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Reliability, Public Safety, Government & Politics: WEBINAR Panel (1 PDH)

ASME District D

Saturday, September 21, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (PDT)

Reliability, Public Safety, Government & Politics:...

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Share Reliability, Public Safety, Government & Politics: WEBINAR Panel (1 PDH)

Event Details

ASME North American Pacific District D Presents


ASME Career Development Webinar #4

 Saturday, September 21, 2013

   1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (Pacific Time)

A Webinar Panel Discussion

   Check-in begins at 12:30 PM (PDT)

 Reliability, Public Safety, Government & Politics

Topics to be covered

ASME’s Role in Public Safety Engineers Influence on US Policy
The Value US National Laboratories ASME’s Federal Fellows Program
Engineers in the Political Process Engineers, Politics and Safety


 Engineering Service for the Public Wellbeing

 A Great Opportunity to...

  • Understand the value of engineers at the US National Labs for public safety
  • Learn about ASME’s Federal Fellow Program and Government relations
  • Discover the opportunities for technical professionals in public safety
  • Discover new career options and networking opportunities…


Invited panelists include ASME’s first Federal Fellow and Ralph Coats Roe Award winner, Barry Hyman; Vice President of ASME Government Relations and ASME Dedicated Service Award Recipient, Kalan Guiley; Ed Harvego, ASME George Westinghouse Gold Medal winner for the advancement of nuclear power and Judith Bamberger, 2011 Secretarial Honor Award Recipient from the US Department of Energy for outstanding performance during the Deep Water Horizon Oil spill. These leaders have in-depth experiences with broad viewpoints about the role of engineers in assuring the public safety, creating good policy, and much more. Questions and Answers will be fielded a moderated chat.

Engineers that choose to serve public safety face the ultimate leadership challenge to translate the predictable outcomes of engineering to be understandable to diverse stakeholders in the political process and in service for the public’s safety. Learn how government and politics engage with engineers to create public safety through engineering reliability.  

Building on prior successful career forums since 2009, this event will be held in a webinar format that blends brief prepared lectures and subsequent panel interviews. Learn from these industry leaders and trend-setters.

Who Should Attend:

Technical Professionals interested in engineering reliability, government, politics & public safety

This event is targeted for engineers and technical professionals at all stages of their career.


“Reliability, Public Safety, Government & Politics”


Barry Hyman, Retired Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Public Affairs at the University of Washington

ASME Ralph Coats Roe Medal 2000

ASME Life Fellow 2001

ASME First Engineering Congressional Fellow 1973

ASME Dedicated Service Award 1985

Kalan Guiley, Guidance, Control and Navigation Engineer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes  

ASME Early Career Award 2009

ASME Dedicated Service Award 2010


Judith Bamberger, Sr. Research Engineer II, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

ASME Dedicated Service Award 2005

US Department of Energy Honor Award 2011

ASME Financial Operations Committee

ASME Fluids Engineering Division:

     Vice Chair Fluids and Application Systems Committee

     Past Chair Fluid Measurements & Instrumentation Committeee

Ed Harvego, Retired Project Manager, Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate of Mechanical Engineering, Idaho National Laboratory

ASME George Westinghouse Gold Medal Award 2008

ASME Dedicated Service Award 2004

ASME Fellow 1990



Scott Burr Principal, Innovation Scientific, LLC            

ASME Fellow 2011

ASME Dedicated Service Award 2009


Dennis Armstrong, Nuclear Pioneer, Retired


ASME Life Fellow 2003

ASME Dedicated Service Award 1990

ASME VP Region 8, 2002-2005

ASME Old Guard Committee Secretary

ASME Centennial Award 1981

See pages below for full Panelist Bios  

 Event Schedule

Time (PST)


12:30 pm – 12:59 pm

Connect to the webinar and watch the pre-event slideshow

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Reliability, Public Safety, Government & Politics - A Panel Discussion

Distinguished Panelists: Barry Hyman, Kalan Guiley, Judith Bamberger, Ed Harvego,

Moderators: Dennis Armstrong and Scott Burr

2:00 pm

Event Closes

Panelist BIO

Barry Hyman


Retired Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Public Affairs at the University of Washington


ASME Ralph Coats Roe Medal 2000

ASME Life Fellow 2001

ASME First Engineering Congressional Fellow 1973

ASME Dedicated Service Award 1985


Barry Hyman was the first engineering Congressional Fellow and as Staff Engineer for the Senate Commerce Committee (1973-75), contributed to key energy legislation and to establishing the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.

