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Reconciling Conflict with EED (2019)

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Master the Game, Master the Conflict

EED Application Series:

"Reconciling Conflict with EED"

3-Day Training
Winter: Dec 6-8, 2019 (MUNICH)

Facilitator: Troy Yorke

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In every relationship, conflict arises and each side plays to win, where one person uses the other to feel whole and complete. EED does not try to “solve” the conflict, because attempting to “resolve” it only aggravates the conflict even more and creates a feeling of compromise or win-lose in the end.

EED works differently and goes straight “into” the conflict to reveal the “Polarity Game” each person is playing. By playing out the “game” safely in real-time, a relationship can drop into a resilient state. Once there, the relationship taps into its “Dream Essence”, where each person can reconcile with the other, feeling whole and complete unto themselves. When there’s no need for the game anymore, the conflict disappears.
Master the game, master the conflict!

This may sound easy in theory, but facilitating a reconciliation through conflict requires special training and practice to enable a relationship to willingly let go of the game.

This course is an extension of the EED Module 2 training, focusing mainly on Relationship Conflict, and introduces some applications for facilitating Group Conflict. Through practice and experiential exercises, you walk away with a range of innovative techniques to facilitate a successful reconciliation.

Watch this EED webinar for a great overview of the core concepts:
"The Fractal Nature of Conflict and Relationships"

Here are some highlights of what you will learn and practice in the course:

  • Breaking down the “Polarity Game” into its various chapters and Power-Plays
  • Facilitating Power-Plays and Essence-to-Essence dialogue using real language, not repetitions
  • Using the Polarity Game to create powerful Endowments
  • Taking a relationship through “Death’s Door” when it hits a blockade or deadlock
  • Working with “channeled” dynamics to reproduce a conflict and play it out like a movie for the client (related to constellation work)
  • Playing out the “Double Movie” where two games overlap each other in perfect sync
  • Ventilation techniques, neutralizing Resistance, and working with Rebellion
  • Counter-acting indifference, ambiguity, apathy and denial in conflict dialogues
  • More innovative ways to feed, aggravate and interrupt the Polarity Swing
  • Facilitating an internal reconciliation between competing body centres in conflict

The final portion of the course on Day 3 includes a supervised Practicum where we work with real-world clients in a “fish-bowl” format. This is the best way to polish your techniques and see your learning in action!

Applications of this course:

  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation
  • Group Facilitation
  • Team Coaching and Relationship Coaching
  • One-to-One Coaching (work remotely with conflict)
  • Family Therapy
  • Daily Living

The course includes a follow-up call and extended support as you apply the techniques in your daily work and life.

For a great overview how EED reconciles conflict, watch this webinar:
"The Fractal Nature of Conflict and Relationships"

3-Day In-Person Training + Evening Practice on Day 2
Group Follow-Up Call after course completion
Min-Max: 8–12 participants

Dec 6–8, 2019
09:30-18:00 each day + Evening Practice 19:00-21:00 on Dec 7

EED Module 1 (Module 2 recommended)

Course Fee:

Questions? Please contact Troy Yorke:

Visit our EED Series registration site for our core training modules:

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(coming this September!)

If you have previously attended "Reconciling Conflicts with EED" and wish to assist in 2019, please select a date, click the green "Register" button, then enter promo code: EED-ASSIST.

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