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Rendezvous 2019! With Rich Tosi, Bill Kauth, Snake Bloomstrand, David Kaar...

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Joe's BWCA Wilderness Camp

Fall Lake Road

Across the lake- No road!

Fall Lake Township, MN 55731

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The Rendezvous!

With Snake Bloomstrand, Bill Kauth, David Kaar, Joe Laur, Rich Tosi

July 27-August 2, 2019

Fall Lake, Minnesota

Slow down, drift deep, grab the gift, give back… There is a story about the man who traveled 3 days from his village to see a teacher, spent just a short time with the teacher, and then journeyed back 3 days to his village. When asked what powerful teaching had called him to journey such a long way for such a short visit with the teacher, he replied simply, “I wanted to see how he tied his shoelaces.

We invite you to join Bill Kauth, Rich Tosi, Snake Bloomstrand, David Kaar, and Joe Laur, men who’ve led deeply successful lives in many worlds, to visit just such a teacher- your deep self. Gather at Fall Lake, Minnesota, on the edge of 3 million acres of roadless wilderness, for a deep dive into yourself amidst a supportive circle of men.

No phones, no electricity, unplug and listen….

A limited number of men will be accepted to spend this intimate, deep, powerful, quiet time together in the wilderness. We will be on a wooded, roadless site on the private shores of a large lake, camp in large cabin tents, cook together over open fires, spend time in natural forest, prayer and meditation, work with the landscape both inner and outer, share gifts, stories and humor, paddle, fish, swim, sauna, and learn with and from each other. 19th Century living at its finest… Chop wood, carry water, tend fire, and learn a craft or a trick. Slow down. Catch a fish, or just eat one. Get to know yourself again and the names of a few men and trees. Right-size your life, in service, in love, in peace. Give way to what is next.

When: July 27-August 2, 2019

Where: Fall Lake, Minnesota, 8 miles east of Ely on the edge of the Boundary Waters Wilderness.

How Much: $975 US. $875 before May 31st, or for previous Rendezvous-ers. $675 for teen sons attending with fathers/mentors. Includes all food, lodging and materials.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/falllakerendezvous

To join us: Register here on Event Brite or send Name, address, email and phone and full payment or $200 nonrefundable deposit to SEED Systems, 313 Farley Rd, Wendell MA 01379

or for more information, contact Joe Laur at 978-544-0001 or joe.laur@godsdog.net

See you in the wild,

Bill, Rich, Craig, David, Joe

Sample Day

  • Man Live Pray- prayer, stretching, contemplation time- getting right with yourself and the world
  • Breakfast
  • Morning Circle
  • Inner Landscapes- working the land while working your soul
  • Lunch
  • Free time, nap, fish, swim
  • Supper
  • Evening Circle
  • Time around the fire- stories, healing, humor
  • Gift Blanket Closing Ceremony


Logistics (After yoiu've registered)

Dear Rendezvous-er,

Please read this logistics letter carefully so that you come prepared.

Plan to be at the site no later than 5 pm Saturday, June 9th. We will do our best to organize carpools- let me know when and where you fly into and if you need a ride or can offer a ride. We need rides from Chicago, Duluth and Twin Cities primarily. Drive times are about 9 hours from Milwaukee, 11 from Chicago, 2 from

Duluth, and 4 from the Twin Cities. Plan accordingly and leave extra time for life's surprises. You can fly directly to MSP (4 hours), Duluth (2 hrs. away), or Hibbing (90 minutes away) and you can rent a car there or hook up with a carpool. Bayside Travel is our tried and true travel agent. Call them at 414.247.8665. They are familiar with us and will get you a good rate. You will be met at the boat landing on Fall Lake, as shown on the enclosed map. You may come up early and help with site prep if you wish. There will be someone on the site from Friday on.

There are about 5-6 sleeping spaces available in log cabins, which we will hold for men who have greatest need- age and infirmity take precedence; the rest on nice cots in cabin tents. Many men bring their own tent. Our water is pumped by hand, cabins and sauna are heated with wood, and plumbing is two-seater outhouses! Meals are prepared outdoors over open fires, and the menu includes grains, veggies, fruit, cheese, fowl, and all the fish we can catch. Sometimes a steak dinner happens. Let us know if you have special dietary needs.

Our schedule is fluid and will follow the needs of the group. We will check-in and review camp logistics at Sunday night's meal. The week's activities will include circle, woodlore, fishing, stories (following the fishing, no doubt) sauna, poetry, skill swapping, solo time, gift blanket and more.

We will form teams of men to take turns handling cooking, clean up, and firewood. Smoking is permitted outdoors only with local fire conditions in mind, and our relationship with the land will be a prime guide to our actions. We break our camp after breakfast on Friday, August 2nd.

What to bring with you What to leave home

Warm sleeping bag Alcohol and drugs

Sturdy clothes (Temps can range from 50’s-80’s) Guns and Rambo knives

Ground pad if you want extra comfort Junk food (attracts bears and mice)

Biodegradable soap, Bug lotion, sunscreen Anything that needs a plug

Pocketknife and good compass Your civilized veneer

Cap and raingear

Unbreakable cup, plate, utensils Optional

Good flashlight w/fresh batteries Journal, camera, fishpole, etc

Driving Directions:

From Milwaukee/Chicago area:

Take I-94 north to HWY 53 (near Eau Claire) Take 53 north through Duluth and Virginia, MN. Just north of Virginia; pick up 169 west to Ely. Go through Ely and 169 becomes County Rd. 18, the Fernberg trail. Take this through Winton and about 3 miles later on the left you'll see the Fall Lake road. Take the road to the Fall Lake Campground. The boat landing is just east of a large parking lot. We'll meet you at the landing.

From Twin Cities:

Take I-35 north to Duluth, where you'll pick up 53 north. Follow directions above.

All fee balances due by June 1. Call (978) 790-6999 if you have any problems or questions. This is also our number for emergency contact. We will see you in the wild!


Joe Laur, Snake Bloomstrand, Bill Kauth, Rich Tosi, David Kaar

The Gift Blanket

This ceremony, near the close of the week, warrants special mention on our part and special attention on yours. Bring or make a gift for another man prior to coming to camp. A gift that comes from your heart and is a bit of a stretch is the one to bring.

For example, a drum that you made yourself and painted, a pocketknife given to you by a special man in your life, a favorite memento or item that reflects part of who you are, these are the kinds of gifts to consider.

Near the end of our time together, we will place the gifts on a blanket, a ceremony of exchange will take place, and the true meaning of the gifts will be revealed to us. This ceremony will help to bring a powerful close to a powerful week. Your special attention to this event will create a deeper meaning for all of us.

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Date and Time


Joe's BWCA Wilderness Camp

Fall Lake Road

Across the lake- No road!

Fall Lake Township, MN 55731

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