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Temecula, CA

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A women’s self care retreat in Southern California’s beautiful wine country, Temecula

Do you ever notice the effect you have on others when you’re happy? Lately I’ve been full of excitement to bring a vision I’ve had for eight years to reality. See, I haven’t always been a fan of my life. I haven’t always looked forward to the new year.

I used to play the role of “supermom” until I realized that I was falling apart on the inside. I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I felt like I couldn’t have it all, that I couldn’t manage a house, kids, and my business. I felt that by indulging in what I needed to stay sane, I was being selfish. And after many breakdowns I finally invested in myself. What happened next was miraculous. I invested in myself; I broke the cycle. I learned that the key to my happiness and sharing a life I love with my family and friends all started with me. It all started with how I am caring for myself. Since I began to study self-development, work on my health, mindset, and body I’ve transformed my life. I have control over a skin disease, I have control over my house, and my relationships and business is thriving! This is the vision I have for you.

This is why, after eight years of planning, I’m brining to the world an opportunity for women to come together and get that self-care jumpstart to 2018 to activate your happiness and share an even deeper connection with all those in your life. Imagine how 2018 will be different with a sense of calmness and control of your internal state despite chaos that may ensue in your surroundings!

Because I understand the connection between your inner state, mindset and body, I’m brining Mindset Coach Katherine Riley in to teach yoga, intuitive eating, and lead a powerful Sacred Healing Circle drawing on multiple tactics practiced throughout the world. Additionally Anasia Klang aka ShamaMama, Intuitive Massage Therapist and Shaman, has gained prolific wisdom in advanced healing techniques. Her skills as a physical & spiritual healer have further helped more people in such a deep and intuitive way, including myself. She will be showing us how to take home the techniques learned and incorporate them so easily into our busy life. Vanessa Franco, Intuitive Massage Therapist is the energetic facilitator blessed with the opportunity to connect you with your body's healing resources.

Choose 2018 to be the year you say YES to yourself and YES to shifting your energy to show up for others in your life that need you most. Space is limited to ensure a close-knit experience so please reach out to me directly at to determine if this is the reatreat that will help you transform your 2018 before it even begins!

Estate aerial view

Consider this your personal invitation to Refresh and Revive 2018.

An all women’s personal development retreat to start your year off calm, energized, and re-aligned with your inner boss babe.

Check in Friday, January 5th to a private estate home in Southern California’s Temecula area where you’ll connect with a small community of supportive women.

Estate back view 1

From here, we’ll spend the weekend participating in practices to reduce stress, anxiety, increase mental clarity, improve concentration, slow down the aging process, and so much more.

During this personal development journey, you’ll learn techniques to help you to refresh and revive FOR LIFE. This means you’ll gain wisdom to keep your cool no matter what life throws your way.

This unique and personal experience goes beyond your typical girls getaway by providing serious long-term impact. Book your opportunity to grow to a whole new level and win in life, biz, your family, and self!


Anasia Klang aka ShamaMama

Anasia Klang is a specialized healer delivering over 5 years of Spiritual Service. After her graduation from The National Holistic Institute, she received foremost guided instruction by Tomas Bostrom, where she gained prolific wisdom in advanced healing techniques. She is a full mesa carrier in the Q’ero traditions of Peru. Anasia continues to hone her skills as a physical & spiritual healer to further help more people than she already has. Find and follow her at

Katherine Riley

Mindset Coach, specialized in digestive wellness and anxiety, Katherine guides her clients to release energetic blocks, find relief from physical or emotional stressors, and transform their physical reality — to express and live lifestyles that emulate who they truly are. After healing from her own disease with education in Theta Healing, Leadership, Psychological Development, Communication Theory, and Nutrition, she takes a unique approach to self-care that takes into account mental, physical, and lifestyle experience. Find and followe her at