In 1980, he started the Washington Internships for Engineering Students (WISE) program that brings outstanding engineering students from across the country every summer to Washington D.C to learn about the interaction between engineering and public policy. WISE continues to be operated annually by a coalition of engineering professional societies.


A Life Fellow of ASME, Dr. Hyman currently is on the Executive Committee of the Technology and Society Division and recently served as Chair of the Ralph Coats Roe Medal Committee. He previously served as Vice-President for Government Relations (1997-2000), Vice-President for the Northwest International Region (1989-1991), and Chair of the Western Washington Section (1983-84).

He received the ASME Ralph Coats Roe Medal in 2000 in recognition of his outstanding contribution toward a better public understanding and appreciation of the engineer’s worth to contemporary society. His other awards include the ASME Dedicated Service Award (1985), 1995 Academic Engineer of the Year by the Puget Sound Engineering Council, the American Society for Engineering Education Centennial Medallion for significant and lasting contributions to engineering education (1993), and the ASEE Chester F. Carlson Award for Innovation in Engineering Education (1985).


Hyman was Visiting Professor in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dept. at the University of Missouri from 2005-2011. He retired in 2004 as Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Public Affairs at the University of Washington. From 1964-75, Hyman was on the faculty at The George Washington University. Prior to that, he held engineering positions with the U.S. Navy David Taylor Model Basin and McDonnell Aircraft Co. He received a Ph.D. in 1965 from Virginia Tech, M.S. from St. Louis University, and B.A.E. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Hyman has published over 80 conference papers and journal articles on structural mechanics, engineering and public policy, energy systems and policy, and engineering design education. The second edition of his widely used textbook, Fundamentals of Engineering Design, was published by Prentice-Hall in 2003.           

      Panelist BIO

Kalan Guiley

Guidance, Control and Navigation Engineer, Boeing Commercial Airplanes    


FAA Authorized Representative for Boeing

Vice President of Government Relations

President, Puget Sound Engineering Council

Chair, Committee on Student Development


Kalan Guiley is an energetic and motivated engineering leader with strong communication and management skills. His background is in system design, safety and certification, and he has a passion for team-building, personal and professional development, continuous improvement, strategic planning and organizational change management.

Kalan currently works as a Guidance, Control and Navigation Engineer in Boeing Commercial Airplanes Flight Controls - High Lift Systems. He manages the certification aspects of aircraft system design projects and has significant experience with new technologies and supplier coordination. As an Authorized Representative of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), he is authorized to find compliance to FAA, JAA and EASA regulations for Flight Control Systems.
He served for two years as the Product Cost Improvement Leader for the Flight Control Systems, a role in which he was responsible for driving a culture shift in an organization that had been strictly focused on product development. He designed and created processes and infrastructure necessary for a strong and sustained organizational focus on continuous improvement, and built and led a team of engineers to catalyze, manage and execute projects for design-enabled cost reduction. As Product Cost Improvement Leader, he oversaw the commitment and implementation of projects totaling over $10M in savings.

Kalan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University, and a Master of Business Administration from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

He has been an ASME member since 1999, with over a decade committed service to the engineering community. He is currently the ASME Vice President, Government Relations.


  • Design, analysis, certification and continued airworthiness of systems for control, indication and monitoring of flight control surfaces.
  • Production cost improvement, including design for manufacturing and value engineering.
  • Team building and leadership.
  • Project, process and program management.


