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Learning to give others Reiki

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Reiki Level 2:

Requirements: Students must have completed Reiki Level 1.

Essentially a Reiki Level 2 Attunement is a process that attunes you to a higher frequency of Reiki energy, enabling you to channel Reiki energy and use the Reiki 2 symbols

Receive further attunments

You will learn:

3 Reiki Symbols

How to do a distant Reiki Healing

How to give others a Reiki Healing Treatment

Guidelines to set up your own practice

What is Reiki?

For those of you who have not heard about Reiki. It is life force energy. We are all energy. Animals, plants, the wind everything has vibration and everything is energy. This energy is whole. Reiki energy has an intelligence of its own and therefore knows where and how a person needs healing. Reiki energy is safe and can never be "over used" since it has an intelligence of its own and goes to where it is needed in a gentle, honoring manner.

Does everyone need Reiki?Energy flows through us just like blood flows through us. If we see a problem in our blood flow, we understand that there is an issue and we pursue to get better. We should not neglect our energy flow for the same reasons. Everything is energy and everything is vibrating at certain frequencies. Our words, emotions and thoughts are energy too. Positive emotions like love, joy or gratitude vibrate at a very high vibration and keep us happy and healthy. Feelings of sadness, grief or anger are vibrating at lower frequency and also are getting stuck in our body causing stiffness, illness, stress or physical pain. Reiki helps to relieve these blocks, so the energy can flow freely again. Reiki energy causes an expansion in the chakras, energy field and aura. All that said, yes, everyone benefits and needs Reiki to maintain healthy body.

• Deeply relaxes the body and mind

• Alleviate stress, anxiety and depression

• Relieve physical and emotional pain

• Aid Insomnia and increase positive sleep habits

• Promote natural self-healing

• Treat symptoms of injury and illness

• Clear toxins

• Strengthen the immune system

• Enhance personal awareness

• Release blocked and suppressed feelings

• Balance energy within the body

• Raises your Energetic vibration

What can energy healing be applied do?

Energy Healing is a good tool for self healing: it helps to relax and to lift spirits. It can also be a form or meditation or can be added to your meditations. Learning how to harness energy can be one of the most powerful tools you can have. You can use Reiki on yourself, your pets, plants, food, and of course others. Reiki (energy) can be used as a first aid for any ailment. Headaches, pains, wounds, sprains, upset stomachs etc there are no restrictions with no side effects.Energy healing can offer a tool for positive thinking and for accessing inner wisdom. You may find a lot of growth spiritually and otherwise when you tap into the abundance of Reiki (energy).

How does quantum physics support energy healing?

Quantum physics explains our reality down to the subatomic level. According to quantum physics, deep down we are all vibrating energy. At the subatomic level, it is impossible to draw the line where one of us ends and another begins. Thus we are all one. You don't have to want to be a Reiki Practitioner in order to get attunement. This type of investment is an investment in your well being. If after completing the attunements you feel called to do treatments as a form of income, great! But this is so valuable in every day practice for you. Self care comes in many forms, this can be one of them. Make yourself a priority.

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