag of self-care treats!

NOTE: Lodging fees and lunch and dinner are not included.

No refunds.

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Date and Time


Brown County Inn

51 State Road 46 East

Nashville, IN, 47448

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