Panelist BIO

 Judith Bamberger


Senior Research Engineer II, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


ASME Leader North American Pacific District D 2012-2015

US Department of Energy Honor Award 2011

ASME Dedicated Service Award 200

                  ASME Fluids Engineering Division:

     Vice Chair Fluids and Application Systems Committee

     Past Chair Fluid Measurements & Instrumentation Committee 5

Over the course of her career at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Dr.  Bamberger has been involved in a wide range of research topics ranging from multi-phase flow characterization to aerosol physics. For the past decade Dr. Bamberger's research in multi-phase flow has focused on scaling of non-steady and pulsing jets for mobilizing and mixing slurries and development and application of in-situ real-time instrumentation to characterize physical and rheological properties of particulate-laden fluids and multi-phase suspensions in both vessels and pipelines.


To understand slurry mixing, Judith uses low power ultrasound to efficiently interrogate opaque suspensions. She is currently developing and deploying ultrasonic sensing systems to characterize density and concentration of inorganic solids in nuclear waste slurries, to characterize hydrates properties during drilling operations and settling of inorganic solids. Dr. Bamberger has expertise in the design and conduction of experimental studies and their subsequent analysis to characterize the performance of fluid, thermal hydraulic, and aerosol systems. As program integrator and technical contributor, she has directed and contributed to field and laboratory experimental evaluations, hardware and test section design and development, state-of-the-art instrumentation system development, and data analysis.


Judith Bamberger was part of a team that received an Honor Award from the federal Department of Energy for its work after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Honor Awards represent the highest level of nonmonetary recognition given to DOE federal and contractor employees. The awards were presented in October in Washington, D.C. by Energy Secretary Chu: "The employees recognized today have gone above and beyond the call of duty, demonstrating an exceptional commitment to public service," said Secretary Chu. "Their dedication, knowledge and skills have served to strengthen our nation's economic and energy security and the work of the Energy Department."


Judith is a leader within the ASME and has fulfilled diverse range of leadership positions. She has chaired technical committees in the Fluids Engineering Division: Vice Chair Fluids and Application Systems Committee and Past Chair Fluid Measurements & Instrumentation Committee. She has also served on the ASME Financial Operations Committee. Judith is currently the Leader of District D.


Education and Credentials:

   Ph.D., Washington State University

   P.E.,   Professional Engineer, State of Washington

   M.S.,  Mechanical Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University

   B.S.,   Physics and Chemistry, Dickinson College


Publications: Judith has co-authored and led 39 technical papers for PNNL.


Panelist BIO


Ed Harvego


Retired Project Manager, Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate, Idaho National Laboratory


ASME George Westinghouse Gold Medal Award 2008

ASME Dedicated Service Award 2004

ASME Fellow 1990


Edwin (Ed) Harvego has worked at INL for more than 30 years in a variety of technical and managerial positions. Among his major research activities at INL, Harvego, in his role as a technical supervisor, supported the design and analyses of thermal-hydraulic experiments for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) in the Semiscale test facility; as branch manager, he was responsible for planning and analysis of experiments performed in the 50 MW LOFT (Loss-of-Fluid Test) facility reactor under the auspices of an international consortium of nine collaborating countries.


Harvego has also been active in software development and validation for nuclear power applications, including serving as technical leader of the group responsible for the development and maintenance of NRC codes used for severe accident and fuel behavior analyses.


Prior to joining INL, Harvego worked at General Atomics, San Diego, supporting the design and analysis of advanced high-temperature gas reactors. His areas of expertise include light-water nuclear reactor safety, experimental testing programs, advanced reactor design and analysis, space nuclear power and propulsion, and nuclear-driven hydrogen production technologies.


Harvego has authored numerous technical publications and has been active in professional society committees and programs. An ASME Fellow, Harvego has served the society by:

• Serving on the ASME Energy Committee since 1998

• Being the Society's representative on the United States Energy Association, the U.S. Member Committee of the World Energy Council, from 1998 through 2007

• Being a member of the ASME Board on Public Awareness

• Chairing of the board's Committee on Strategic Communications since 2005

• Serving as program evaluator for the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology since 2004

• Chairing ASME's Nuclear Engineering Division (1992-93),

• Serving as vice president and chair of the ASME Energy Conversion Group (1998-2001)

• Serving as vice chair of the ASME Fellow Review Committee (2002-06).


