Reconnecting Mindfulness: Clear your mind to feel calm and be free

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L4/11 Randle Street Surry Hills

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


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Reconnect back to the true essence of yourself to unwind, feel calm and be free

Reconnecting Mindfulness is the combined process of Mindful Practices and Reconnecting energy. Mindfulness is the process of accessing the deepest calm, inner peace, centredness and being present for mental, emotional well-being. Reconnective energy is a process of bring yourself back to your true coherent Self and reconnecting into the Universal Field of Potential.

This mindfulness course is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced, it works at both an energy level as well as a Mindfulness level. Clearing your energy first prepares you for deeper meditative states allow you to be present and focused in addition, being mindful becomes easier. Mindfulness works on all levels of the mind, body and soul.

This experience is designed for you to participate when you are ready. Sessions happen every two weeks and we cover topics depending on what you and other students would benefit the most from.

Mindfulness is a practice that is developed over a period of time to allow your mind and body to make the adjustments necessary to create lasting changes. We recommend booking a minimum of for sessions to gain the maximum benefit.

Breathing consciously: All sessions cover breathwork

Breathing helps you to change your emotional state and become more conscious and aware of your body.

  • Breathing techniques are designed to :
    • Access higher states of awareness
    • Unlock and release energy
    • Relax any tension in the body
  • Align your body to its natural coherent state
  • Collecting Your Consciousness process to be fully aware of your body and present
  • Breathwork to clear mental clutter and get clarity
  • Achieve deep relaxation achieved by accessing a deep hypnotic state.

Topic: Emotional resilience

This topic focuses on how to manage your emotional state and be emotionally resilient

  • Identify where your emotions are locked
  • Emotional freedom technique - unlocking trapped emotions
  • Allow energy to flow through emotional body
  • Processes to shift emotional energy
  • Easily move past frustration, anxiety or sadness

Topic: Liberate overwhelm and Free your Mind

When we have too much choice over what we do and where we spend our time, it can result in confusion. Get back your energy by removing indecision and overwhelm

  • Shift awareness of where you place your attention and energy
  • Reduce indecision that arises from not knowing what to do.
  • Releasing resistance to growth and change
  • Reduce overwhelm having to do too much
  • Focusing your energy resulting from too much choice, rather than scattering it by doing too much
  • Reducing indecision, resistance and overwhelm frees up your mind and relaxes the mind resulting in less mental chatter.
  • Releasing doubts and insecurities

Topic: Accessing mental clarity

Over-thinking often leads to excessive energy build-up in the mind. In this week we explore how to develop mental clarity by:

  • Retraining your mind so it can release thoughts easily.
  • Mindfully manage your thoughts in a simple way of self enquiry & journaling
  • Release the never-ending mental to do list
  • Releasing expectations, on how your life “should” be, who you should be or what you must do.
  • Releasing concerns that the worst might happen.
  • Releasing the need to manage outcome as a result of anxiety
  • Releasing doubts over your abilities

Topic: Silencing your lower min

Explore how we can reduce the noise in your mind by recognising and releaseing fear based thinking and emotions such as:

  • Voice of your inner critic, any self- judgements
  • Releasing unworthiness, shame and guilt
  • Release any striving for perfectionism so you can accept your imperfections and just be free
  • Changing perspectives and creating different meanings
  • Increase your self-confidence

Topic: Creating time: accessing states of timelessness

  • Shifting your perception of time from lack to abundance
  • Changing your timeline to change your experience of time
  • Process of organising your timeline so you are “In the now”
  • How to slow down time and access optimal states of flow

Topic: Inner consciousness and higher states of awareness

  • Accessing states of consciousness
  • Shifting the energy your mind, energetic thought-forms
  • Rebalance blocks to allow energy to flow
  • Clearing energy centres of the chakras
  • Realign your energy lines, meridians

Topic: Creating a new vision

  • Shifting current beliefs and creating new ones
  • Setting your intentions with clarity
  • Your big reason “why” with your intentions
  • Creating a vision of what you’d like life to be
  • Creative visualisation
  • Charging your vision with energy
  • Overcoming resistance to your vision

Tap into frequencies of the deepest calm, clarity and heightened states of consciousness to :

  • Relax your mind and body to feel calm and be free
  • Access deeper state of awareness
  • Become more fully present in the Now
  • Be more focused and alert
  • Restore balance and harmony to your mind and body
  • Manage your emotional states more effectively
  • Feel more alive and energised
  • Develop your emotional resilience

Can I join on any date?

Sessions are run monthly, and you can join at any time. Topics and processes used are based on your individual needs.

This Mindfulness course and Reconnective energy is based on a process used to clear energy and accelerate your evolution.

Linh Mcdermott also offers Mindfulness coaching, a transformational process where you deep dive to uncover your storeys, and root cause behind any over-thinking, stress, anxiety or depression to feel calm and be free. Linh also offers a healing process of connecting you back to your true self Reconnective energy , which helps you to access higher states of consciousness, as if a battery has been permanently switch on within you, or an "energetic upgrade".

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Date and Time


Studio Blueprint

L4/11 Randle Street Surry Hills

Surry Hills, NSW 2010


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