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Remembering EARTH: Sri Lanka Retreat

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

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Remembering EARTH

Essential Oils, Ayurveda, Yoga and Chinese Five Elements

June 11-16, 2016

A Deeply Nourishing and Transformative Retreat in Sri Lanka

with Tiffany Carole and Summer Quashie


You love the Earth. You call her your “Mother” and you are deeply grateful for all that she provides. And yet it’s a true challenge to actually be with her, to sit with her, smell her, hear her and touch her.

Our collective connection to the Mother is reflected back to us in our relationship to:

  • money and abundance

  • food and nourishment

  • our digestive systems

  • humanity and all its endeavours

  • the natural world

The fear of lack, not enough-ness, is like a black hole filled with quicksand. It’s easy to become entrenched, stuck and pulled-in all at once. And where does it end? How do we transform the fear, the worry, the anxieties and insecurities around lack?

In Ayurveda and in the Chinese Five Element healing systems, balancing and supporting Earth is paramount to a sound body and sane mind. The Earth is what stabilizes, gives birth to and contains all other elements. Nothing can fully thrive and grow to it’s most robust potential if Earth is compromised.

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The state of the Earth element in the body and the capacity to smell are deeply connected. Our capacity to smell directly links us to all of history, and to all of life through the limbic system. If fear of lack is an endless black hole, then our sense of smell is ever accessible portal that can reconnect us with our most luminous self.

The aromatic spices that grow in Sri Lanka such as Cardamom and Nutmeg, have a long history of helping to heal digestive issues; soothing, mending and stabilizing Earth element. We will study 6 key essential spice oils that grow in this region. These oils are key in:

  • Relieving digestive ailments

  • Lifting and transforming ‘damp’ conditions of the body and mind

  • Treating the energetic core of neediness or over self reliance

  • Clearing issues with receptivity.

These oils can help our body and limbic system to remember the warmth and unending generosity of the Earth herself.

In this 5 night, 6 day retreat, nestled in the stunning tea lands of south central Sri Lanka, you will be immersed in a deeply transformative Earth experience and healing, where you will:

  • Understand the nature of Earth Element within the context of your current self, your ancestors, and the creation of future culture

  • Discover and work with the most potent spice essential oils for Earth Element and how to use them with intent to heal.

  • Visit the plantations and lands where the spice oils are grown, follow the plants to the distillation houses, and smell the extraordinarily fresh, precious final product

  • Experience the depth and power of Sri Lankan Vetiver and Red Sandalwood EO’s

  • Viscerally understand the difference and significance of “grounding” versus “centering” and how to facilitate this energetic movement

  • Unearth more of your clear, radiant self

  • Discover the resonate power of the voice and movement in transforming stagnation specifically related to “dampness” and earth-type stuckness

  • Understand the unique significance of wounding that is passed through maternal lines from an empowered perspective; and how to un-tether it’s energetic impacts using essential oils and body centered practice

  • Learn how to embody the most potent “medicine” for healing Earth disharmonies both in yourself and in your clients

  • Take home simple daily practices and self care regimes to support your expansion.


Yoga and Movement

You will be taking your own yoga and body centered practice to entirely new level of dynamic stabilization. Through poses designed to target the meridians of earth element, meditation and chants for all level practitioners, you will have a chance to shatter belief systems and story lines that permeated the mind. The physical practice

June 11-16, 2016

Example Schedule:

Morning Meditation

Earth Based Movement and Yoga


Study and Healing Session 1

Free Time or ½ Day Excursion

Afternoon Study and Healing Session 2


Evening Meditation, Journey, Chanting


About the Land

Sri Lanka is the home of the most magnificent spice essential oils. And part of this retreat is devoted to visiting the lands from which them come, and witnessing the distillation process in action.

Sri Lanka is also home to unbelievably delicious and Earth element healing foods and dishes. You will have the opportunity to take cooking classes with the world-class chef at Galavilla.


Much of the teachings around Earth make reference to our ‘home,’ and what makes us feel safe and comfortable. Galavilla Boutique Hotel and Ayurvedic Spa is an incredibly stunning and beautiful retreat place to hold and nourish us. Each room is spacious and warm with view of the majestic tea lands. The food is… well, beyond magnificent; the fragrances and flavors literally heal the body and mind. You will be surrounding by the elements, the lush green, the beautiful water within the pool and jacuzzi, the moist and rich earth, and the warm breezes that make their way through the mountains.

June is a nice time in the tea lands and the temperature is very pleasant: 70’s and 80’s during the day with cleansing rains that come and go. At night it’s cooler but not cold.