Vanessa Franco

My path to helping people heal themselves began long ago. Yes, you read that correctly; I said people heal themselves! Whether you believe it or not, it's true, and I'm the energetic facilitator blessed with the opportunity to connect you with your body's healing resources. Throughout all of my experiences through all the years it has helped tremendously, I felt limited in what I was permitted to do within the spa environments so I created my own space The Hidden Gem. A sanctuary to help reveal the hidden gem in each of you. Remember that I am here as your facilitator, connecting you with your own healing resources. So, don't hesitate to share with me your curiosities and needs. Find and follow her at

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The Perfect Time To Give

For her:

This holiday season, don’t buy the woman in your life more stuff (we’ve got enough of that already!) Bless her with the gift of relaxation, a community of supportive women, and the opportunity to learn invaluable personal development techniques. Trust me, she’ll return refreshed, revived, and ready to take on the new year with a whole new gratitude for her life (and you!)

For you:

Consider this retreat experience a gift to yourself. This year, say “YES” to yourself! Treat yourself as kindly as you treat others. Investing in yourself will pour over onto your kids, coworkers, family and more (the gift that keeps giving!) So stop feeling guilty and give yourself the gift of relaxation so you can learn how to show up like the amazing woman you know you are!

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Refresh and Revive 2018 take place in a private home estate. During this personal and unique experience you’ll have access to:

  • Lush and scenic panoramic views from a private estate home in Southern California’s Temecula area.

  • Prepared-for-you delicious and healthy meals.

  • Experience the magic of sunrise yoga, meditation and more - learning how to modify techniques to fit your busy schedule.

  • Techniques for healing stress, anxiety, self esteem, and inner tranquility.

  • Relaxing sauna and pool access.

  • Hands on, personal development education with the guided support of experienced teachers and healers.

  • LIFETIME TOOLS. A typical girl’s getaway lasts only a weekend. Then, you’re back at square one with money down the drain. This event goes beyond by offering you much needed R&R PLUS lifetime tools for your body, mind and spirit.

  • **Intuitive massage therapy will be available for an extra fee.

This Refresh and Revive retreat is valued at over $2000.

With the holidays upon us, this event will sell out quickly. Join this intimate group of empowered women for a weekend of holistic self-care to truly Refresh & Revive in 2018!

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About me

Hi there, I’m Yvonne Hernandez!

Creator of Holistic Boss Babe, Mama to 3 world changers, wife, entrepreneur, and a 4th generation holistic mama.

Catch me on the dance floor, traveling the world, or sharing my knowledge and passion for living a holistic and natural lifestyle.

I practice nutrition, illness prevention, natural healing, massage therapy, and other techniques using the wisdom inherited from four generations of mothers before me.Through my own holistic, self care practice I’ve even slowed (and reversed!) the spread of the vitiligo on my body. Today, my passion is helping women along their own personal development journey.



Why should I focus on personal development when I already feel great?

You never know what challenges life will bring. Refresh and Revive 2018 is the perfect opportunity to learn new methods and techniques for handling stress and anxiety.

How can this help my business?

The wisdom you’ll gain will flow onto your team and employees, taking you to the top of your game. Get ready for a boost in your biz!

I want to bring my child. What’s the minimum age requirement?

This is an adult, women only event. All guests must be 21 to attend.

When do I receive the retreat address?

We’ll email you one weeks before the event.

Since this is a private estate, how are the rooms set up?

Each room has a unique set up. There are king, queen, and twin beds. The first women to sign up receive first choice. All beds (except twins) are double occupancy so invite your friend/mommy/woman friend to join!

Can I pick my roommate for the double occupancy rooms?

Yep! Email with you and your friend’s info.

When do I check in and out?

Check-in is 5pm on Friday, Jan. 5, 2018. Check-out is 11am on Sunday, Jan. 7, 2018.

I’m not local but I NEED this. What’s the nearest airport?

San Diego airport is the closest to us! We do not provide air and transfers.

What’s the refund policy?

This is a non-refundable event. If you’re unable to attend, you may transfer your ticket to a future event.

For any other questions, please email

2 Queen beds

2 bunkbeds and 2 trundels

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Date and Time


Relaxing private estate location

Temecula, CA

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