He received the ASME’s Dedicated Service Award in 2004.


In 2008, Ed Harvego was recognized with the George Westinghouse Gold Medal for the advancement of nuclear power through research and contributions to the design and development of current and future nuclear power plants. The award was established to recognize eminent achievement or distinguished service in the power field of mechanical engineering. One of the early recipients of the award was Admiral Hyman Rickover.


Moderator BIO


Dennis A. Armstrong


Nuclear Power Pioneer, Retired


ASME Life Fellow 2003

ASME Dedicated Service Award 1990

ASME Centennial Award 1981

ASME Vice President Region 8, 2002-2005

ASME Vice President - Council of Public Affairs 1985-1989

ASME Old Guard Committee Secretary


Dennis Armstrong is a pioneer in several fields of the nuclear spectrum. Early in his career, he developed numerous super precision machining techniques for nuclear weapon component fabrication. His contributions to ultra-precision machining are still considered fundamental today.


Later, he led the safety related equipment qualification programs at five commercial nuclear power plants.


Dennis has served in many leadership positions within ASME including: ASME Vice President Region 8, 2002-2005 and ASME Vice President - Council of Public Affairs 1985-1989.

Dennis is also responsible for the turnaround performance, revitalization and recovery of lost bank accounts of many ASME Sections across the Americas.


He is an ASME Centennial Award winner and a recipient of the ASME Dedicated Service Award.


He is a Life Fellow of the ASME elected in 2003 for this honor. He currently serves as an officer in ASME District D and is also the Secretary of the ASME Old Guard Committee.


Moderator BIO

Scott Burr


Principal Innovation Officer, Innovation Scientific, LLC


ASME Fellow 2011

ASME Dedicated Service Award 2009


Scott Burr is a co-founder and Principal Innovation Consultant for Innovation Scientific, LLC. Scott is a thought-leader for the emerging field of Structured Innovation and is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Mr. Burr speaks on a broad range of topics related to Leadership, Technology Development, Six Sigma, Culture Change, Change Management and Structured Innovation.


Prior to joining HBA, Scott worked at Space Systems/Loral (SS/L), a leading full-service satellite manufacturer. He served in the roles of Senior Process Improvement Specialist,

Section Supervisor and Process Manager. By leading the charge towards Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma in the high-reliability electronics manufacturing area, Scott oversaw productivity improvement by a factor of six over eight years. As key initiator, strategist, and team leader in this challenging environment and using culture integration strategies, Scott positioned the electronics assembly department at Space Systems/Loral to compete in a consolidating industry.


During his thirty one years of experience Scott held key positions in various industries such as Quality Manager at Rain Bird Consumer Products, Manager of Manufacturing at US Computer Systems, and Mechanical Engineer in the machine tool industry including stints in entrepreneurial start-ups and university laboratories.


Throughout his career, his fascination with and devotion to the relationship between innovation, design, reliability, quality, manufacturing process performance and people has helped Mr. Burr improve financial performance as well as enhance corporate culture. His team and individual efforts have booked millions of dollars in savings and revenues for his clients and his companies. Scott has a rare blend of creative and technical capabilities. His passion is to create powerful insights and solutions that unleash leadership talent, leverage cutting-edge knowledge, integrate corporate culture, and provide a competitive advantage in innovation and productivity.


Mr. Burr is the Professional Development Chair for the North American Pacific District of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). He facilitates and arranges professional development and leadership courses for hundreds of professional engineer attendees. For the past few years Scott has also been a trainer at the Leadership Training Conference, ASME’s most highly-rated program. Scott began volunteering early in life serving a broad variety of non-profit organizations since age eleven.


Scott received a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and later earned his certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt from the Juran Institute, a leading quality organization.

Have questions about Reliability, Public Safety, Government & Politics: WEBINAR Panel (1 PDH)? Contact ASME District D


Saturday, September 21, 2013 from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM (PDT)

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ASME District D

ASME District D serves a large geographic region of the ASME covering the Pacific West Coast of the North America.

Contact Registrar: Lee Han or Judith Bamberger;

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