Reiki II Training: Sacred Symbols
Reiki II Training: Sacred Symbols

Reiki II Training: Sacred Symbols

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Life Harmony Wellness Center

555 E 4500 S #C-250

Salt Lake City, UT

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For those attuned to Reiki I

Dec. 10 & 11
Weekend, 2 Full Days
9:30 am - 4:30 pm


Ready to deepen and expand your use of Reiki?
This class teaches 3 Reiki symbols, and additional tools, which strengthen and focus our Reiki energy.

Jump Into the Life You are Meant to Live!
The second level of Reiki guides us through the next chapter of our journey.
The 3 sacred symbols at this level act as keys to expand our healing abilities.
With these 3 tools, you:

* Strengthen your relationship with the Reiki energy
* Increase your confidence
* Deepen your connection to Spirit
* Improve your intuition

You are Alive, Awake, and Integrated!

The Reiki I attunement aligned your physical body with the Reiki vibration allowing you to be a conduit for the energy. The Reiki II attunement raises your vibration again to the mental and emotional level of being.

Reiki II amplifies our Reiki energy, healing abilities,
and intuition for a healthy and vibrant life!

Reiki symbols:

Power Symbol
o Amplifies the Reiki energy
o Invokes protection
o Clears and cleanses
o Intensifies focus of the Reiki energy

Mental/Emotional Symbol
o Encourages balance and harmony
o Improves meditation skills and mental agility
o Changes stressful mental habits
o Increases mental and emotional peace
o Improves problem-solving and creativity
o Heals the mental and emotional levels

Distant Symbol
o Strengthens ability to send Reiki to past, present, future, people, situations, physical spaces, etc.
o Enhances connection with our deepest selves
o Improves intuition and connection with the Divine
o Deepens our sense of the Oneness of all that is

Reiki is easy to apply to any person, location, object, situation, and intention.

The Reiki II Course Gives You:
o Informative Practice Manual
o Sacred Names, Japanese chants, and Origins of 3 Reiki symbols
o Simple Invocation procedures and Application of 3 Reiki symbols
o Hatsu-Rei Ho Meditation
o Versatile Ideas for using symbols for self, others, animals, circumstances, food, objects, etc.
o Boundaries and Ethics for Personal Integrity
o Level II Sacred Attunement
o Ample Time for Practice to build Confidence and Understanding
o Guidance for the 21 day Cleansing Process
o On-going Support and Mentoring after the course
o Certificate of Completion honoring your Commitment to Yourself

Saturday Dec. 10 & Sunday Dec. 11
9:30 am - 4:30 pm each day

Please wear comfortable clothing.
Bring food and beverage each day to meet you needs for nourishment.

There are 2 options for Reiki training:
The Reiki Immersion Program and the Reiki Leisure Program.

Reiki Immersion
This program is designed to give you the MOST VALUE by giving you lots of education and support while also giving you easy monthly payment plans and saving you money courses, workshops, private sessions, and group events. This program also comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, for the first time ever. The details are found here: Reiki Immersion Program.

You're perfect for this program if you KNOW that you want to complete all of the levels, and that you're meant to become a Reiki Master (even if you don't yet know why). Just take the first step and the rest will unfold.

The Reiki Immersion Program is is for those who feel called, right now!, to complete the entire Usui Reiki System of Natural Healing. That's Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced Reiki Training, and Master/Teacher.

Reiki Leisure
The Reiki Leisure Program is for you if Reiki is calling you! You know that you want to learn to heal yourself, support family and friends, and maybe use Reiki with others.

If you're not quite sure how far you'll go in the Reiki system, or how much time you want between classes, you're welcome to take the Reiki classes at your own pace and pay as you go.

You'll get the same quality training as offered by the Immersion Program and you can join the Immersion Program before taking Reiki II, if you change your mind.

Click the links for Program details:
Reiki Immersion Program
Reiki Leisure Program

Remember: 5% of all proceeds is donated to charity.

Pre-registration required.
To Register for either program:

- Pre-requisites: None

-Two easy ways to pay:

Simply follow the prompts when you RSVP.
No additional fees are charged for using this convenient service and you don't even need an account. This is a secure way to pay.

Please call 801-631-9825, or email Tracy at for mailing address.

You will be fully registered when your tuition is received. You will receive confirmation that your course manual and seat are reserved when your tuition is received.

A few days prior to the start of class, you will receive an email with additional instructions for the class, as well as the location and driving directions.

"This is the next step in my spiritual journey."

Please pre-register by contacting Tracy (801)631-9825 and RSVP'ing "Yes".

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Date and Time


Life Harmony Wellness Center

555 E 4500 S #C-250

Salt Lake City, UT

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