Remembering Earth is a powerful medicine and antidote for all that is listed below. And it’s not just about the experience while you are there. This is about ‘remembering’ and creating fundamental energetic changes in your tissues and cells so that you can transmit this Earth medicine upon your return home.

  • Chronic digestive issues including leaky gut, Candida, IBS, and auto-immune conditions

  • Unresolved abandonment struggles

  • Neediness whether acknowledged or not

  • Food and eating disorders, compulsions and over focus on body image

  • Addictions of all kinds

  • Compulsive thinking

  • Unproductive worry

  • Trouble staying with progress that has been made and continuing to grow

  • Chronic relationship challenges and repeating patterns

  • Over entrenched/stuck or flighty and lack of grounding

  • Struggles with money flow, or fear of losing what is had

  • Co-dependency and trouble valuing oneself fully

If you are ready to transform your relationship to earth energy, we welcome you with open arms, essential oils, wisdom, movement and a healing passageway to do so. Beauty, stability and clarity await us as we allow the heavy undercurrents of stuck energy to evaporate off.

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June 11-16, 2016


Early Registration by Mar. 30

$998.00 shared room / $1198 after 3.30.16

$ 1249.00 private room (limited availability) / $1449 after 3.30.16

The cost covers all meals except on days with outings, deluxe hotel accommodations for 5 nights and 6 days, all facilitation and teaching materials, cooking classes, spice EO’s for treating and healing sessions, plus transportation to plantations and distilleries.

Flights and shuttle to retreat not included.

Ayurvedic healing treatments not included but offered to our group at a 10% discount.

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About Tiffany and Summer:

gala tiff.jpg

Tiffany Carole Pollard is a teacher and and medicine woman;

a cultural midwife and illuminator of the embryonic and primordial.

​​Her purpose is to digest and transmit the fundamental essence and language of energetic medicine; and to illuminate the emergent ‘building blocks of the Universe’ so that we may step into our roles as conscious co-creators.

She has trail blazed the consciousness explorers way ‘in and down’ while simultaneously moving ‘up and out’ both in time, no-time, space and non-space. Her gift is to bridge ‘worlds’ but also to make this process transparent and illuminated so that others may do the same.

Tiffany is a “teacher of teachers” taking with her wings the gifted, sensitive leaders of today, and with whole heart in service incubates their gestations and births of brilliance.

She busts out of old and constricting paradigms without disrespecting our ancestral past. And she does this for the sake of all souls. That they may sprout, grow, flower and bloom into the divine blueprint of their seed. That we may all become our most natural, unencumbered selves.

Tiffany has an uncanny way of of honoring both the western and eastern philosophical mind and perceptions in such a way that allows transcendence of opposites while not denying the reality of polarity in the third dimension. She studied biochemistry at Schreiner University, and Naturopathic and Chinese Medicine at Bastyr University.

Tiffany is a published author of Chinese and Energetic Medicine articles, adjunct faculty at Bastyr University, and has been practicing the art and science of energetic medicine professionally for over 15 years at her clinic outside Seattle W.A, Synergy Wellness Center.

Additionally Peter Holmes and Tiffany co-created a potent system of pairing key essential oils with acupoints, facilitating extraordinary shifts in body-mind-soul. This is called Aroma Acupoint Therapy. Currently they facilitate these trainings all over the United States. As well as train other practitioners to teach this modality.

Tiffany facilitates Master Healer groups on both the west and east coast, assisting healers of all varieties to step fully and magnificently into their super and subtle powers and brilliance.

Summer Quashie is an artist of many means, trained in Yoga and Buddhism, arts and crafts, energetic healing and vegetarian cooking. Being taught to draw from the right side of the brain at an early age opened a world of philosophical questions that led Summer to art school at UGA, world travel and deep studies in Yoga and Buddhism. Summer has been teaching yoga since 2001 and has certifications in Prana-Hatha Yoga, Radiant Child, Prenatal, Lineage Project and Master Level Reiki. She is honored to have co-created and taught several yoga teacher programs- Sacred Shape Prenatal, Communicating with Kids Through Yoga, Yoga Sukhavati and Greenhouse Holistic YTT while living in Brooklyn. It is in retreat under the tutelage of ancient wisdom from compassionate masters, that Summer has broken habitual tendencies that run deep. Each year she lead several retreats to beautiful places in nature, where students and friends can find ease and arrive in the seat of themselves.

With 15 years of experience in Reiki, training in Aroma Acupoint and Master Healer’s with Tiffany Carole, Summer’s artistan healing sessions, mentoring and yoga classes are ritual experiences that bring laser focused awareness to elevate one’s alignment with Source. Currently, she live on the Jersey shore where she unschools her daughter, learns from nature and contemplates consciousness.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

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